Ryan Allen boots way to AFC special teams player of the week

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During the Patriots’ 27-0 win at home against the Texans last Thursday night, the Texans didn’t make it across midfield until the third quarter was almost up.

The Patriots defense deserves a lot of credit for that, but their effort got a big boost from the work of punter Ryan Allen. Allen put six of his seven punts inside the 20-yard-line over the course of the game and posted a net average of 47.6 yards per kick for the night.

That made him the choice for AFC special teams player of the week and part of an effort that got praised by coach Bill Belichick after the game.

“Tremendous, tremendous. Field position was phenomenal,” Belichick said. “It seemed like they had to go 90 yards every time they had the ball.”

Allen’s gross average was also 47.6 yards, so there’s some credit that has to go to the punt coverage team as a whole for consistently pinning the Texans deep in their own end.

9 responses to “Ryan Allen boots way to AFC special teams player of the week

  1. Special team play was huge in that game. Allen not only pinned them with directional punting and placement but his hang times were phenomenal.
    The kicking game was a big part of our post game tailgating discussion but I have to admit we all thought that no one outside of the people at the game would recognize it any way.

  2. “r8danation says:
    Sep 28, 2016 9:55 AM

    That was a snub to Sebastian Janikowski from Oakland. Seabass broke an All-Time record for most 50+ yard field goals in NFL history.”

    What part of “of the week” do you not understand?

    Kicking one field goal in the week does not equate to best performance OF THE WEEK?

  3. Great to see the Pats special teams back near the top, where they usually are. Last year was a bad year. I just hope they can coach CJones into holding on to the ball. He’s an electric returner, but it’s getting to the point where they can’t trust him back there. Putting Edelman or Amendola back there isn’t worth the injury risk.

  4. The last Houston fair catch of a punt at the 4 yard line was just stupid. Who calls for a fair catch at the 4? Just get out of the way and let it either bounce into the end zone or in the other direction. Even if it did make the end zone, Allen had a great game.

    Ideally, Edelman and Amendola would not be returning punts. Both are really good at it, but the injury risk isn’t worth it. Unfortunately, Jones is a fumble risk on every punt and that forces Amendola into that role.

  5. “Mangini knew that Patriots coach Bill Belichick recorded defensive coaching signals in violation of league rules”,

    THIS is the biggest lie of them all. There has NEVER been an NFL rule that denied teams the right to film other team’s signals during a game. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The truth is, the league office sent teams a memo limiting WHERE teams could place the cameras to film opposing teams signals. Not a rule that was never passed by the competition committee. And yes it was as stupid as it sounds, and probably why BB ignored it….much to his regret.

    I repeat. It has NEVER been against league rules to film other teams signals. So the statement above just shows how little the general public really knows about what ACTUALLY happened. And how much his little molehill has turned into a mountain.

  6. Stat boys are weak puke.

    I agree he didnt have the best week, but Jano deserved mention. It is the coolest record in kicking.

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