Ryan Tannehill on Dolphins offense: “One of the worst performances I’ve seen.”

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The Miami Dolphins gained 81 yards and scored a touchdown on their first two offensive plays of the night against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Their offense then went into hibernation the remainder of the night. They gained just 141 yards the rest of the night, averaging just 3.4 yards per play on their final 41 plays of the game. Ryan Tannehill passed for 189 yards with a touchdown and an interception, and had a lost fumble as well as the Dolphins lost 22-7 to the Bengals.

“One of the worst performances I’ve seen from our offense in a long time,” Tannehill said.

Through four games, the Dolphins are averaging just 17.8 points per game offensively and have a minus-5 turnover ratio. They rank 27th in points per game and 23rd in total offense.

“We have to get it fixed soon and by soon, I mean Monday,” Tannehill said. “It’s gone on too long. There’s no more excuses, no more waiting, it’s got to be important to everyone who steps on that field and we have to get it fixed right now.”

Tannehill is in his fifth season with the Dolphins. And yet, the same type of mistakes and errors show up way too frequently. As Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald notes, Trevor Siemian of the Denver Broncos passed for 312 yards and four touchdowns against the Bengals just four days ago in his third career start. And Tannehill, in his fifth season, is still remarkably inconsistent.

The play of Miami’s offensive line certainly didn’t help Thursday night in Cincinnati either. Regardless, the Dolphins have to be much better offensively and have to figure out some way to improve to remain competitive this year.

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  1. Tannehill, the owner and everyone in their front office is garbage. Ross really is the worst owner in sports. He couldn’t hire anyone decent on the football side or the business side for this team if his life depended on it.

    Incompetent from top to bottom.

  2. It amazes me that there are still Ryan Tannehill defenders out there. How much more do you need to see to accept the reality that he’s not a franchise QB? I found it hilarious in the hiring process in the offseason that apparently one of the conditions Stephen Ross had was that the new head coach had to be committed to Tannehill. Ross either has a mancrush on him or Tannehill has incriminating photos of him. Either way, the Dolphins aren’t going to be relevant until they get a real franchise QB. And Ryan Tannehill is not that. 5 years is more than enough time to make that assessment.

  3. Maybe, they should switch Tannehill back to his more natural position of WR.

    He’s the Jay Cutler of South Beach.

  4. “One of the worst performances I’ve seen from our offense in a long time,” Tannehill said.

    In case you don’t know yet, it’s a QB driven league Mr. Tannehill.

  5. Is it a “long time” from Sunday to Thursday? This offense has been under performing for years. They have tried to make Tannehill what he’s not. An elite quarterback
    If Tannehill was a stock, there would have been an SEC investigation and class action lawsuits by now. Read his scouting report out of A&M. Everything listed as a strength like pocket presence and football IQ, has been his weakest points.
    The only way to survive him under center is to have a killer running game. So logically you get rid of Lamar Miller.


  6. He’s a converted receiver, he never developed the ability to read defenses or feel and avoid pressure in the pocket. He’s a fine athlete but looks like a fish out of water when he’s under center.

    Trying to fit a square peg, or one that’s simply worn out, into a round hole for many years
    has left the Dolphins with gaping holes throughout the roster.

    At least they have some big names for jersey sales if not much else and it doesn’t seem that the owner genuinely cares for much more than that, so I suppose it’s all good.

  7. Yeah… & it all starts with the QB play….
    So I’m guessing you were commenting about yourself there when saying it was worse performance he seen…

  8. The dolphins offense went completely off the rails and that can’t be blamed solely on injury.

    After opening the game playing to their strength, they went into a shell.

    run, run, 3rd and long, punt. It was very sad. It’s like they couldn’t process that running 2 out of every 3 plays wasn’t working.

    It also seemed like the dolphins didn’t have a safety valve on most passes. Maybe he was just covered that well but it seemed all the receivers were deep most plays.

  9. It won’t get better, not Monday, not in 2 weeks, not this season…or next

    It’s called the curse of Chipwood…The Dolphins mire in mediocrity for 43 years…just an inept organization.

    What was Ross thinking bringing in Tannenbaum????

  10. As bad as the offense was he was no better and its year 5. Time to move on from him. Quite honestly, the Dolphins will have a top 3 pick and Tannenbaum will most likely take a Guard.

  11. Tannehill is the least of the dolphins problems – the team has done a terrible job building around him – offensive line is a joke. Defense isn’t much better outside of Alonso.

    Remember though that they would of been 2-2 if Still caught that pass vs. Seattle in week 1 when he was wide open but he was more focused on kneeling.

    Tannenbaum is a terrible gm/personnel person.

  12. At this point the glaring draft/free agent needs are…..


    For QB, I would rather pick from free agency than draft from this next crop of college players. I really want that RB- Flournette out of LSU. That dude is a stud RB.

    I will say I did love the spread formation for the 1 TD we had. They could have stuck with that or something similar with a hurry-up offense. That would have kept the Cinci. defense flustered all night……..BUT NO…………

  13. all the Tanny apologists will come on here again, but reality is that he never deserved the starting job and the Phins should have been signing 2 QBs per year every year…

    it took Belichick FIFTEEN YEARS to find Garropolo and the Phins just kick back on Tannehill?

    ridiculous…. Tanny was never the guy, not even close

  14. Remember everybody? Tannehill was Mike Shermans idea to draft, as I recall even that boob Philbin didn’t want to draft him- so even Jeff Ireland should get some thanks too for bringing him to town & starting this mess!

  15. The Dolphins gave Turnoverhill a $100M contract prior to the 2015 season, i am still stunned!!!
    You could have payed minimum wage for a QB and gotten the same or better results.
    Then again Tannenbaum gave Sanchez $50M so why am i surprised?
    Tannenbaum = Franchise destroyer

  16. Before we go calling Tannehill a sub-par, ineffective QB, you have to look at Gase’s “system” first, right???

    You could plug any QB in that system and they wouldn’t do well. It’s not Tannehill.

    Remember–QB success or failure is not about the individual’s talent or lack thereof–it’s always the system.

  17. ikeclanton…..I do agree up to a certain point. Just plain physical talent and “Intangibles” play a big factor as well. Tannehill does not have good instinctive pre-wired talent to be a starting QB in the NFL. Batted balls, flustered if too long in the pocket. he has some decent #’s…….sometimes. But where are the “W’s”??????? Excuses are done in my book. I would have no problem benching him and putting Matt Moore in. Matt was courted during the off season in Free Agency. I can comfortably say he will/can do no worse than Tannehill.

    Also, Tannenbaum is (as stated above) a franchise killer. So we got him from the Jets. What great thing(s) did he do there??? NOTHING!!!!!!!

    I say we go begging on our knees to Jim Harbaugh. Give him total control and get out of his way.

  18. I was being sarcastic actually. My point was derived from any successful “system” quarterback comments. If the team wins and the system is the reason, the qb gets no credit, so the facetious comment I made was to propose that it isn’t Tannehill that’s the problem, when he absolutely should share some of the blame. He’s like a lot of qb’s in the league to me–flashes of great play/decisions, but inconsistent.

    The realistic answer on both sides of the argument is that the eyes can tell the story. we obsess over statistics too much.

  19. the kid never has time to throw the ball.
    just consider this- since 2014, their 3 best offensive linemen- Albert, Pouncey and James, have played in 7 total games together.
    in those games RT had a 103 QB rating, 5:1 TD/INT and was 6-1.

    is he a great QB? probably not. but this line has been horrendous his entire time in Miami, and doesnt allow him to play his best.

    ps has anybody spotted a TE in Miami???

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