Matt Ryan, Julio Jones make history


Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan accomplished the rare feat of throwing for 500 yards on Sunday. Falcons receiver Julio Jones accomplished the even more rare feat of generating 300 receiving yards on Sunday.

Together, they did something unprecedented. Ryan and Jones were the first teammates to throw for 500 and catch for 300 in the same game, according to the NFL.

Eigtheen other players have thrown for 500 or more yards in a game. Norm Van Brocklin set the record 65 years ago, with 554. Five other players have 300 or more receiving yards in a game. The record of 336 was set by former Rams receiver Flipper Anderson in 1989.

The more impressive accomplishment for the Falcons is that, after losing badly at home to the Buccaneers to start the season, Atlanta has won three in a row, with an average of 42.667 points per game.

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  1. Cam Newton played waay over his head last year. Never was an accurate QB. Like “1captain1 said above…lets see how the Falcons do against Denver & Seattle the next 2 weeks.

    Meanwhile…Carolina is now 2nd guessing their assessment of needing/paying Josh Norman

  2. Blah blah blah the eternal moving target…..

    Falcons have yet to face a good defense ! 500 yards throwing by Ryan and 300 yards catching by Jones …later , on a supposed good defense in Carolina. ( #keeppouting)

    Now it’s… but the Falcons haven’t faced Denvers defense ! Or wait until Seattle !

    How about how are they gonna stop the Falcons?

    You can’t win with the pundits and haters , just keep winning Falcons it will sort itself out!

  3. What exactly was Cam thinking going straight on with a defensive player right at the goal line?? No body lean, no dive, no preparation for impact…. I’ve never seen a franchise QB do that before. And dude was what?? a LB or Strong Safety????

    That was like target practice….Oh well, Falcons thumped that squad.

  4. Either of our QBs will light up the Atlanta defense. Matt Ryan will not have the time or results of today. Same for Julio Jones. Giod thing he got 309 yds today. It will make his two game average of 175 yards look good.

  5. “Make History?”
    Slow down, this isn’t the Treaty of Versailles.

    My kid’s not going to learn about this in history class.
    “OK honey, did you memorize the presidents? And Julio Jones top 10 games?”

  6. Geez, this game makes the Vikes’ win over the Panthers last week look pretty damn pedestrian. It at least confirmed what I thought last week: Olsen and Kuechly sure do whine alot.

  7. Not the Panthers year I think.

    Still, I can’t be mad at Cam and company. He made the Panthers a 15-1 squad with John Stewart, Ginn Philly Brown, and Devin Funchess.

    Maybe the Panthers have that “Super Bowl hangover” this year, but Cam isn’t gone for good yet.

    Also, this season is young yet….

  8. Falcons’ offense entered this season with a pro bowl receiver, pro bowl QB, pro bowl RB, pro bowl fullback, and pro bowl center. Why should any of this be a surprise?

  9. Didn’t they start last season at 5-0? And then …
    Not hating – just saying hold off on all the glory talk. Now having said that, I LOVED it.

  10. Place this embarrassing display of pass defense at the feet of Dave Gettleman, who like to play genius behind a plate of Bojangle’s and Krisp Kreme.

    How long before he catches on, that you need players to win games? Plus, as teams submit plays each week to the league office, showing questionable plays, this team has volumes of bad plays on Cam, that never seem to get addressed. Now he’s hurt again.

  11. Ummm, to all the folks saying “wait until they see so-and-so’s defense”…Carolina had the #3 defense in the league before Sunday. Cam has always been a sham. As long as things are going smoothly, he’s a real team player. Any amount of adversity and he folds like a cheap suit.

  12. CBS Sports’ assessment of my Matt Ryan pick in the 6th round of my fantasy draft:

    “….you mixed in some duds as well, the worst of whom was Matt Ryan, taken 90 spots ahead of what his suggestions suggest”.

    Thank goodness I didn’t trust the “experts”!

  13. With the rules so heavily favoring offenses and the passing game, in particular, a receiver like Julio Jones can destroy a secondary single-handedly if he has a competent quarterback throwing to him (which Jones does).

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