Jets have a “come-to-Jesus meeting” on Monday

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It’s early enough in the season that we don’t quite know exactly what some teams will turn out to be come the final weeks of the year and the Jets have to hope that they wind up looking more like the team that won in Buffalo in Week Two than the one that lost in Kansas City in Week Three.

They don’t have much time to ruminate on the topic before the Seahawks are in town and then it is on to road games in Pittsburgh and Arizona with the 1-2 Jets’ margin for error slimmer after their eight-turnover disaster against the Chiefs. Of course, a margin for error won’t matter much at all if that outing turns out to be who the Jets are this season.

That wouldn’t be a good look for coach Todd Bowles, who started off this week with a speech to his team that tried to get them moving forward after a bad loss.

“Every time you lose like that, you have to have a come-to-Jesus meeting,” Bowles said in comments distributed by the team. “We talked about accountability and just understanding where we are in the season and who we are and what we need to be, pretty much. … Throughout the course of the season, there will be a bunch of turning points. It’s not going to be the last time we face adversity. There are going to be several times down the road where we face adversity. We just have to learn from our mistakes.”

Bowles didn’t delve into specifics about what the Jets might do differently moving forward, but the broad strokes are obvious enough for a team that has looked pretty good over the last two seasons when they aren’t handing the ball to the opposition.

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  1. Jets management must have guessed that a lot of jets fans checked out the team’s upcoming schedule after they got over their shock Monday and figured out the team’s season is already effectively over

  2. .
    The Jets are going to need some divine intervention. Look at their upcoming schedule :

    @ Pittsburgh

    The scary thing about a schedule like that is you could actually play decently and end up 0-4. And let’s not forget that the Jets have a home and home with the Patriots later in the season. I think it’s safe to say that the Jets fortunes will be decided in the next month. Either they’ll be proven contenders or pretenders.

  3. They are who we thought they were. Fitz is a $12 million disaster that convinced a few delusional people that his long track history didn’t matter.

    His most marketable attribute is that he went to Harvard. It must be because the announcers talk about it every game.

    Does anyone else see a 1-5 start coming for the Jets? You can not overstate how easy the Jets schedule was last year.

  4. sbmcintosh36 says:
    Sep 27, 2016 9:12 AM

    Remember when everyone said the Jets would start 0-6…when did that change ??

    When they accidentally won a game.

  5. That performance by Fitz, if you can call it that, was complete and utter garbage. He gave his receivers no chance at making plays. 6 interceptions?!?! 3-4 interceptions is a bad game. 6 interceptions means that you aren’t even trying. It’s terrible being a Jets fan.

  6. FITZ-TRAGIC amused us all with the lowest QB rating EVER within a single game over the past decade.

    Is Bryce Petty healthy yet? If not, maybe the Mets will let them borrow Tebow for a while.

  7. I said many times before the season that due to the difficult schedule the Jets would finish 7-9 (with 6-10 or 8-8 possible) this year and I still stand by that.

    They need to rebuild and shouldn’t waste money on older players. Use the cap money to pay (or overpay) Sheldon Richardson and let the older players go.

  8. Serves the Jets right… last week everyone was pounding their chest. Trolling the Bills and Dolphins and now guess? You are in the same boat. The AFC East Schedule is the toughest in the league and at some point you get a few easy ones, but most are long travel or playoff ranked teams. I said last week that Fitz is a Journeyman INT Machine and will show his true colors in the worst times. He did not even have to wait to fall apart. The Patriots just need to stay healthy and cruise to the playoffs as the rest of the AFC East go 6-10 to 8-8.

  9. Just think. Belichick was the best coach Jets ever had!

    Ok, that’s mean. Old Weeb was pretty good in his day. Bowles might get it done, but mighty tough with the Great One up there in Foxboro.

    Can’t totally hate on the Jets, they made me a lot of college beer money taking down the Clots in SB III. Credit to coach Shula for gagging too.

    Any Jets fans remember Sherman “I get the job done, don’t I” Plunkett? My all time favorite Jet.

  10. Where was this “so called ” meeting last Sunday,when there should have been some *ss kicking of the QB and others,instead of standing on the sidelines looking like someone in a trance and did nothing..????

    If you don’t perform,you don’t play…Adapt that motto for once…

    As a Jets fan,I’m fed up….

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