Is Tannehill still the long-term answer in Miami?

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When the Dolphins hired Adam Gase to coach the team, the assignment came with the understanding that Gase would have the ability to decide based on the 2016 season whether Ryan Tannehill should continue to be the quarterback in 2017 and beyond. So, three games in to Gase’s tenure, how are things going?

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald addressed the situation during a Wednesday visit to PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN. He provided a positive assessment of the Gase-Tannehill relationship, despite my (usual) efforts to stir things up.

Here’s one way to stir things up for some Dolphins fans: Suggest a reunion between Gase and Jay Cutler, who had a solid season with Gase as the offensive coordinator in 2015. Salguero responds to that chatter, along with providing an assessment of potential outside interest in Tannehill that nearly sparked a debate as intense as the one 80 million people watched on Monday night.

49 responses to “Is Tannehill still the long-term answer in Miami?

  1. Miami signed him to a 6 year $95 million contract with $45 Million guaranteed lat year. With a contract like that one would sure as hell hope he would continue to be the quarterback in 2017 and beyond.

  2. The answer is no Tannehill was never the answer in Miami they need to rebuild their offense and try again. He comes up short against Buffalo and cannot win in Foxboro 2 things you cannot do if you want to contend in the AFC East.

  3. I continue to be amazed by Tannehill’s utter lack of awareness in the pocket. He has no clue what is going on around him and hasn’t progressed one bit in that respect since being drafted.

  4. Absolutely not, Turnoverhill does not have a QB brain, plain and simple, average QB at best, you cannot take a career WR and turn him into a productive NFL QB. In 2017 the Dolphins will have a new QB.

    1. No pocket prescense
    2. No accuracy
    3. Not a leader
    4. Cannot win games in the 4th quarter
    Other than this he’s the second coming of Dan Marino

  5. I was a RT fan, however I’ve since changed my mind for one reason and one reason only. His escapability is terrible. Getting sacked in overtime and losing the ball, not knowing what was going on around him, is inexcusable.

  6. When you play for Miami any QB gets minimum, 8 years to develop.
    All Tannehill needs to be successful is
    1 the entire first team all pro offensive line
    2 every all pro wide receiver
    3 Walter Payton and John Riggins as RB
    4 able to actually throw the ball further the. 32 yards

    Once Miami gets all of the above Tannehill is going to show everyone he is the chosen one. Yep

  7. Tannehill- Strong Arm, good accuracy in intermediate game, horrible feel for quick quick game, slow dropping back, not a quick processor, very elusive as a runner and out of pocket, throws with decent touch, very deliberate throwing motion. Accuracy is inconsistent. You be the judge

  8. Fitzpatrick threw 6 INT’s and Carson Palmer threw 4 this week. RG3 and Cutler didn’t play this week, and still threw 2 each.
    Shaddup and enjoy your win, Miami.

  9. Turnoverhill has had 67 straight games to improve, he’s the same QB now that he was in 2012, incredible durability no doubt but not a winner.
    He was handed the starting QB position on a platter in 2012 without earning it or any competition.
    The Dolphins biggest opponent is themselves year after year. This is what happens to teams with terrible front offices.

  10. No real organization with quality talent evaluators would ever think this is a franchise quarterback.

    Ireland was desperate to save his job, he went all in and reached and the results have been what was obvious to a novice at the time.

    His protection has been bad, but where’s the benefit been of him supposedly being such a great athlete? Tannehill is just a guy. Completely mediocre.

  11. Actually Dolphins should be 0-3. . Anyonewhowatched the Browns game knows this . The Browns used a third string q.b. And THIER. F.g. Kicker they just signed missed 3 any of wich would have won the game .

  12. This is a guy that was picked off by practice squad guys in practice

    He went nuts and started talking smack to them.

    The head coach at the time had to tell the practice squad players to take it easy on him. If my QB is getting pissed off the practice squad players can intercept his passes…that is a bad sign.

    As a Jets fan I hope he is the QB in Miami for a long time. If I were a Dolphins fan…well..their former head coached wanted to draft David Carr to play QB.

    And obviously get rid of RT.

    How many dolphin fans would gladly trade RT for David Carr right now?

  13. Despite being much maligned by many fans Ryan Tannehill’s numbers are pretty respectable to date

    He’s currently ranked 9th in the league in passing with 892 passing yards
    He is currently ranked 7th in rushing yards by a QB
    He’s tied for 8th in passing TD’s
    He’s tied for 11th in sacks taken (6)
    He’s 12th in completions
    He is 6th in interceptions (4) (Need to get that down)

  14. teams that would take Tennehill today

    San Francisco

    Saints and Cardinals would want him in a year or 2 after Brees and Palmer are done.

  15. Guys like Cutler, Tannehill, Gabbert, and RG3 are all good athletes, but they’ll never be good QBs. The QB position is played between the ears, and these fellas just don’t have it.

  16. Time to throw away the past and judge him on this year moving forward and I see improvement….Gase is doing a good job with Ryan.

    I am not sure how anybody will improve his pocket presence other than getting rid of the ball faster and better protection from the offensive line, that so far has improved at pass pro and needs to get better at run blocking.

  17. ktm300xcwe says:
    Sep 28, 2016 3:55 PM
    Dolphins would be 2-1 had their WR had caught an EASY td pass in Seattle.

    You can’t change one play early in a football game and expect everything else to stay the same. Doesn’t work that way.

  18. As disappointing as Tannehill has been thus far, he is still better than Jay Cutler. Look how many OCs the kid has had in his short career. Three games under Gase is not enough to define his future.

    And I’m a Pats fan!

  19. Hmmm… the Tannehill hate trolls are out!!!

    Tannehill is inconsistent and his game against the Browns was ugly. Real ugly at times.
    Tannehill has issues (3rd down efficient throws – ‘hi!”), but he did have the Dolphins up 11 points (24-13) against the Browns in the 4th quarter.

    I don’t remember Tannehill covering Pryor and letting the Browns score 11 unanswered points to get it to a tie game. By a defense with 8 of Miami’s 12 highest paid players.

    Not mentioned here – Coach Gase so pissed at OT James pass protection that he benched him in OT.

    Cutler in Miami?? LOL
    News outlets aren’t that desperate for clicks this early in the season, are they???

  20. Cutler had a real good RB in Matt Forte

    Miami has….
    – A walking injury report (Foster)
    – A 2nd year guy that pouts (Ajayi)
    – A rookie who hasn’t been healthy (Drake)
    – A UFA thats been just as unhealthy (Pead)
    – A scat back that dances behind the line more than a South Beach gogo dancer. (Williams)

  21. Sure – the Cutler argument makes great sense based on his stellar work last year.

    After the first three games, The Mighty Cutler put up these numbers:

    G1 – 225 yards, 50% comp, 1 TD, 1 INT, 67 QBR Loss
    G2 – 120 yards, 88% comp (only 9 attempts), 1 TD, 1 INT, 116 QBR Loss
    G3 – 281 yards, 65.1% comp, 2 TD, 1 INT, 89 QBR Win

    The pathetic Tannehill has only managed this in his first 3 games under Gase:

    G1 – 186 yards, 55% comp, 0TD, 0 INT 75 QBR Loss
    G2 – 387 yards, 71% comp, 2 TD, 2 INT, 94 QBR loss
    G3 – 319 yards, 64% comp, 3 TD, 2 INT, 94 QBR Win


    Cutler – 626 yards, 61% comp, 4 TD, 3 INT, 1 – 2 record

    Tannehill – 892 yards, 64% comp, 5 TD, 4 INT, 1 – 2 record

    I can’t see where you’d willingly give up 266 yards, 3% better completion percentage and a TD to reduce INTs by one.

    I get it’s fashionable to hate on #17, but next time try to at least put some basic sense into the idea.

  22. I agree that Tannehill gets maybe a lil too much blame, but at some point your QB has to win close games for you. Tannehill has not shown that he can pull a 4th qtr win out. Or he has not shown that he can keep his defense off the field by running out the clock in the 4th qtr. So yes he takes blame but most is warranted.

  23. 2017
    20.3 salary
    10.3 dead cap

    19.8 salary
    4.6 dead cap

    21 Salary
    2.3 Dead Cap

    10.3 is not that bad of a cap hit. They could cut him after this year. But they probably keep him next year since they don’t have a replacement.

    Cutting before 2018 makes more sense, by then they should have a transition plan in place with either a drafted QB or someone they can find from now to 2017.

  24. You might call this the “Drew Brees Curse.” 😉

    The main problem starts at the top with S.Ross. Bringing in overpaid, under-qualified Mike Tannenbaum has led to personnel moves from days gone past…Lamaar Miller and Olivier Vernon spurned for older more expensive players. Gase must have had an idea what he was getting into.

    Jeff Ireland might look okay now.

    Good luck on Thursday night, Fin’s.

  25. The big problem with Tanny seems to be his inability to make multiple reads. He is basically a read option QB. His LB crowds the box, pass, drops off into coverage, throw.
    He gets into trouble when he has to read coverages and work his progressions.

    People can spout his numbers but they prove him to be the third heat quarterback in Florida last year. And we only have 3 starting quarterbacks in Florida.

  26. Tannehill isn’t a guy who will carry the team to a Super Bowl, but he’s a guy you can win it with if the pieces are in place for him to succeed. The Dolphins have one of the youngest/underrated receiving corps in the league, an OL which features Pouncey, James, and Tunsil that will only improve, and hopefully a running game one day.

    Only Dolphins fans who have watched the games would know this, but Tannehill has looked better than he ever has in his first four seasons — regardless of what the stats say. To those criticizing his pocket awareness and accuracy clearly haven’t watched this year. He looks like a completely different QB in the pocket compared to previous years, and his accuracy is much improved. His awareness at the LOS is also a pleasant surprise after he was handcuffed by Philbin before this year.

    Tannehill is the one who led the Dolphins downfield against Seattle late in the 4th to take the lead (which the defense lost on the very next drive). Tannehill is the reason the Dolphins nearly came back from 28 down against the Pats and was a 30 yard Hail Mary away from tying it. Tannehill, despite playing ugly most of the game, led the team to the winning touchdown against the Browns to avoid embarrassment. I know it doesn’t mean much as football is a 60 minute game, but as of right now he has the league high QB rating in the second half of games this season.

    You don’t get rid of Tannehill unless there is someone who is definitively better than him available. It’s a QB driven league, and Tannehill is good enough. 6’5 QBs with a strong arm and can run well don’t fall off trees.

  27. Being a Patriots fan, I pretty much only get to see 2 Dolphins games a year (Should I insert a joke that they are so bad I’m thankful to only watch 2? lol). Jokes aside, I defer to the fans that see him more than that, but he plays pretty good against the Patriots. But he does seem to have stretches where he looks as if he is the 3rd string QB thrown into game action with no preparation. Other times he looks like an Eli Manning type of player that just gets locked in and cant miss. Maybe Miami should just tell him this weeks opponent is New England, every week. My impression of Tannehill is that he looks like a capable NFL QB. He isn’t elite, and when he is focused, he is probably somewhere in the range of Flacco, Palmer, Dalton

  28. What I don’t understand is, Tannehill is getting upstaged by Siemian, Prescott, Carr, and many other rookies and 2 year players. But Dolphins fans laugh when people suggest putting in Matt Moore who did a very good job at QB. Don’t forget the rift that happened last season when more than half of the locker room wanted Moore over Tannehill. Tannehill is not a leader, he has no pocket presence, he cannot read a defense and audible properly, he stats are largely gargage time and come from behind, he doesnt allow his defense to rest he’s done. You give me a Rakeem Cato and I will put money we look like a better team right away.

  29. Tannehill has never played behind a competent offensive line his entire career. over 4 years now. he very, very rarely can even complete his dropback before he has a defender in his face and has to run for his life.

    but check out these stats: over the past 2 seasons (and so far this season) he has only played in 7 games with his 3 best O-lineman on the field at the same time.. Albert, Pouncey and James. in those 7 games, RT had a 107 QB rating with a 5/1 TD:INT ratio and the team went 6-1.. with the only defeat being a last second loss to GB. and this was with GARBAGE guards.

    he hasnt been given a fair shot. give him at least an average NFL offensive line before we start saying he is a bust. i truly believe the kid can play well if they could only protect him and give him 3 seconds in a clean pocket consistently.

  30. Long term……………oh….OK……NOT!!!!

    Number’s don’t lie. The guy is 6’4″??? How many batted balls does he have…..per game???? In the beginning I could see how he may have an impact on the Offense, but after so many years I’ve seen enough. He better get white hot for the remainder of the year. If not, the door will be open & a serious QB competition will be at hand next year. If he bottoms out in the next few games, put Matt Moore in. He’s done his time on the bench to warrant a good look.

    Crystal Ball>>>>>>>> Bye Matt!!!!!

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