Tucker makes another bomb, moves Ravens to 3-0

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The Ravens are 3-0, and Justin Tucker looks like the best kicker in the league.

Tucker’s fourth field goal of the day, a 53-yarder, with 1:02 to go provided the winning margin as the Ravens rallied to beat the Jaguars, 19-17. Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr intercepted Blake Bortles to seal it.

Tucker’s game-winning kick was not only right down the middle; it looked like it would have been good from 70 yards.

The Jaguars rallied from 16-7 down to take a 17-16 lead and had the ball at the Ravens 29 following a Paul Posluszny interception with 3:27 left. But the Jags went three and out and Orr blocked a field goal, and the Ravens moved 22 yards to set up Tucker’s kick.

Bortles was intercepted three times, and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was picked off twice in the fourth quarter. Nothing came easy all day for anyone except Tucker. The Ravens outgained the Jags, 283-216, and won despite converting just 3-of-13 third downs.

The Jaguars are 0-3. Both of their touchdowns came on passes from Bortles to Allen Robinson, one in the second quarter and one in the third.

Bortles was 24-of-38 for 194 yards and was sacked four times. The Jags managed just 48 yards rushing.

Flacco scored the Ravens’ only touchdown on a 7-yard run.

24 responses to “Tucker makes another bomb, moves Ravens to 3-0

  1. Ravens D hasn’t looked this good since 2012. That first pick was on Pitta, can’t volley the ball to an awaiting member of the opposition. Jags have a good young defense and Jalen Ramsey is the ‘real deal’. Baltimore special teams has been amazing at blocked field goals and extra points this season – that shiz wins games.

  2. Madden says whoever scores more points will win the game, just like you saw here today

  3. Don’t remember exactly….but Pitta didn’t tip that. It was behind him and Ramsey tipped it to his safety.

    Joe was erratic in second half but Trestman is maddening as an offensive coordinator.

    Take the win on the road anytime.

  4. “That first pick was on Pitta, can’t volley the ball to an awaiting member of the opposition.”

    You need to watch that again. That ball was so far behind Pitta that he didn’t even have a chance to touch it. It looked like Flacco thought he was going to break the other way. The ball was deflected by diving Jags defender Jalen Ramsey into Gipson’s arms. The announcer even mentioned how good a play Ramsey made.

  5. The longest goodbye has it right. Pitta altered the top of his route, and allowed Ramsey to get the tip. At this point, treatman is getting in Joe’s way. I’d be fine giving the OC job to Flacco himself given the weapons he has this year.

  6. Seriously though as another commentor stated, what is the deal with Trestman? That’s the only thing that looks like it will hold this team back.

  7. Jumpball Joe will throw a lot more picks this season. He doesn’t have Anquan Boldin to bail him out.

  8. Don’t get too excited all your Ravens idiots. It’s not like they won the Super Bowl. It was the Jags for crying out loud and it wasn’t so much that you won but the Jags blew the game in the usual fashion with turnovers and stupid penalties. On the FG at the end of the first half, they only got that because of two 15-yard penalties on the Jags, first when the drive was over and second after the first FG missed. Expressing elation over beating the Jags is about like bragging that you got Roseanne Barr’s phone number.

  9. As a Ravens fan I have only one question. When does arrest man get fired. What a pedestrian offense he runs.

  10. The 4 time World Champion Patriots and Tom Brady can’t wait to take on the Charminy soft AFC North, easily the most overrated division in football and if we are being honest, in any sport.

    Good luck cupcakes you’ll need it!


  11. Gus Bradley hasn’t played a completely healthy Myles Jack once this year except for mop up special teams. Why did we even draft him? We aren’t putting the best players on the field. We deserve to lose. 1!3 Gus Bag needs to be relieved of his failed duties immediately after we find yet another way to lose a game. Dude has a 1-15 record in sept. Glad we spent allllll that money on 0-4 start. Can really see the difference

  12. I know the Texans looked absolutely horrific Thursday night against the vastly superior New England Patriots, but at least they’re not the Jacksonville Jaguars! How about all those clowns who were anointing the Jags as the division winners this season? I know it’s early, but the Jaguars aren’t coming back from this 0-3 start.

    Come to think of it, the Texans probably aren’t coming back from that Thursday night beatdown, either. **sigh**

  13. Getting to open against the Bills, Browns and Jags, the Ravens should be FOUR and 0. The worst undefeated team in sports at this point, but not for long once they face an NFL team with NFL coaching. They got the Bills in the midst of an OC crisis. The Browns are not only the Browns but cut their PB punter, lost one QB to injury pre-game and another mid-game, and committed two 15 yd PF to take themselves out of scoring position. The Jags Bortles takes sacks to take them out of scoring position, throws picks up like he’s a bride with a wedding bouquet, and they commit a 15 yard leverage violation on 58 YARD missed FG attempt, handing us a shorter score with no time. The Ravens have an entire rabbit up their butts, no just a foot.

  14. I cant for the life of me understand the “best defense in years” talk. I’m a Ravens fan through and through but we’ve barely beaten garbage teams. Today picking on a Blake Bortles who might be drunk given the types of throws he attempts, last week getting bailed out by a BS penalty while Josh McCown with one arm nearly removed was driving on us, and week one keeping the bills in check which means “stopping your former backup QB for 4 years from running every down” as the Cards seemed to not understand. Get a grip, we are not a good team, there’s a ton of improvement needed if we don’t want to get scraped in january. Obviously I’ll take the wins but everyone needs to calm down.

  15. Judging by the play of the Bengals and Steelers this weekend, there may only be one team from the AFCN that goes to the playoffs and it may be the Ravens.

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