Jim Irsay wants to find the right owner for a team in London


If there are any London-based billionaires with an interest in American football reading this, please give Jim Irsay a call.

Irsay, the Colts owner whose team plays in London tomorrow, said at an appearance there today that he’s hoping the NFL will have a franchise in London. And Irsay thinks the key is getting the right owner in place, someone who understands both American football and the European market.

“That’s my goal as an owner, to find the right owner and the right team to come here,” Irsay said, via George Bremer of the Herald Bulletin.

The NFL is serious about building the sport in London, with many owners believing the league is as popular as it’s going to get in the United States and will need to grow overseas if it’s going to keep growing. But there are many logistical challenges to putting a team in London permanently, as opposed to just playing a few games a year there. The right owner will have to work through those challenges to make it work.

102 responses to “Jim Irsay wants to find the right owner for a team in London

  1. Move your team there, it’s not as if you haven’t moved it before. Only the owners want a team in London, fans don’t even want games played there.

  2. Richard Branson.

    The London Virgins!

    But Sir Richard wold have nothing to do with Mssrs. Irsay, Jones, and maybe a few others in the club.

  3. “That’s my goal as an owner, to find the right owner and the right team to come here”

    His goal as an owner is to generate as much cash as he can from whatever source he can find and continue to take from that poor cow until it is giving nothing but powdered milk.
    If junkie jimmie is involved in the search for the ‘right owner’ they will probably end up with a European version of Haslam.

  4. Jesus Christ, can we please stop this globalization crap while are game is suffering right here in the states?

  5. .
    ” If there are any London-based billionaires with an interest in American football reading this, please give Jim Irsay a call. ”

    Additionally, If you’re a street rat with high grade pharmaceuticals, please give Jim Irsay a call.

  6. Keep it up, NFL. Go ahead and put a team in London if you want your ratings to continue to decline.

    Name me another professional sports league in the world that has teams from two completely separate continents on it. There are simply too many logistical challenges and it disrupts the routines of the teams.

    Also- you won’t compete with soccer over there. Fans show up now because it’s a novelty but if you make it a permanent fixture you will quickly find that soccer wins that battle.

  7. If they play games in London, they should play on Tuesday, before a bye for the away team and the home team should play 4 straight home, four straight away, to ease scheduling problems.
    Tuesday Night Football, Live From London!

  8. Well anyone who is still looking for the single magic bullet that has resulted in the decline of interest in all things NFL, need look no further.
    This proves that it is a slow death by buckshot scattered near and far.
    Can you imagine, Irsay is the designated emissary of the NFL owners to find the ideal owner of a London based NFL football team. What’s he going to do – go to The Carvern Club in Liverpool and tell everyone he was responsible for bringing the Beatles back together, oh by the way, anyone want to buy an American NFL football team?
    He is considered more of a joke in England than he is here. Somehow I don’t think he will be coming back with a list of mames.

  9. If he wasn’t born rich, he’d surely be dead by now. I’m sure nothing he says is taken seriously by the other owners. Also,
    I just can’t see a London franchise working, the logistics are too much.

  10. London and/or Edinburgh MAY work, MAYBE. But I’m telling you trying to export the NFL to Europe in general isn’t going to work.
    Why not open a franchise in Toronto or Mexico City first?
    For European teams, it makes no sense and does the teams no justice to travel that far (and that goes for either team, home or away). At a minimum establish the NFL as a brand and desired commodity there first before establishing a team, and a few sporadic games played there over the course of a few years isn’t doing that.
    This is a fool’s errand.

  11. This is most likely my last season that I’ll pay the NFL any attention. To those that say “Yeah, right.”, I’ve already taken the steps of re-painting my office that was in my team’s colors to something neutral. And that is just one example off the top of my head showing disdain. I’ve literally just had enough…

  12. The sad truth is that you need more than one. 32 teams creates balanced conferences and divisions.

    Adding one team rips that up.

    2-4 new teams guarantees division realignment.

    My thought is take the top 12 teams period and not crappy division winners like Irsay’s teams

  13. Irsay actually did say something intelligent. It would take the right owner and the right team to succeed in London. Whether or not that person/team exists is the big question. The logistics of games would be a major problem for every game. I could see the London franchise being 8-0 at home and 0-8 on the road every year.
    I would suggest that the Patriots execute the move. Kraft is the GOAT owner, has the GOAT team, greatest business acumen ever seen in the world, and, the kicker, is owner of the franchise closest in location to London. That closeness would enable all the Pats fans to travel weekly to London to support the team. It would be the best of all worlds for that move to be made.

  14. Remember when people thought the words “smart” and “rich” went together?

    Good times.

  15. Incredibly bad idea brought to you by the same geniuses whose policies caused TV ratings to plunge. There’s still some novelty to London games here (Yank in UK) with different teams playing, appealing to different fan bases. Substitute a 2 and 14 loser team and it dies quickly. Especially as they’d be the modern equivalent of the ’50s Dallas Texans– who eventually became the Baltimore Colts. Traveling half the season on the road, the team’s performance is predictable.

  16. I think Josh Kroenke would be the logical owner for a team in London.
    The family has the money, the “juice” with JJ and Roger in their corner, a connection with the London market (Arsenal), and is feared by the rest of the owners.
    All Josh must do if figure out which current middle market team is ripe for purchase (you know who they are), and screw that city.

  17. Selfish, greedy owners along with their puppet Goodell. Hope they burn in he!!. They have each single handily ruined the game. Just couldn’t be happy with what they were profiting after all theses years. Greed kills faster than a bullet

  18. I feel as bad for Colts fans as I do for Cowboys fans. It has to be tough when your team’s owner is a blithering idiot who is a distraction for the team. Adding insult to injury, you get to come hear and read all the comments by people laughing at them and your team.

  19. So how many on the West coast will be watching tomorrow’s game in London? I’m not sure TV ratings are going to be all that impressive for London games.

  20. One thing a London based team will never have to worry about is hosting Sunday night, Monday night, or Thursday night game, including Thanksgivings Day.

  21. Jim Irsay wants to find the right owner for a team in London…because he had done such a swell job. with one of the greatest and one of the better QB’s of the NFL in winning championships…Irsay possesses all the instincts of a retarded Fido…

  22. dansardo says:
    Oct 1, 2016 9:17 AM
    He probably looked in the mirror after one of his binges and said ” not that guy”!

    Dude, he LOVES that guy. Outside of his dealer ‘that guy’ is his favorite person.

  23. he is so dumb

    jax is moving there and then kahn will lose his asz

    it will never sustain in london or europe

    with brexit, no owner will want to go there

  24. STL people, got to move on from the Rams going back to LA. It was never your team. You shouldn’t have taken them in the first place. You got what you deserved. Stop saying you were screwed. You had a chance to keep the Cards but you let them leave. You built a stadium designed in 1988 in 1995, so it was already outdated. You built it before you were awarded an expansion team, you were such mess of a city, they gave it to Jacksonville instead. You tried to steal the Patriots, Browns before Frontiere, ripped you off. Sour grapes, got what you deserved.

  25. oh one more thing, I wish the Rams would give you back the Super Bowl trophy from 1999, we don’t want it, and take those ugly uni’s too.

  26. Of all the asinine things that the NFL is doing lately, this is the most asinine, and that is really saying something. I have no idea where they think the demand for a London team is coming from. Other than a few greedy owners and execs, literally no one wants this to happen.

  27. I think the NFL should be more worried about its falling TV ratings and popularity in the good old USA. As one poster said, it would not go over very well, if the Queen & her country is disrespected at a London game!!!! I don’t think they would be quite so lax about their anthem & flag….

  28. There aren’t 3 decent teams in the league now (witnessed by the fact that the Patsies**** are undefeated with the deflator playing qb) let’s add another lousy team to a lousy league .

  29. This garbage is Irsay’s Payback to Goodell for instigating Deflate gate. The other owners want to have Goodell remain in the background until the smoke clears for his numerous transgressions. The owners still want to grab the European dollars, so Irsay appoints himself to step up as the surrogate.

  30. cardinealsfan20 says:
    Oct 1, 2016 10:24 AM
    Practically everyone making fun Irsay would trade places with him in a heartbeat. He’s independently wealthy and does exactly what he wants to do.
    You are only partially right. Most people would trade places with him provided we didn’t have e to be him. Why wouldn’t you want what he has.
    You are also correct in saying he is independently wealthy.
    However, by definition, in order to do what he wants to do, there has to be proof of sanity first. And that is not a charge he has been convicted of.

  31. Maybe they should start a new league altogether in Europe, then perhaps the league champ can play a game against the NFL’s worst team. Once the beat the NFL’s worst team, we’ll consider the next step. I’m not in favor of players, who have just played a game, sitting on a long distance flight for a very long time. I’m concerned about cramping and other related health consequences. I’d want to hear what some doctor’s have to say about the effects of sitting for a long period of time right after a game.

  32. LA Rams, LA rams, LA Rams…..best football season in over 22 years for us LA NFL fans, thank you Mr Goodell for giving us out team back.

  33. Cuban’s comments translation= I want to buy a NFL team but they won’t let me in their club so Im going to talk trash.

  34. creflowdollars says:
    Oct 1, 2016 9:23 AM

    I still want to know what players they think are in a rush to go to another continent. No way an overseas team can compete in Free Agency
    Spoken like a guy whose never been on an airplane.

  35. Well Toronto, perhaps you should have made it look like you actually like the sport of football over the years. No support for the game at any level translates into a franchise for London and no hope of a team in Toronto-EVER!!!

  36. kcchefs58 says:
    Oct 1, 2016 9:36 AM
    I don’t know why America insists on injecting themselves into other countries all the time.
    To Get Back at the Beatles and others that followed for the British Invasion?

  37. I don’t get it why football out of all the other sports America has. An American based soccer team over there makes a lot more sense.
    It’s dumb enough as it is that we send two teams out of states to go and play one or two games a year.
    This idea to have a team based there just makes it dumber.
    I guess Harry and Lloyd are real people after all who are actually running the NFL.

  38. kcchefs58 says:
    Oct 1, 2016 9:36 AM
    I don’t know why America insists on injecting themselves into other countries all the time.
    Gosh – what the answer be? I’ll take a shot at it:

    Protect our national security interests?
    Promote trade?
    Spread democracy?

    I know this is complicated stuff, but I think you’ll find it will come into sharper focus if you occasionally watch something other than ESPN.

  39. But will Kaep kneel during the singing of “God save the Queen”? That’s what’s really important in all of this.

  40. No joke, the women’s rugby gold medal game in Brazil was far more entertaining than any NFL game so far this year.

  41. The NFL better concentrate n keeping US fans interested in the game before they decide to expand to Europe. If the US fan loses interest, the foreign fan will do the same. They like it over there because we watch it over here. Personally, I am nowhere near as excited about professional football as I once was. I am sure there are many more who think as I do about the game. My son doesn’t even watch football anymore. My daughter is a casual fan. The NFL is in serious decline and doing themselves no favors or even trying to reverse the trend.

  42. returntoexcellence says:
    Oct 1, 2016 1:07 PM
    But will Kaep kneel during the singing of “God save the Queen”? That’s what’s really important in all of this.
    Kaep is waiting for an expansion tea in Iran or Syria.

  43. I don’t think the NFL can compete with EPL soccer even if it’s only one team and the league would have to prop up the tickets sales. Perhaps they do this already with low priced or giveaway tickets?

    I have come to appreciate the “boredom” of EPL soccer when compared to the NFL as it is without commercial interruption. For me the NFL games have been ruined by the constant game breaks.

  44. It’s a great idea to put a team over there. It’d be a huge success with sold out stadiums and increased viewership in Europe. As far as logistic issues. That’s simple. They’d just have to make sure that visiting teams have London games the week before their bye week. The London team’s away games should be 2 or 3 game away stretches so there isn’t so much travel. It’s not a matter of if, but when, the NFL puts a team in London and Mexico

  45. The NFL will never move a team to London, they are just trying to eek out as much cash from that market as they can by keeping them Intrested. To much travel involved, nobody any good would want to play there. At the moment you get a nice mix of teams in a one off game scenario. Also there are to many commercial breaks and stoppages for the game to really get big in Europe. How can you justify a 60 minute game with a 20 minute break take 3 + hours. This alone will turn of the masses off. I beleive the game has peaked in Europe and looks like it’s the same in the States, probably even levelling off.

  46. The other owners will take anybody whose wife is willing to buy a team. Even if no one wants to buy it, they’ll assign some poor crook like Haslim to sit in the chair.

  47. Why not spend the money on hiring decent officials here in the United States. The game is almost impossible to watch with bad crews outnumbering the good ones. First the NFL and TV outlets marketed big hits, and stuck their heads in the sand about the damage that was happening to players. Now we’re forced to watch the overreaction in the form of flags for three hours a game, AND, the officials are changing outcomes in the last two minutes for nonsense Goodell and his lawyers dream up in the off season. The game is in trouble. The officiating is arbitrary, and the result is a product that looks more like wrestling than football. While I don’t believe the refs are on the take, I do believe they have too many rules for their part-time brains to handle. London? Fix Jacksonville first.

  48. whywerule says:
    Oct 1, 2016 9:18 AM
    This one is too easy but what the hell…

    Irsay should be focused on finding the right owner and GM for Indy.
    Seeing the thread title, and not reading a word, that was my first thought too…No jive!

  49. Jim move your team there.. the colts stink!! now there handcuffed by lucks contract. the d is so bad team will never have a chance. it’s sad how greedy players get like luck, to the point the rest of the team suffers and the fans who pay inflated prices cause this greedy kid. I like and Luck is a stud of a player…

  50. “Tuesday Night Football, Live From London!”

    Yeah, because the one thing missing in the City of London is professional football that kicks off at 1 or 2 AM local time.

  51. Let the Glazer’s move the Bucs there
    The Bucs suck and that family owns Manchester United Football/Soccer them
    Manchester is North of London, a little over 2o0 miles

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