Texans place J.J. Watt on injured reserve

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J.J. Watt is done for at least half the season.

The Texans announced today that Watt, their superstar defensive lineman, has been placed on injured reserve. Under NFL rules, the Texans could either put him back on the active roster in eight weeks or shut him down for the entire season.

Watt had offseason back surgery and injured his back again on Thursday against the Patriots. The Texans have not said how severe his latest injury is, but the fact that he’s on injured reserve indicates that it’s serious.

The three-time winner of the NFL’s defensive player of the year award, Watt has never missed a game in his NFL career, but will miss his first game on Sunday.

51 responses to “Texans place J.J. Watt on injured reserve

  1. They probably did him a solid. It will help him heal up and keep him from talking his way back onto the field. Unfortunately it will not stop him from talking everywhere else

  2. Wish him the best and hope he can get back to his original form.

    That being said – came back way too early.

    In the words of Ricky Watters “For WHO? For WHAT?”

    Might have happened anyway but racing back for the start of the season so soon after herniated disc back surgery made zero sense when looking at the big picture.

  3. I am not surprised, this was totally foreseeable. He had the surgery in late July, and returned to practice less than four weeks later. No orthopedic surgeon who is remotely competent (and even those who are grossly incompetent) would ever, ever recommend that timetable.

    In other words, even Dr. Nick from The Simpsons would have told J.J. that he was coming back too soon.

  4. I actually heard a clown on the radio this morning saying he’s the most overrated player in the NFL.

    Not only does today’s hot take media have a short attention span but some also have a short memory too.

  5. i feel like watt’s entire career comes wasted with the texans. hopefully he’ll get to the superbowl at least for a great talent as he is. best of luck!

  6. Bad back is the worst possible scenario… it has made beasts of men like Larry Johnson (NBA LJ) into shells of their former selves. Watt didn’t look like himself in the game against the Pats so you could see this coming.

  7. I have a herniated disc so I’m familiar with back problems. What he and Romo are going through is no joke. It’s amazing how happy a person can be simply because you can walk without pain. He probably came back too soon but I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a bad back and then have a bunch of mammoth offensive linemen beating on you. He’s fun to watch. I hope he gets back to 100%.

  8. So is this going to blamed on Thursday games?

    Not really enough time to rest between games when next game is on Thursday.

    I would rather NOT have any games on Thursday except for Thanksgiving.

  9. Watching him chuck tires with bad form on Hard Knocks was the first indication he may need help. Back injuries are no joke, especially for a defensive end with his type of power. He needs to consult Dr. Stu McGill. Just my two cents.

  10. eagleswin says:
    Sep 28, 2016 11:53 AM
    Tony Romo should pay attention to this

    He is…..He came back too soon last year, but rest assured, with Dak holding the fort down this year, he won’t come back too soon!! This is Tony’s team AND he will be back 😉

    Sure was nice to read the comments for JJ, which most were fairly nice! Would have been nice to have gotten the same courtesy when Tony went down 🙁 🙁
    Get well soon, JJ……Only evil people cheer when a player gets severely injured!

  11. indywilson40 says:
    Sep 28, 2016 11:22 AM

    We feel your pain Texans. We lost Trent Cole yesterday, so we can relate. Lol
    Trent Cole being compared to JJ Watt? Trent Cole was very good in Philly…in Indy…not so much! Indy defense was bad before he got there, bad while he was there and bad while he’s on IR.

  12. It’s a shame neither he nor the Texans allowed his body to fully recover. The same exact thing happened to John Sullivan last year and his new Washington team will soon discover he isn’t the same player after his second back surgery.

  13. That sucks for him and the Houston fans.

    Makes me wonder about all this cross training. Lifting weights, flipping tires etc, not to be done frivolously. Once your back is screwed, so are you. I know from personal experience having compression fractures in L1 & l2 at 22 years old, 40 years later, still paying the price.

  14. So now is it about :

    Is JJ on 8 week or Season Ending IR?


    If it is 8 week…Do we all start the push for him to come back too soon AGAIN?

    And if he comes back again this year….FOR WHAT?…

    so that he can be a non factor and risk injury AGAIN?

    that sounds awesome….

  15. This is terrible news for a guy whole really got it. Having back surgery is something I can relate to. I’ve just had my third lumbar fusion three weeks ago and let me tell you. It hurts big, and recovery is a true bitch. I am a lot older of course than J.J. But playing professional football after back surgery….I can’t even imagine. I wish golf were in my picture of the future, but maybe not. But doing what he does ? I wish him luck, seems like a great kid.

  16. An amazing talent to watch. Great work ethic and community service. He rubs some people wrong and I understand that too. Still, I hope he makes a full recovery, but even at best, his back unfortunately is probably going on be a problem of sorts for the rest of his life long after his football days are over.

    If he never plays another down or never plays at a top level again, I’d still vote for him for the Hall of Fame if I had a vote. Gale Sayers made it with only 6 years in the NFL.

  17. “Watt didn’t look like himself in the game against the Pats so you could see this coming”

    What?! What?! How exactly did he look different than he ever has playing against the pats?

    His stats over his career have been truly impressive, its clearly bad news for the texans and good news for (most) of their opponents but,

    he has been nothing more than “jj not” in any game he as ever played against the pats. Just try to prove that wrong based on any statistical information on any game he has ever played against the pats.

  18. The Texans need to fire the team doctor, whatever executive who OK’d Watts to practice and then play and the head coach for not speaking up and saying NO to anyone who would listen when there was even a hint of him playing 8 weeks after having a disc removed from his back. The level of incompetency on all levels is unbelievable. Any first year orthopedic resident would have told you it was impossible to start an NFL game 8 weeks after that surgery, I can’t believe they let him practice just 4 weeks after it. He will be lucky if he ever suits up again and plays a meaningful game.

  19. jonwill57 says:
    Sep 28, 2016 12:30 PM
    Trent Cole being compared to JJ Watt? Trent Cole was very good in Philly…in Indy…not so much! Indy defense was bad before he got there, bad while he was there and bad while he’s on IR.
    Um, it was a joke. I realize Trent Cole is terrible.

  20. I hope that we get to see JJ healthy again. One of the great defensive players ever, his career should be a long thrill ride for fans. Get well, man.

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