From 0-7 to 13-0

Getty Images

Throw out the first week of the season, I always say. Eighty-eight percent of the teams that start 0-2 are 0-2 for a reason, I started saying this year. For five teams that struggled out of the gates in 2016, their fortunes changed, quickly.

The Cowboys, Falcons, and Rams each lost in Week One. Since then, they’re a combined 9-0.

Washington and the Bills both started 0-2. Since then, they’re a combined 4-0.

That’s a combined record of 13-0 among those five teams after an 0-7 combined start. Which shows just how rapidly fortunes can reverse themselves for any NFL team.

The flipside is also true. The 49ers, Bucs, and Lions have followed 1-0 starts with three straight losses, each.

What’s the point? Momentum arrives and evaporates quickly for NFL teams, and no one is out of it until they are officially out of it.