Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson will practice Wednesday

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has a left knee injury, to go with his right ankle injury. But it apparently won’t cause him to miss a beat.

“We’re planning on practicing him on Wednesday,” coach Pete Carroll told reporters regarding Wilson on Monday. Asked whether Wilson will be limited in practice, Carroll said, “We’ll see.”

Carroll initially said he expects Wilson to play on Sunday, with this caveat: “It’s really early to say because he hasn’t done anything other than just convince me of that thought, he’s done a very good job so far.”

Given the manner in which Wilson’s knee bent while being sacked against the 49ers, it’s amazing that practicing or playing is even a possibility. Carroll said earlier in the day that Wilson has an MCL sprain, of undisclosed degree.

“[H]e’s remarkably well off for having a play like that,” Carroll said. “He looks very good, very upbeat and positive about feeling like he’s going to be fine. It was just all positive.”

Carroll added that Wilson is “still working on his ankle a little bit,” and the coach was unable to say when the knee will heal.

The challenge for Wilson becomes avoiding new injuries while Wilson has limited mobility due to the two injuries he currently had. With a makeshift. work-in-progress offensive line, that will be easier said than done.

11 responses to “Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson will practice Wednesday

  1. As a Hawks fan, I’m afraid with these compounding injuries, on the next big sack, Russell Wilson might just explode.

    That said, we won’t beat the Jets without him.

  2. They will be fine without him for this next game. As bad as he wants to play, somebody in the office needs to tell him to take a week off. Need him healthy down the stretch. If I wasn’t a Seattle fan, I would want to play them at full strength. No excuses boys

  3. You ‘fans’ sure don’t know Russell. Not only will he play, he will probably play the entire game, unless it’s a Seahawks blowout. This is the NLF, kids. Players play with minor injuries and the MCL low grade, like Russell is not a reason to keep him out.
    Russell is also one tough dude. This isn’t Cutler we’re talking about.

  4. Criticize Wilson all you want, he made no bones about claiming he wanted stu be the greatest QB of all time as a rookie. People mocked him for it and all he’s done is make his case.

    He also knows the greats didn’t sit in the bench.

    If Wilson proves he’s capable you can bet he will play. And if the Seahawks line is willing to match his toughness the Seahawks will beat the Jets easily.

  5. Why risk it though? Playing through injury will be easy for him, the Seahawks will be better off forcing him to rest IMO.. Put it on ET & em to come up big, they will come through

  6. The MCL sprain on his left knee means that he cannot plant his left foot and throw the ball. He could still push off of his left leg when he had the high ankle sprain on his right foot. He has big upper arm muscles, but he will probably underthrow the ball if he cannot plant his foot when he throws. He can compensate by throwing it harder than he normally would but he may overthrow it as a result.

  7. Seattle has no chance of going to the Super Bowl if they don’t have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. That is why Midget Wilson does not want to miss any games. A loss to the Jets may mean the difference between playing 2 games at home in the playoffs to go to the super bowl or getting eliminated in the early rounds.

  8. omeimontis says:
    Sep 27, 2016 10:53 AM
    The MCL sprain on his left knee means that he cannot plant his left foot and throw the ball.

    Uh, you do know he’s a righty, right? Why in the world would he plant and throw the ball off of his left foot? Please stop with the beyond idiotic analysis – you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

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