After being cut in favor of “bums,” Pryor hasn’t forgotten teams that passed on him

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Browns wide receiver/utility man Terrelle Pryor has finally found NFL success after spending most of the last several seasons looking for a home — and a position.

Though he’s listed as a starter at wide receiver and is clearly more comfortable in that role than he was a year ago, Pryor is showing off his rare athleticism while making cameo appearances as a running quarterback as well. Last weekend, Pryor became the first player to have at least 120 receiving yards, at least 20 passing yards and and at least 20 rushing yards in a game since Hall of Famer Frank Gifford did it in 1959.

Not bad for a guy who spent much of 2014 and 2015 trying to get a job.

Everybody would [take me now]. Everybody,” he told Cleveland Scene this week. “Now, after what happened last year, when I play those teams, I’m trying to make everyone pay. I want to make them look bad, because they made bad decisions, period.

“I should have been on somebody’s team, period. I got a big chip on my shoulder. I want to embarrass them, these teams, these corners, these guys I’m battling against. It’s all I want to do, to win, compete, battle my butt off, make these teams look bad. I put it in my head. I got a lot of work to do.”

Pryor spent much of last September and October on the workout circuit. Among the teams that tried him out but didn’t sign him are the Giants, Patriots, Jets and Seahawks. He was cut by the Chiefs and Bengals — as a quarterback, his original position — in 2015 before the Browns claimed him on waivers in June 2015 and Pryor decided to dedicate himself to becoming a wide receiver. He was cut by the Browns last September but brought back towards the end of last season.

Thus far, that looks like one of the best personnel decisions the Browns have made in years.

“[Teams] were cutting me for bums at quarterback, guys with no reason to be on the team over me,” Pryor said of his position switch. “At the end of the day I know what it is. It’s a lot of politics. So I knew I was playing the politics game and it wasn’t working out in my favor, so I might as well try to do something different.”

60 responses to “After being cut in favor of “bums,” Pryor hasn’t forgotten teams that passed on him

  1. Terrelle Pryor, KNUCKLEHEAD.

    It was politics? Nope, Pryor sucked at QB. Just because Pryor is more athletic, doesn’t make Pryor superior and everyone else a bum.

    What it actually means Terrelle, is that you are a bigger bum as a QB then these guys.

    32 NFL teams said Pryor was a bum at QB, that’s why he’s a WR now and what amounts to what a 4th string QB on the worst team in football.

    Terrelle Pryor is delusional.

  2. 160 yards of total yardage and now this kid is a self proclaimed superstar? He’s getting plenty of touches but only because Coleman is hurt and Gordon is still suspended so he might want to slow his roll.

    Appears that Chad Johnson’s brief mentoring sessions had an affect on somebody…..

  3. Maybe the Dolphins were just not prepared for him because, you know, never saw him playing at WR before. Let’s see how things unfold from now on.

  4. Giants fan here. Love this guys versatility. Wish we saw it, but not surprised.

    What’s shocking is that New England didn’t. This guy fits the mold they seem to like up there.

  5. This is a classic case of…….but I was QB for The Ohio State University……gotta give him credit though, he has put a lot into making it. I’m still not sure he has made it yet

  6. The funny thing is, Pryor’s current head coach (Hue Jackson) didn’t want him with the Bengals last year, either. Is TP gonna make Jackson “pay” too? Sheesh. Dude has one good game and he’s already yapping. I’d hate to see what he’ll be like if he has a great season.

  7. Guy who has turned the corner, actually changed, gets it?


    Guy who is in a contract year putting in extra effort to get paid and go back to where he was?

  8. He is correct about bums. The NFL needs to make sure players with pasts that include Drug charges, Gang arrests,
    Mental issues with violent actions, or Domestic violence
    etc are not eligible for the Draft.
    Players that violate the Drug policy should get a full season
    Perhaps then this game just might have players our children can look up to as heroes, Players like JJ Watts and many others.
    Players like Greg Hardy have no place in this game that does so much to mold actions for our kids like it or not.

  9. Was wondering how New England passed on this guy……………yet now I know. His mouth is big and they probably saw something in his attitude they didn’t like. Good luck to him but he seems like the kind of guy that’s going to complain when he doesn’t get enough attention or passes his way in the future.

  10. Just when you were thinking good for him his perseverance was rewarded he has to start talking the talk after only walking the walk once. And that against a Miami team that wasn’t prepared for it. Guy needs some marketing advice

  11. So until recently he refused to play any position, other than QB, and was cut numerous times…… and now he is going to get even by changing positions, which most of these teams tried to convince him to do before cutting him?……BRILLIANT!

  12. Raixders gave him every chance to switch positions. So did Seattle. It wasn’t till he was cut AGAIN that he finally realized everyone else was right. Sit down Terrelle….it wasn’t politics, it was you being a stubborn fool.

    BTW, your team is still 0-3.

  13. Instead of criticizing the teams that decided he didn’t fit on their roster, he should be thanking them for the opportunity.

    He was given plenty of snaps and opportunities to show what he could do while with the Seahawks in the pre-season and they even allowed him to play his preferred role at QB. They decided to go with a veteran backup instead.

    Instead of crapping on the teams that gave you a chance, try being grateful because if they hadn’t you would surely be in canada or playing baseball with Tom Tivo.

  14. Evidently Mr. Pryor lost at least part of his prior memory. Hawks wanted him to play receiver… HE REFUSED. QB or nothing he roared. Thus, they released him.

  15. I know some people hate when players speak out, but is he wrong? You can’t tell me that he’s a worse QB than Matt Barkey, Drew Stanton, Matt Moore, David Fales, Chase Daniel, Sean Renfree, Zach Mettenberger, Tom Savage, Dan Orlovsky, Aaron Murray. This rag-tag bunch of QBs are not better than Terrelle Pryor, but yet he can’t get even a back-up gig over them? He wasn’t so terrible as not to deserve a chance. 5 of 32 back-up QB’s are Black, and 7 of 32 starting QBs are Black (I included Mariota).

    I’m glad he’s fired up. All he needs to do is back it up. Follow up last week’s performance with more hard work. Sadly, Black QBs still get a much shorter leash than their White counterparts who have accomplished much less, but thankfully he has the athleticism to catch on at another position.

  16. I always thought Pryor would have been a really good WR. I remember watching him as a Freshmen at Ohio State play Texas in the Sugar Bowl. They had a play where he lined up at WR and they through a fade to him and he went up and got it. It’s only one play, but he looked like a natural going up and getting the ball. I understand him wanting to try and be a QB, but his talent is best utilized as WR.

  17. Sounds like he’s not very happy about being in Cleveland.

    Let’s face it Pryor, they are the only team bad enough to actually need you.

  18. wow some of you cant read he never said he was a superstar hes saying he had more talent then some of these journeymen qbs they signed and at wr on a team that is complete garbage especially at qb hes thriving pretty well i cant blame him for feeling he needs to prove those teams wrong

  19. Pryor completely outplayed Tarvaris Jackson in Seattle & got cut because Tarvar is Bevell’s pet project. I don’t blame him for being angry.

  20. I wish the Hawkes would have figured out a way to get him a wide out position. The guy is a baller athlete. Maybe he’s a legend in his own mind.

  21. I liked Pryor when he was with the Seahawks and I thought he did pretty dang good as a backup QB. But, that’s preseason, and preseason isn’t a good indicator. Coaches gave him his shot and he didn’t maximize his opportunity.

  22. Glad to see he is putting forth the work in switching positions and not running off to play baseball like some other bullheaded piece of work who wouldn’t listen to the suggestion of switching positions…

  23. People hating on TP are jealous that their team didn’t pick him up. Listen to his interviews. He seems like a pretty humble dude, just insanely competitive. The Browns put him in a place where he’s more likely to succeed, and you rip them, both team and player. Had the Browns passed on him, you’d rip the team for NOT getting him.
    The Browns are on the way up. Get over it and move on. Nothing to see here… YET.

  24. Idiot who said Seattle gave him a whole pre season to make team when indeed what they really doing was saving Wilson and teaching their defense to deal with Coppernick type players that year. Eagles did same thing with Tebow. Let him play whole preseason to tune up defense and then cut him after last preseason games when other teams could have used those opportunities to latch on to another team.

  25. For those of you bad mouthing Terrell Pryor as a quarterback guess has the longest qb run from scrimmage on an NFL team ever. Its 93 yards and no one is going to touch it for years to come.

  26. Pryor would’ve found a permanent roster spot on an NFL team much sooner if he hadn’t been so stubborn/delusional about refusing to play any position but QB. It was only AFTER he woke up to reality that he got his real chance.

    I could say that Tebow should also wake up to reality if he wants to play in the NFL, but that’s not Timmy’s real goal as he’s earmarked for a career as a politician anyway.

  27. Thus far, that looks like one of the best personnel decisions the Browns have made in years.

    Maybe the only one

  28. I sure hope Josh Gordon has his head on straight. I’m anxiously waiting to see Gordon & Prior line up on opposite sides of the same line.

    Now, if the “analytics” could just find us some O-line guys who can actually block.

  29. For those of you bad mouthing Terrell Pryor as a quarterback guess has the longest qb run from scrimmage on an NFL team ever. Its 93 yards and no one is going to touch it for years to come.

    Too bad a QB’s job is throwing. How many passing yards did he finish with that game? Oh that’s right, 88.
    Yes, that’s right. 88.

  30. You mean keeping Pryor is a better decision than cutting Johnny Football and trading their punter away this offseason? The Browns are 0-3, and Johnny Football was the winningest Browns QB last season.

  31. The fact that he’s saying these things out loud tells me that the word on the street in Oakland was true. He’s as dumb as a sack of hair. Couldn’t learn the playbook as a QB.
    Nice kid, but not bright.
    Pretty good receiver so far, though.

  32. If you think Pryor is too vocal , how about Joe Namath and Jim Mc Mahon , both who had huge egos, not to mention thousands of other baseball, hockey and basketball players who did the same. Give the guy a break. If he was on your team you would be bragging about him. Too many complainers from men who live in your mom’s basement. You youngsters need to look up Sam Huff , Dick Butkus or Fred Williamson to find other players beating their chests or bragging vs their old teams. Bet you would have called them aggressive and competitors. . Stop the nonsense. Enjoy your weekends.

  33. Wait a second….you’re not seriously arguing that they shouldn’t have cut Manziel are you?

    You mean keeping Pryor is a better decision than cutting Johnny Football and trading their punter away this offseason? The Browns are 0-3, and Johnny Football was the winningest Browns QB last season.

  34. loved to watch this guy at OSU but a couple of games in NFL and make teams pay please….hue jackson didn’t want him last year, hell the browns even let him go. he should be greatful to whoever talked him into being a WR instead of payback other teams. you sucked as NFL QB.

  35. bigswifty74 says:
    The Browns are on the way up. Get over it and move on
    They are 0-3. That hardly seems like a team “on the way up”.

  36. All of you people saying Hue Jackson didn’t want Pryor last year are ridiculous. Hue was the Offensive Coordinator, an offensive coordinator on a team like the Bengals where their HC has been in place for years and the owner is also a GM.

    When it came down to constructing their 53 man roster, it was Brown and Marvin who were calling the shots, not Hue.

  37. Terrelle Pryor will always be able to hang his hat on being the last pick of the late great Al Davis. It was his refusal to play any other position besides QB, that made the Raiders let go of him. Wonder what if Tebow would have the same willingness to play something else besides QB what kind of career could he have had.

  38. surprised the Pats missed this guy. Maybe he couldnt grasp the offense just like his mentor Chad or maybe there was off the field or attitude issues. Not a Browns fan so not sure what kind of offense they are running but seeing as how they’re on the tenth quarterback in three games, I’m guessing its pretty vanilla.

  39. Most of the time it has little to do with your own talent. Things like I have three hurt DT’s and two limping Guards and then it becomes a numbers game. Sure you maybe more talented than a #5 WR but he’s been here two years and knows our Offense already. A good coach got in his ear and convinced to take it personally. Hey Terrelle you hadn’t done anything…..they weren’t watching you!

  40. I love these guys who’ve been told since they were six or seven how awesome they are at football, were big men on campus in high school and college, went to college for free because they were good at a kid’s game….and nobody believes in them.

    u4iadman says:
    Sep 28, 2016 3:36 PM

    BTW – Brady is just a system QB
    Agreed. The system is called football.

  41. Wow…I’m glad he got a 2nd chance and had a great game last week but pump the brakes!

    Jonas Gray ran for 199 yards and 4 TD’s against the Colts a couple years ago and pretty much never played again – I’m honestly not sure if he’s even in the league now?

    Colin Kaepernick looked great the year SF went to the Superbowl – now he’s Blaine Gabberts backup. Blaine Gabbert!

    Maybe wait until you string together say…a 5 or 10 of these performances before you start talking about “making people pay?”

    Also – didn’t your team LOSE that game?

  42. The Raiders wanted him to switch to WR but Pryor told them “he couldn’t catch”.

    You don’t want to see him at QB for the rest of the year.. I promise that…

  43. mikeanthonymirabella says:
    Sep 28, 2016 4:39 PM

    For those of you bad mouthing Terrell Pryor as a quarterback guess has the longest qb run from scrimmage on an NFL team ever. Its 93 yards and no one is going to touch it for years to come.
    Who cares about running, QBs throw the ball!

  44. i saw him run against the steelers on the very first play from scrimmage a 96 yard run going untouched coast to coast for a early 7-0 lead…what a game he ended up with 114 yards on the ground and 57 in the air…all though we didnt have Cooper or Crabtree back then we still had Darius hayward Bey as our home run threat.

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