Bruce Arians: Too many young guys are doing their own thing

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The Cardinals are 1-2 after getting thumped by the Bills last Sunday, leaving coach Bruce Arians to say that the “biggest thing is be honest and identify problems” with the team that can be corrected before the record gets any worse.

Arians made that comment on Sirius XM NFL Radio during an appearance with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian and he also revealed one of the problems that he’s identified with the team.

“We have some really, really good leaders,” Arians said. “But to be a good leader, the others have to follow you. We’ve got a lot of young guys. We have some new faces that are doing their own thing and not following the example set by these guys. And it’s a two-way street. They can only lead you to water, but you’ve got to drink it. And some of these young guys have got to get out of old habits and get in with the Cardinal Way.”

The Cardinals haven’t scored in the first quarter this season and they’ve also struggled coming out of the locker room in the third quarter in their two losses, two things that could be attributed to a lower level of focus than Arians might like from his team. There are more tangible things to point to, including an offense that might have too many eggs in the long pass basket, and working on both fronts will be the route back to a winning record.

27 responses to “Bruce Arians: Too many young guys are doing their own thing

  1. If we are going to be honest we are going to have to admit that the real problem is that the cardinals have been exposed as a flawed team and Arians as a flawed coach.

  2. Two things:
    1) Arians is the HC so the young guys aren’t following him
    2) The Cardinal Way. Really?

  3. The problem is the Cardinals have an O line that cant block and a QB who is like a statue…Bills fan..

  4. NFL: “too many coaches talking about how great they are instead of getting their loaded team ready to play”

  5. A little confusing set of comments there coach.
    They are young but their habits are old.
    We have good leaders but no one is following them.
    It’s a two way street. We lead you to water. You drink it.

    Seems to me you have a communications issue going on. Your may want to start the turn around by straightening out what you want to say first.

  6. God I bet that Bruce Arians shtick runs thin real fast when they arent winning.

    What young players do you even have playing that haven’t been there since you have? 1? 2?Maybe he should less time throwing his players under the bus in the media, and more time coaching them up in the “Cardinal Way”.

    By the way my recollection of the “Cardinals Way” is to be nearly good enough for a year or 2 and horrible for about the next 10.

  7. “And some of these young guys have got to get out of old habits and get in with the Cardinal Way.”

    Problem is, part of the Cardinal Way is for the head coach to constantly chirp about his own awesomeness when he hasn’t won a thing as a head coach.

  8. First off I have no dog in this race. From an outside perspective if you look at what B.A did with this franchise so quickly, you can’t help but admire him. Don’t throw him under the bus. He knows far more than we do.

  9. @rayguyhof

    I have to agree with you as an outside observer as well. I’ve always had the impression that Arians is one of the best coaches in the league. But his tone has been different this year. Weird to see him publicly throwing his players under the bus so often. That’s usually a last resort strategy, not one you use after three games.

  10. AAND once again I’m proven right. Should have drafted Derek Carr when you had the chance. You wouldn’t be in this mess. Seahawks will have this division wrapped up by Thanksgiving.

  11. Meh, BA has a 68.6% regular season win rate since he became head coach, in one of the toughest divisions in football. Sounds like he’s probably not overrated, considering that’s among the best in the league.

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