Tom Brady: No football benefit to missing time, but Italy was nice


The Patriots are 3-0 without Tom Brady, and with a week to go before he comes back, he’s already trying to manage expectations — lest people expect him to be Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett, for heaven’s sake.

I don’t think there is any benefit to watching the team play these games from a football standpoint, because it takes time to get the timing and the practice reps,” Brady said during his weekly interview on Westwood One Radio (via Mike Reiss of  “I’m trying to do the best I can to stay in shape and to keep the timing, and to really stay football ready. I’m hoping our team has a great week of preparation and can get to 4-0, and then I’ll have an opportunity to be back next Monday, and I’m going to work as hard as I can to be ready to go for that week.

“It’s a big week for me, and it’s a big week for our team. Every week is a big week in the NFL, but not having been out there for four weeks, there is a lot of makeup time I’m going to need and the chance to be on the field with my teammates to see what kind of rhythm I can find in a short week of practice.”

Of course, we think having 16 years of experience will somehow allow him to manage a month off, but Brady said he’s not the kind of player who can roll out of bed and be back to form.

“I don’t think you can,” he said. “I do admire some guys, like [Patriots receiver] Danny Amendola. He didn’t practice at all in training camp and he goes out there and the first week of the year [and] has a great game. The second week of the year, he has two touchdown catches. I’ve played with a lot of teammates who have been off for extended periods of time and it looks like they’re flipping the switch, but I think for me, that’s not the way I really prepare. I like to take every rep in practice. I like to practice every day.

“I’ve been able to be very healthy over the course of my career, and I think that has really helped me, and I’m going to need to find that rhythm back. It’s going to take some work and some time. Like I said before, that’s some uncharted territory, too.”

Brady said he was “in a good place,” and last week that was Italy, on a vacation with his wife, Gisele Bundchen.

“I’ve never had an opportunity in September,” he said. “Hopefully I don’t have one for a very, very long time.”

While it’s Brady, and of course he’ll start, the sterling play of his backup and their ability to win with a third string likely makes him a little more eager to get back, and show people what they’ve missed.

21 responses to “Tom Brady: No football benefit to missing time, but Italy was nice

  1. I see NE going 15-1 or 14-2….and straight to the SB…Actually for all you haters that might be the best result,,,as if BRADY gets handed the trophy one last time…set the ALL time QB record…he will probably retire…and we see how well Jimmy G can handle the team…this is a no brainer..

  2. You know what the best part of this is? When Brady comes back from his vacation in Italy with his super model wife, the Pats will still be in first place! But the even better part is that Rogers favorite team, that he suspended Brady to give them a chance, will be in last place!! Ha ha Roger. Even by your cheating, you can’t get your Jets to win.

  3. “I do admire some guys, like [Patriots receiver] Danny Amendola. He didn’t practice at all in training camp and he goes out there and the first week of the year [and] has a great game”

    “Wait, did he just slam his teammate, Amendola???” said every Patriots hater.

  4. NFL was the big loser in suspending him for something fabricated.

    Goodell wanted parity….he won’t get it as long as Belichick coaching.

    A black eye for the NFL…really dumb

  5. Get through the Bills game this Sunday (I haven’t had to say that in a long, long time) with some spit and glue and then get to some normalcy around here.

    The first real test will be visiting Cincinnati in a couple weeks–the Red Rifle will have his hands full in that one.

  6. Glad You had a great time on vacation Champ!!!
    We held down the Fort while You rested up.

    Now take your rightful place at the head of The 4X Superbowl Champion New England Patriots Table, and feast on the rest of the nil minions…save the “humble pie” for later.

  7. Even the haters are excited that Brady will be back. It’s like a blood transfusion in their sluggish lives.

  8. jchipwood says:
    Sep 27, 2016 6:44 AM
    Patriots probably won’t win another game all year.


    That’s the most intelligent posting you have ever written under one of these Patriot related articles. And none of the other postings are even a close second.

  9. spillertime21 says:
    Sep 27, 2016 11:31 AM

    Cheaters gonna cheat


    The NFL made it quite obvious to everyone with a working brain that the Patriots didn’t tamper with footballs when the NFL decided not to let the public see the PSI information that was collected during the 2015 season. But nice try.

  10. Feeling bad for the person that sat alone in their mothers basement typing a lame comment pathetically trying to question the manhood of a guy that’s married to the most successful supermodel in the history of the world.

    This week European vacation with supermodel wife.
    Next week QB for 4 and O Patriots.

    Hope he doesn’t forget to take of the 4 superbowl rings before he plays against the Browns. The extra weight may make it difficult to throw.

  11. When the NFL history books are written, this suspension will only reflect poorly on Roger Goodell and his arbitrary enforcement of protocol. Brady will be justifiably be viewed as a scapegoat and unfairly fined and withheld from the opportunity to earn 4 weeks worth of game checks. The league office should be ashamed of themselves.

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