Jim Caldwell: “Plan beforehand” was to play Golden Tate less

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In the first half of Sunday’s loss to the Bears, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford could be seen venting his frustrations on the sideline after an interception.

Stafford threw to where he believed a cutting wide receiver Golden Tate would be, but Tate kept running upfield. Tate didn’t play much from that point on in the game, although he did return to catch a late two-point conversion. Coach Jim Caldwell said after the game that the team came into the game wanting to get Andre Roberts more playing time when asked if Tate’s playing time dropped because of the miscommunication with Stafford.

“We wanted to give Andre a chance,” Caldwell said, via the Detroit News. “It was our plan beforehand.”

Tate said there was discussion of more playing time for Roberts, who returned a punt for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to give the team brief hopes of a comeback win. He also took blame for the interception.

“Just a silly mistake on my part,” Tate said. “That cost us three points. It’s tough. That can’t happen in this offense. This team expects more out of me, so I’ve got to be on point.”

Tate had one catch for one yard Sunday and has 13 catches for 94 yards overall.

17 responses to “Jim Caldwell: “Plan beforehand” was to play Golden Tate less

  1. You can also bench that 1st round bust – the TE with the mouth but no game.

    He cost the team much more than Tate, and that is saying a lot.

    Time for a new coach that will demand discipline from these clowns…


  2. I wonder… what was the plan for the rest of the COMPLETELY MISSING OFFENSE… missing adjustments… missing coaching adjustments???

    This is a clueless coaching staff, period.

  3. How is Caldwell still employed? A fortunate win against a bad Colts team and then three pathetic losses where they either folded late of were no shows and looked completely unprepared to play. Caldwell is a disaster when it comes to getting the team ready to play.

  4. BTW… what does that even MEAN….

    …We wanted to give Andre… A CHANCE?

    A CHANCE? Seriously? Well… MISSION FAILED as seen by another L. There is no other way to read it.

    When will the acceptance of these ‘almost’ victories end?

  5. Looks like injuries are really screwing the Lions on D. The offense looks good — except for that Ebron guy.

  6. I hope that ONE touchdown that made no difference in the outcome of the game was worth all of the other potential points we lost the dozens of times Roberts’ tactic of trying to return every kickoff lost.

  7. Jim Caldwell has a job because he is friends with Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy.

    In the NFL that means a lot more than actual ability to coach, communicate with your players and get them ready to play. As long as famous ex-coaches and players put in a good word for you, an NFL owner will be star struck pretty easily.

    Caldwell had a colts team that relied on Manning way too much–got them into the playoffs and lost at home vs the NY Jets. The Jets were trying to make a comeback and running out of time, and Caldwell called a timeout for something very silly. He had no idea by doing so, he helped the Jets get set for the next plays that lead to the game-winning field goal.

    The next year, Manning hurt his neck, And Caldwell as part of a full on house cleaning.

    As an OC Caldwell as done good work. But when he wins too much, he gets offered head coaching jobs. Clearly, it is too much for him.

    It does not help that the Lions, knowing they would likely lose Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh, opted to take Eric Ebron instead of Aaron Donald.

    Star defensive lineman just don’t come around too often. Donald is a gem. Ebron is usually hurt and has not lived up to any expectations. But unlike Jace Armaro and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, at least he is STILL ON the Lions. For now.

  8. Everyone asks how Caldwell has a job.

    Seriously? You all KNOW why he has a job but no one can say it.

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