Raiders escape Baltimore with a win, improve to 3-1



The Raiders have proven they can play some defense, as needed.

And now, if they hadn’t already, they proved they’re a legitimate team on the road.

The Raiders escaped Baltimore with a wild 28-27 win, their third road win of the season. Their only loss was at home against the Falcons, and that result looks different after the beating Atlanta just gave Carolina as well.

Derek Carr threw for four touchdowns, three of them to Michael Crabtree as the Raiders continued to show they have as dependable a passing game as there is in the NFL.

The Ravens had only scored four touchdowns in winning their first three games, but caught fire in the second half, looking like an actual NFL offense themselves.

With Terrance West giving them a run game and veteran wideout Steve Smith with a 52-yard touchdown pass, the Ravens took the lead late.

But Carr looked so poised in moving them downfield, hitting Crabtree for the game-winner.

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  1. Great slugfest today, the Ravens are one tough team.

    What a job by the Raiders, they’re way ahead in their rebuilding schedule.
    They’re already a very good team.

    Derek Carr, Karl Joseph, Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, David Amerson all are very young and have tremendous talent. Crabtree was an excellent addition to the WR core, just awesome.

    They have won all 3 road games and all of them have been in the east. The Raiders have already travelled more miles than 7 other teams will travel all year.

    The Raiders are back.

    Just win baby.

  2. Nice to see the Raiders win another on the road against a pretty good (or at least decent) team in the Ravens. The D played okay early on but very poorly in the 3rd/4th quarters but on the final Baltimore drive they did well in keeping them out of FG range. I have to say that I’m very impressed by Crabtree, especially since I feared that he’d let up this year after the big contract. And putting aside Washington’s fumble – which almost lost the game – the Raiders’ running attack is immensely improved so far this year with Washington & Richard providing effective breaks for Murray. That’s key because getting 1st downs on the ground keeps up time of possession and results in less time on the field for the Raiders’ defense.

    Next week’s game against the Chargers is a potential trap – and that’s the first time in many years that a game could be called a trap FOR the Silver & Black. If they can win again then they’ll be in good shape for when they face the Chiefs in a few weeks.

  3. I wasn’t ready to anoint the young guns Carr and Bortles because of noticeable flaws in them last year, with Carr namely that 2nd half he had. He’s bounced back nicely to begin this year and again looks like he’s arrived, and he’s doing it largely without Cooper tearing it up like he did early last year. Raiders need to get their rushing game in gear though.

  4. Cory James played great all day. Crabtree is THE MAN! Raiders winning on the road and D improving every week. Can’t wait for next home game. Go Raiders!

  5. I think the Raiders have a promising you team with good talent on each side of the ball, but that “Defense” that ended up stopping the Ravens on the last drive, DID end up giving a TD, and the lead before. It just so happened that Mike Wallace was so excited about doing something since he left the Steelers he drew a couple of flags in celebration and taunting.

    I can’t say the Raiders would have been stopped without the penalty, but they certainly didn’t need any help.

    The Raiders are at the point in the team’s growth, were losing close games the last season or so, and are now learning how, and starting to win them, and could be turning the corner be a double digit win team the upcoming seasons.

  6. It’s Derek not David Mr. Bart Scott and Tony G. How do they not prepare before a game? Smh CBS get it together. But yeah, Raiders are pretty good.

  7. Believe the hype. A lot of people, especially those east coast people who haven’t been paying attention may be surprised but this has been building. A ton of talent on both sides of the ball and a force for years to come!

  8. Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can my man Khalil Mack “buy” a holding call??? Good God man, they were holding him on virtually every down. Cory James is looking more and more like a starting inside backer.

    Now that the defense is starting to get it’s legs underneath themselves, nice to see the Raiders string some wins together. D.J. Hayden scares the hell outta me though. He’s not progressed in 4 years and they really need to find an alternative to him.

    Probably closer than it should’ve been but a win is a win…on to tha next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. John Harbaugh costed the Ravens this game.

    Instead of a 4th and 6 from the Ravens 30 yard line he accepts the penalty, 3rd and 16. Raiders convert and score a touchdown a few plays later.

    Ravens should have won by 3 but instead lost by 1.

    Way to go Harbs….

  10. Raiders finding ways to win games they would’ve lost in recent years. This team could easily be 0-4 but they’re learning to win.

  11. I caught a little of this game and the Raiders offense looks impressive. Their defense needs a bit of work, but they’re getting close to becoming a top tier team. I actually kind of like Carr he’s very poised, strong armed, and intelligent.

  12. gbatap says:
    Oct 2, 2016 4:54 PM
    Raiders finding ways to win games they would’ve lost in recent years. This team could easily be 0-4 but they’re learning to win.

    You make an excellent point. The other side to that coin is that they could just as easily be 4-0 as well, but at the end of the day, hard to be mad about a 3-1 start which they haven’t had since the year 2000!

  13. Thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest on that last drive by the Ravens. I will repeat an earlier post in stating that the Raiders are winning games this year that in recent years always found a way to lose. I am so impressed with the young talent on this team(even Hayden is looking good-never thought I would say that), and what an addition Crabtree has been-who has better hands than Crabs…


  14. The if’s and maybes need to stop. Carr is the real deal and by far the best quarterback from the 2014 draft. And I actually believe he’ll prove to be the best of the last 5 years.

    It isn’t pretty, but fact is the RAIDERS are beating teams. Fasten your seat belts the NFL better watch out Oakland is coming

  15. The Raider OL did a great job protecting the pocket. Carr did a great job trusting and feeling the rush. The receivers did their job. Hopefully TE’s Smith and Wafford are okay. They really help to move the ball. Murray has been to slow to the line. His quickness and reaction at the line leaves a lot to be desired. He seems to have lost a step from last year. Washington and Richard are going to keep him on the sidelines.

    The defense looks good. The Raiders (both on offense and defense) fell asleep there late in the 4th. Glad they switched it on after the Ravens too the lead.

  16. What a game by Carr, Crab, Mack and James!

    Mack was definitely a force throughout the game. Nice to see him get a notch on that column.

    Rookie James looks promising.

    Never count out Carr and Crab.

    Good thing Rivera was active for the game. Hopefully nothing serious with Smith and Walford

  17. The only thing I know from this game is the Refs could have thrown a flag on pretty much every offensive play against the Ravens O line for holding…..what a joke, but prefer that Refs just stay out of the game… the w, but Raiders are still young and learning how to finish and put team’s away……until then gotta get all stressed out until the final plays…..still take the “W” anyway.

    Go Raiders!

  18. The schedule, as usual, hasn’t been kind. But winning those early road games has to be a confidence booster for such a young team. Getting James and Joseph in the lineup seems to have helped, although the defense did fall asleep against the run after halftime. Looking forward to getting Edwards back.

  19. raiderapologist says:
    Oct 2, 2016 7:59 PM
    The schedule, as usual, hasn’t been kind. But winning those early road games has to be a confidence booster for such a young team. Getting James and Joseph in the lineup seems to have helped, although the defense did fall asleep against the run after halftime. Looking forward to getting Edwards back.

    Can you imagine getting not only Edwards back, but somehow getting Aldon Smith back as well?……….Scary thought, though Aldon may have dug a whole he can’t get out of. If he get’s reinstated…………….oh boy.

    What I like is the improved secondary play. Joseph should have been in from game 1, but he’s their now and he mixes it up nicely!!!! Cory James needs to be the starting inside backer and in my opinion he’s made Malcolm Smith and Heeney expendable.

  20. As predicted, Mediocre Joe would come to earth (he of the 21st ranked passing attack) and the one-trick pony Wallace would revert to form (a whopping THREE yards!). The kind part of the schedule and time to revert to reality.

  21. easternshoresfinest says:
    Oct 2, 2016 4:41 PM
    John Harbaugh lost this game for the Ravens. Also, I’m now starting to believe what people from Chicago say about Trestman.


    He did a pretty good job in 2002 with Gannon but then again Gruden was the coach.

  22. Hey Raiders fans. Congrats on the win but don’t get too excited. Our offense stinks to high heaven. A Division III defense could stop Trestman’s schemes.

  23. Congrats to the Raiders, good win. Your O line held up much better which I think was the difference in the game. Despite all the ways the NFL has changed, the trenches are where it is won or lost.

  24. guitarkevin, agreed, Trestman is horrible. It also doesn’t help to have a QB that bounces a 3rd & 10 pass 3 yards before the open receiver.

  25. Yo Crown. When you have a unit that doesn’t believe in the system, you have a world of problems stem from that. Penalties, missed assignments, you name it.

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