Antonio Brown confirms he was told to change shoes or stay in the locker room

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Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown changed out of his yellow and blue shoes at halftime of last weeks loss to the Eagles, but not by choice.

On his weekly Pittsburgh radio show Tuesday night, Brown confirmed that game officials gave him a choice: Change his shoes or stay in the locker room.

That was first reported by Mark Kaboly of

Brown changed his shoes for the second half. His yellow and blue shoes were an NFL uniform violation.

When Brown was fined for his blue shoes and his touchdown dance in the season opener, he said the fines were “nothing to a boss.” But the boss wanted to keep playing, so he changed his shoes last Sunday.

He can expect another fine this week.

69 responses to “Antonio Brown confirms he was told to change shoes or stay in the locker room

  1. Guys please stop giving your money away, you might make enough to afford it but handing over hard earned money that you will need 20 yrs from now because you’re trying to make a fashion statement is ridiculous

  2. Its all about me! There is no ME in team player, glad they show him that he’s not in charge, now do the same with the protesters. Bill

  3. Antonio Brown is a clown. I liked when Vontaze Burfict teed him up. He didn’t look much like a boss then when he was flipping around like a fish out of water.

  4. I’m sorry if this was already addressed and I can’t keep up with every story going on in the NFL but, what is the significance of the blue? Does it hold a certain meaning for him or does he just like how it looks? Just wondering, thanks in advance.

  5. If he really didnt cate about the money he should have left them on and gone back on the field anyway just to piss them off

  6. It’s about time the league starting standing up to these spoiled BRATS! They should be kicked out of the game, fined and suspended for one game on first offense! Next time a five game suspension and if they are dumb and don’t get it after that, gone the whole season! Time for these idiots to start following rules! If they don’t like rules, go find employment somewhere else!!

  7. Really? Were they going to eject him from the game for wearing the wrong color shoes? That would have been interesting…

  8. Antonio, we love you but careful with throwing around terms like “boss” around Goodell. He has a history of going out of his way to be an enforcer. No Fun League indeed.

  9. Welcome to the nfl!!

    It doesn’t matter if you beat or kill someone, because everybody deserve a second chance.

    But don’t don’t wear the proper shoe color or headphone brand and Bobby Goodell will make sure you will pay for this serious crime.

  10. The only problem with this is that the officials allowed him to play the first half wearing those shoes.
    It’s a team uniform and a league rule. End of discussion.

  11. Equipment violation in the first half of a game? That’s a first and fourth round draft picks and a four game suspension. Turn in your cell phone on your way out.

  12. No Fun League in deed… Willing to completely alter the competitive balance of a game over the color of shoes. . . Not that it would have mattered in this particular game, but just think about that for a moment

  13. I can’t believe there is an NFL player who places so much importance on what color shoes he wears. This isn’t Sex in the City. It’s football, drama queen.

  14. Just like the criminal who’s running for President. She doesn’t think the rules apply to her either.

  15. liberalmel says:
    Sep 28, 2016 7:25 AM
    NFL= Nazi Football League.

    No wonder ratings are down. Another reason this league has become a joke.

    Ratings are down because a player has to conform to the uniform code? The same uniform code that was in place when the ratings were sky high? Over exposure of a diluted product, not knowing what a catch is until an official says so, interminable delays, the suspicion of ‘managed’ results, ridiculous rule changes, politicization, owner’s blatant greed and an out of control no integrity league office but ratings are down because of a player having to conform to the uniform code?

  16. I don’t understand why everyone is bashing the NFL for this.

    Almost all businesses have a dress code policy and the NFL is no different.

    Of all the reasons to chastise Goodell and the NFL, this has to be the dumbest one.

  17. getakluwe says:
    Sep 28, 2016 1:07 AM
    NFL behaves like that big orange #urd running for president behaves: cluelessly.


    You shouldn’t call Hillary names like that.

  18. liberalmel says:
    Sep 28, 2016 7:25 AM
    NFL= Nazi Football League.

    No wonder ratings are down. Another reason this league has become a joke.

    Yep, fancy footwear mavens are leaving the NFL in droves! Just last week my wife chose a trip to DSW over watching football due to boring styles and colors.

  19. For every fine the League imposes on the players they should impose equal fines on the Owners and Coaches of the team the player is on… and allow the Ownership and Coaches to discipline their players before it gets to the league level… Act like a TEAM not a collection of individuals.

  20. Kolo Jezdec says:
    Sep 28, 2016 6:07 AM
    Really? Were they going to eject him from the game for wearing the wrong color shoes? That would have been interesting…

    He shouldn’t have been allowed out in the first place. But after three weeks, someone finally caught on and told the refs to do their job.

  21. 45 other guys were (and are) proud to wear the Steelers’ uniform, but not the diva WR. These guys who think only of themselves are the worst team mates you can possibly have. All they want is attention. If he would have gotten his sorry a$$ tossed from this game over shoe colors he would have been vilified in the locker room. BTW Steeler brass should let this clown know that he ain’t the boss of nothin!!

    You are on a TEAM dude. Stop thinking of yourself and start acting like a team mate.

  22. I remember back in the day Darryl Talley would wear Spiderman Undershirts each and every game. Each and every game he would receive a fine, and that’s all it was. Why can’t the punishment be a fair fine, and the player accepts the fair fine and continues paying it? If the fine is worth the infraction for the League, and the infraction is worth the fine for the Player, then why can’t they just leave it at that. Why must the league keep raising the consequences to unfair levels until it gets its way? It’s akin to the Government up-scaling Marijuana arrests all the way up to Life in Prision, until the country is “Weed-Free”. It’s total garbage. Goodell and the NFL Front offices are a complete joke.

  23. “No wonder ratings are down. Another reason this league has become a joke.”


    You stop watching because of uniform violations? I stopped watching because of the constant play stoppages for commercials. Even when there’s not a commercial, they’re STILL advertising with on screen ad placements. It’s become utterly ridiculous.

  24. Rather interesting that wearing the wrong color shoes is not allowed, but wearing color rush and throwback uniforms is OK in certain games. Either there is a standard uniform, or there isn’t. AB wearing different shoes isn’t a money grab for the NFL outside of his fine.

  25. This could have gotten interesting. Where in the rule book does it state a player will be removed or prevented from the playing with uniform infractions? He chose to wear them, the consequence is the fine.

    PATs fans should understand this method of thinking, as they have a QB who is suspended for an equipment violation, when the proper punishment should have been a fine.

    NFL is a joke! It is totally fine when a player is a repeat offender, but LORD HELP US is a player wears something different.

  26. AB got 4-million dollars more, now he’s starting to act like a jerk and his production has completely tanked. Why is he running the wrong routes? Why is he dropping so many balls. Why is he twerking after a touchdown? This is not the same receiver that he was last season.

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