Trevor Siemian passes first road test


The Broncos played their first road game in more than nine months on Sunday. For quarterback Trevor Siemian, it was his first NFL game away from home ever.

It went as well as it could have.

Via Randall Liu of the league office, Siemian became the first quarterback in league history to throw for 300 or more yards and four or more touchdowns in his first career start away from home. Coupled with former Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler’s performance in his first road game with the Texans, Denver is surely feeling very good about the decision it made to not re-sign Osweiler and later to give the starting job to Siemian.

“His numbers were terrific,” coach Gary Kubiak told reporters after the game. “He’s very composed. That’s a strength of his. We continue to work on decision-making. He got away with a few tipped passes today, and he hasn’t gotten away with that before, but that’s part of playing quarterback. He works hard. . . .

“[W]e know we have a good young quarterback who’s on a good team, and this was a great sign today,” Kubiak added. “He came into a tough environment, handled himself very well and played big.”

Siemian was unfazed by his stellar numbers.

“In this league you have be balanced and able to do both,” Siemian said of running and throwing. “When you’re not running, you’ve got to be able to throw it. It’s good to know we can win games a couple different ways.”

It’s good to know their offense can win games, given that the defense has been the unit more responsible for victories, more often than not. Shaky at times in his first two games with one touchdown pass and three interceptions, Siemian passed his biggest test yet, becoming only the third Broncos quarterback to start a season 3-0.

20 responses to “Trevor Siemian passes first road test

  1. This is the real reason Brock Osweiler split town: he knew he’d be beaten out for the starting QB role by a far-superior QB, Trevor Siemian.

  2. 29 days Bert,should have had the respect to communicate,first we eat Winston’s stolen crab legs, BUT your disrespect for the team that made you, & I’m not salty,loyalty, you couldn’t take or give a call,we’re going to win big chumplisios,Pat’s in 86 days, pray there still undefeated…. Destroy- demolish& devour, broncos country-worldwide looking to dethrone the 72 DOLFINS with T$, HELLUVA RIDE

  3. All those NFL talking heads don’t have egg on their faces after picking the Bengals to win, but they do have something else on their faces that comes out of a chickens butt…. Elliot Harrison is a particular m0r0n. How does he keep a job?

    Go Broncos!!!

  4. Kept hearing Denver can’t win without a QB. Well we got one. Can’t win without Malik Jackson and Trevathan and Ware . Sly and Todd Davis did fine and Ray just notched his first 3 sack game. Denver can’t win unless Defense scores. Nuff said. We have balance. Everyone contributes. We win close. We win big. But we win. If we stay healthy, we’re gonna be a tough out.

  5. Watched most of the game, Bronco offense was continually baled out by ticky-tack and non-exixtent penalties called on the Bengals. Bengals also dropped numerous interceptions. Siemian hit a few big passes, but he’s not all that…Bengals are just losers, crapped the bed against good competition again.

  6. Every NFL game has those stupid Def holding or Illegal contact penalties. I hate them too, bit dont do it if they are still in rulebook. Two drops were tipped so eliminate those. One was flatout dropped and shoukd have been int. But honestly Donkeys kicked them in 2nd half and wouldnt have mattered.

  7. nowtherearesomanybunnies says:
    Sep 25, 2016 7:19 PM

    This is the real reason Brock Osweiler split town: he knew he’d be beaten out for the starting QB role by a far-superior QB, Trevor Siemian.


    Really interesting take.

    Not sure the Broncos would pay Oz 16mil per year if they thought that Siemian might win the job, but Osweiler had really good insight regarding this kid’s play.

  8. So the Broncos can win without Peyton Manning and with a 7th round QB . It was the system, the team and the coaching all along? LOL. Kubiak is now 8-2 without the noodle arm Peyton Manning. But Peyton got them into the right running plays last season. He was the reason they were so good. LOL. Fans are such sheep. Now they have a QB that can actually throw the ball more than 15 yards. Look out.

  9. I still believe Lynch is the future. This game was like when Tebow beat the Steelers in the playoffs. They just loaded the box and Tim had over 300 yards. No hate on Siemian, I like him and appreciate what he does for us but the truth is we are lucky that at least three of his passes into coverage were not intercepted.

    He also missed a TD pass to a wide open Norwood in the 1st half. But overall he did improve and it’s evident that he does show that poise that Kubes talks about.

    I guess we have two QBs that will be hot commodities in the next two years so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  10. Siemian has beaten three pretty good teams. It’s nothing to get too excited about, but most young QBs get better with time. It just goes to show you, you don’t need the number one pick to draft a good QB. Wait until you see Paxon Lynch. He’s in the Wentz class.

  11. “I wouldn’t call the bengals D a “test”. It’s more like an open-book pop quiz.”

    And this week your whole team was detention when no teacher showed up. #34-3

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