Byron Maxwell on benching by Dolphins: “It doesn’t matter.”

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Cornerback Byron Maxwell being benched was one of several lineup changes the Miami Dolphins elected to make prior to Thursday night’s game with the Cincinnati Bengals.

In Maxwell’s place, the Dolphins started second-year cornerback Tony Lippett instead.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Maxwell said he was told early in the week that he would not be starting against the Bengals. He ultimately didn’t end up playing a snap – on defense or special teams – joining Matt Moore and Dallas Thomas as the only Dolphins not to play.

So what was his reaction to the decision?

It doesn’t matter,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell said it didn’t matter if he was angry about the decision or not either.

Lippett unsurprisingly struggled against one of the premier wide receivers in the league in A.J. Green.

Green caught 10 passes for 173 yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins as Lippett was frequently the target of Cincinnati’s attack.

Miami acquired Maxwell via a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason and he started the first three games for the team before being sat against the Bengals.

26 responses to “Byron Maxwell on benching by Dolphins: “It doesn’t matter.”

  1. For a team that’s struggled for decades, that’s the kind of competitive fire you like to see.

    Thank you Mssrs. Ross and Tannenbaum.

  2. “It doesn’t matter”- could this be why the Dolphins never seem to be getting any better? A certain coach in the AFC East (hint-BB) would have this guy on the first Uber out of town if he heard that attitude from a player or coach. On a winning team Everything Matters!

  3. Byron hasn’t cared about much since he signed his contract and he won’t care until the guaranteed money runs out.

    That said, would he have been worse against Green than Lippett?

    Anytime he did a short crossing route he was completely uncovered.

  4. My guess is Maxwell did something that gate wasn’t proud of so he used the approach of we’re not going to play you at all. And if we win that shows we don’t need you and if we lose, you hurt the team.

    Clearly was the former because whatever you say about Maxwell there’s no way you don’t play him at all and leave Lippet out there to get demolished unless he did something.

  5. I’ve grown so use to these bad off season moves by the Fins, I am numb to the pain. In fact, I wonder if I am still a fan anymore as I am indifferent to whether they win or lose.

  6. Good for Maxwell. That seems to be the most mature response. Because in the end, the only one who benefits from him giving a negative response is the blogger who asked the question. And I guarantee that he has no interest in Maxwell’s best interest. Case in point: the posted blog title infers Maxwell doesn’t care whether he was benched or not. Maxwell never said that. But as the blogger only cares about clicks, he frames the response to appear as just another immature rich kid shooting his mouth off in order to trigger a rash of clicks by readers frustrated that today’s players don’t appear to appreciate the opportunity they have. And these writers think of themselves as journalists – what a bunch of posers.

  7. now you know why eagle fans were so glad howie got a draft pick for the kiko and byron show.

    and dolphin fans have to wonder how everyone in the philadelphia area knew these guys can’t play, but the dolphin front office didn’t…..

  8. Another good move from the Eagles FO in dumping his ass. Byron Maxwell + Kiko Alonso + DeMarco Murray = CARSON!!!!!! CARSON > all of the above and then some.

  9. Another bum that was indirectly part of the bounty given up for Carson Wentz. Day by day the sacrifices given up for Cool Carson weren’t much of a sacrifice at all.

  10. We had this guy in Philly, and he was never the same player after he got the big $ contract.
    Because he only cares about the $$, it doesn’t matter…but hey is that really so wrong ? Isn’t that all these Greedy NFL owners care about too ? I call it justice, but as usual Fans Suffer…

  11. You Philly fans seem to be grouping Kiko in the mix as part of a bad deal. We got him for under $900K. He has played VERY well. So, thank you!! Yes, Maxwell is a bum and he will be cut with no further obligation from the restructured deal. The Dolphins actually lowered this year’s salary to $8.5M and then it balloons to $13.5M over the next 2. He will never see it. So , in the end the Dolphins traded out Grimes ($13.8M) for a cheaper Bum that gets beat by the same large frame elite WRs. No harm done. Good riddance.

    I agree with Gase! Get this team cleaned up and start over. The year is not lost, but it does not look good either, so lets’ start the House Cleaning now.

  12. I am a fan not an owner so I don’t care how much something costs. Grimes was a Pro-bowl corner. We have no corners now. I want to see a good football game. if we are cutting the budget, lose Suh and Tannehill too. We will be way under budget and will still be last defending the run like we are with Suh. Let’s cut the walking wounded too. They aren’t playing so lets save the money! Forget about winning or even being competitive. Lets save a sh..load of cash for an owner who lives in New York!

  13. dolphincritic says:
    Oct 1, 2016 8:15 PM

    … and will still be last defending the run like we are with Suh…

    What are you talking about???

    I only looked at the most recent loss, but the Dolphins gave up 77 yards on 37 carries.

    That’s 2.1 yds/attempt.

    btw, Kudos to Coach G. for benching the cancerous players. First J’W James, and now Maxwell.

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