Dez Bryant makes the trip to San Francisco

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Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant isn’t expected to play tomorrow, but he’s not ruled out yet.

Bryant made the trip to San Francisco for tomorrow’s game against the 49ers, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

It still seems extremely unlikely that Bryant will play after suffering a hairline fracture near his knee last week against the Bears. Reports have indicated Bryant will probably have to miss at least a couple games.

But the Cowboys aren’t ready to make that official just yet. He’ll at least be in the stadium, and we’ll have to wait until 90 minutes before kickoff to see whether the Cowboys make him active.

6 responses to “Dez Bryant makes the trip to San Francisco

  1. Cowboys are the best 8-8 team in modern history. Somebody send Jerry a trophy….that case hasn’t been opened in so long, nobody remembers where he put the key.

  2. If I were a Niner d-back and Dez was on the field, I’d go straight for his fractured knee and try to turn that hairline crack into a compound fracture. That’s how I play fantasy football. That’s what’s wrong with football today. The best plays are now considered dirty. Bunch of wussies.

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