Cardinals try out several punters and long snappers

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The Cardinals will be adding a long snapper this week. They also plan to add a punter, too.

Per a league source, the Cardinals worked out Tim Masthay, Michael Palardy, and Ryan Quigley on Tuesday. Whoever gets the job will serve as the short-term solution while Drew Butler (pictured) recovers from an Achilles injury.

With Kameron Canady released, the Cardinals also tried out long snappers Tyler Ott and Aaron Brewer.

The next punter could have a chance to give Butler the boot; he is averaging a career-low 40.3 yards per punt in 2016, along with a career-low 33.7-yard net.

Butler will still serve as the holder. Botch field-goal attempts fueled by bad snaps have marred both of Arizona’s losses in 2016.

12 responses to “Cardinals try out several punters and long snappers

  1. Typical phony Bruce Arians. The Cardinals are the typical Cardinals on the road, Carson Palmer is the typical Carson Palmer, and Arians blames the long snapper for his team being woefully unprepared for a lousy Bills team.

  2. Love how Arians blames and calls out the expendable players. Palmer would’ve had a career day if it wasn’t for the long snapper holding him back, right? And it couldn’t be that Rex Ryan completely out-coached the great Bruce Arians could it? Nah, just pin it on one disposable player. Great work coach.

  3. Working guys out? That’s so old school. The new way is to sign the guy on Saturday sight unseen then get your first look at him during pregame warm-ups Sunday. Worked out well for the Browns and their kicker.

  4. He should be trying out several types of top hats. See how football stops being fun when you stop being fun, Bruce?

  5. I feel bad for the long snapper they cut. If the Cards had come in 2-0, won the game by 20 and Palmer had thrown 4 TDs instead of 4 picks, that kid very likely still has a job today. But when you’re the low guy on the payroll, playing for a team that is badly underperforming and a head coach who is way too into himself, the worst thing you can do for your job security is have a high-profile “whoops” that gives the other team points in a game your team was supposed to win handily. About as clear-cut a case of scapegoating as I’ve seen in the league in a long time.

  6. You people are hilarious. If they had kept the long snapper and he had cost the team another game you would be slamming Arians for being too loyal (to an undrafted rookie). He cuts the kid for being terrible (which he was), and you slam him for that. Unbelievable.

  7. You don’t want Tyler ott. He filled in for nyg Deossie late last year and he was a train wreck

  8. Butler should have been cut after the Carolina playoff game 2 years ago. How he remains on the team is UNBELIEVABLE. As a Cards fan who went to their training camp, he is not worthy of a roster spot on any team.

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