Bengals aren’t hitting the panic button after second loss in a row

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The Bengals held a 17-16 lead over the Broncos early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s home game, but things would not go their way for the rest of the afternoon.

Trevor Siemian threw two touchdown passes sandwiched around a Bengals three and out and Andy Dalton was intercepted one play after the second touchdown to seal the Bengals’ fate as losers for the second straight week. That’s certainly not the way that the Bengals want things to play out, but it’s not enough to have cornerback Adam Jones questioning the team’s chances.

“Why would we hit the panic button? Vontaze [Burfict] is coming back. Our team is a good team,” Jones said, via “We let two of them slip away. [Tyler] Eifert is on the way back. … First quarter of the season. Let’s get out of the first quarter .500. That’s the goal.”

Burfict will be back this week after serving a three-game suspension and Eifert was back at practice last week as he continues on the road back from ankle surgery. Both should help, but the Bengals need more than Burfict to juice a quiet pass rush and Eifert alone may not be enough to put an end to the offense’s inconsistency.

Neither of those things is a reason to panic for a team that’s made the playoffs five years in a row and the question of worries may disappear completely with a win over the Dolphins on Thursday.

24 responses to “Bengals aren’t hitting the panic button after second loss in a row

  1. Just look at Dalton, look at his eyes when the chips are down, he doesn’t have it.

    He’s way too soft, soft and awkward.

  2. They need to. The offense clearly downgraded going from Hue Jackson to Zampese, and the defense maybe has finally lost too many parts to free agency to stay a top tier unit.

  3. 1 win, 2 losses to start the season.

    All 3 of the Bengals opponents to start the season got at least 10 wins the year before, and 2 of the games were on the road.

    Lose to Miami, and it might be time to hit the panic button.

  4. The Bengals are one of the better teams in the league. The Panthers are also 1-2, and they’re good. Look what Philly did to Pittsburgh, and the Steelers are a good team. This is just a good football season. It’s worth watching.

  5. Everyone knew that the first half of the schedule was going to be difficult. With that said, Cincy could have won each of the last two games. I’m certainly ready to feel like every call in the game didn’t go against them. It’s a long season, they’ll be in the hunt come December. And, getting Vontaze and Tyler back will be huge. They’re both impact players. Having Tyler should open up the offense.

  6. I watched the game or as much as I could bear. Bengal are totally undisciplined and these lead to penalties that keep drives alive.
    In the second half your defense imploded.

  7. Pac-Man killed them with the fumbled Punt and then getting burnt by Sanders for a TD the next play. He was the Broncos MVP yesterday.

    Plus Dalton is always going to have a tough time against aggressive defenses that play tight coverage like Denver.

  8. The problem is, and continues to be, Marvin and Andy can’t beat good teams. And Lord help us all if it’s in prime time, or in the playoffs.

    The Jets are not a good team, and we’re DAMN lucky to not be 0-3.

    The two have consistently shown that, when the chips are on the table, they fold. Doesn’t matter what cards they’re holding.

    And any Bengal fan disagreeing with me is delusional.

    And you, joetoronto, you’re all that’s wrong with everything.

  9. Steelers fans are more interested in commenting on the Bengals than commenting on the Steelers after their embarrassment to pro football.

  10. Not here to bash Cincy they are a good team and will be right in contention for playoffs. They had a great game plan. On offense cgange it from passing 75% of the time and run first and they did all day even Big Red and thats prob one of the reasons they were out of sync passing. On Def it was simple CJ is not gonna run all over them again succeeded. I give them credit they are a tough hard hitting team. It was also nice to see a win by Broncos without the haters calling for dirty hits. The inlu helmet to helmet was against CJ but was not intentional just hard hitting. Unfortunately he will prob be fined for playing football

  11. The Broncos game came down to one thing and it has already been stated..the Bengals were going to make Siemian beat them over the top and he did. Or did he?
    Young QB’s perform based on their confidence level. If the Bengals had caught all the INT’s that were thrown to them, its a much different story and a much less confident rookie QB. Dropping the ducks was the story of this game. They catch them, they win.

  12. Look on the bright side, at least they won’t have to hear all the ‘one-and-done in the playoffs’ talk. Pacman talking after he played such a bad game is about as funny as counting on the ankle-twister and the walking medical condition to be their season’s saviors. Yikes.

  13. When Marvin Lewis steps down, and some of the tenured coaches (Alexander for one), get replaced, one of the most talented teams in the NFL may finally live up to their ability. Otherwise I have zero confidence in Marv. Killed em last 2 weeks with his decisions. Don’t challenge a TD with a knee down in the end zone against pitt, and this week first drive cruise to a TD, second drive crowed is jacked and 4th and 3 at the Den 41 he punts. Not the balls of a championship coach.

  14. I agree that the passes should have been intercepted but therw is no guarantee that Cincy would have turned them into points. I mean look at the KC game 7 ints and Offense managed 10 pts but that’s a different and laughable story. What killed Cincy in this game was the D.Thomas fumble that was alrea1in FG range for Cincy and Shane Ray single handedly took them out. With Denver already down because of a blocked XP Cincy could have kept pounding the run game and came away with something. Dont rule Cincy out hopefully they will be cause they are a scary team to face in the post season

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