Rams move to 3-1 in 17-13 win over Cardinals

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The Rams looked terrible in the first week of the regular season in a 28-0 loss to the 49ers.

They haven’t lost since, though, and they join the Seahawks as NFC West teams with 3-1 records after a late score lifted them to a 17-13 victory over the Cardinals. Brian Quick caught a four-yard touchdown pass from Case Keenum to put them up 17-13 late in the fourth quarter and linebacker Mark Barron picked off Drew Stanton a few plays later.

Things weren’t quite over and the Rams’ penchant for drawing personal fouls handed the Cardinals 30 yards that moved them near midfield before the clock struck 12 on their hopes of winning when T.J. McDonald picked off a Hail Mary in the end zone.

Stanton was in the game because Carson Palmer went off with a concussion after being sacked by Aaron Donald and Eugene Sims. The injury came at the end of an up-and-down day for Palmer, who found great success throwing to John Brown but also turned the ball over twice in a game that the Cardinals should rightfully feel was there for them to win if they’d made fewer mistakes.

They didn’t, though, and they now sit at 1-3 in a season that started with far higher hopes. They’ll be in Santa Clara on Thursday and they host the 1-3 Jets in Week Six before hosting the Seahawks on a Sunday night. Getting to a point where they can hope to start rattling off wins will take better ball control — David Johnson also lost a fumble — and a better job on defense of limiting big plays through the air.

The quick turnaround to Thursday night could make Stanton the starter for Arizona against the Niners.

The Rams couldn’t get Todd Gurley on track on the ground at all, but Case Keenum was 18-of-30 for 266 yards and two touchdown passes to Quick. The first Quick score was a 65-yarder that Quick broke after a short pass and the Rams also hit big gainers to Kenny Britt and Lance Kendricks to keep their lack of a run game from biting them in the behind. It also helps that Donald was a continuous presence in the Cardinals backfield, recording his first 1.5 sacks of the year and forcing a fumble in the process, and that Tavon Austin ripped off a huge punt return to set up the winning points.

They’ll host the resurgent Bills next Sunday and then head to Detroit and London for a date with the Giants before a Week Eight bye that they hope finds their first year in Los Angeles continuing to unfold like a feel-good movie.

49 responses to “Rams move to 3-1 in 17-13 win over Cardinals

  1. mongo3401 says:
    Oct 2, 2016 7:49 PM
    Oh my better keep the sharp instruments away from the Cardinal fans. Let’s see who blames it on the Refs LOL


    You saying the refs called a perfect game??? If so, you should be drug tested.

  2. Looks like window has closed on Cardinals.

    The schedule gets a lot tougher based judging opponents on first 4 games.

    Despite his best efforts, Fisher may actually do better then 8-8

  3. Either the Rams are better than everyone thought or the Cardinals are severely overrated. Given the hype the Cardinals offense and defense had coming into the season I’m going to go with the latter. I hate Rex Ryan, but he at least seems like a coach players want to play for who would play for a guy like Arians who constantly throws people under the bus instead of looking at himself and say I screwed up and the execution as a whole was bad let’s prepare for next week.

  4. That nice start will mean nothing if they can’t sustain it. Four games in and the Rams aren’t sucking like so many said they would. Huh, one might start to think a lot of commentators on here are rank amateurs.

  5. The Cardinals were the most overrated team in football along with the Colts. Two teams people who follow football can see a pretenders.

    Palmer has looked shook since the end of the season last year. Their defense only gets pressure with exotic blitzes but leave huge holes in run and pass game while doing so. Bruce Arians ego is too big to make adjustments to his offense.

    Now Rams deserve respect because they sit on top of the NFC West thanks to a dominant defensive line. Look forward to seeing how this season unfolds.

  6. The Cardinals will go as far as Carson Palmer takes them. His performance the last two weeks pretty well sums that up…

  7. The Rams did everything they could to try and lose this game with 2 penalties on the long Keenum run and pass. I’m not used to this.

  8. Like the new named 2nd corner in the LOB……early season ballots are in….and this years possible participant with Seattle for division title…..the LA Rams??

  9. GREAT WIN ! All the so called “experts ” that said the RAMS would go 1-15 or worse can suck it LOL!!! If the whiners DIDDNT have an unfair advantage week 1. We’re 4-0 .but more than likely instead of admitting hey we’re wrong. They’ll come up with excuses for the cards LOL HORNS UP !!!!! Looks like it could be an awesome season .

  10. Ok calm down Rams fans. Was gonna come on here and deservedly rip Bruce Arians but first these rams fans are a little outta control. Get a QB to add to a great Defense and we’ll talk. On to Arizona. Who’s fault is this loss Bruce. Not your’s so who? This guy is the Rex Ryan of the west. One good run that resulted in nothing as far as hardware just hype and now he thinks he’s Vince Lombardi. It’s really too bad because Larry Fitzgerald deserves better than playing with overrated blowhards like Bruce, Peterson and the honey badger.

  11. 75 percent of the season to go, and Ram’s fans are acting like they’ve made the playoffs. Slow your roll Rams fans, as you’re sounding like you’ve not been there before….oh wait, you haven’t in an eternity…my bad

  12. I cant believe the Rams lost the 49ers 28-0. I will say this I was completely wrong about this Rams team. Sure they can finish 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 but right now they are 3-1 with Case Keenum as their QB. Everyone was calling for his job and Fisher’s head after that first game. However Jeff, Gregg Williams and Jeff’s moustache have the last laugh as of now. Really wish Gurley could get it going though.

  13. Just got back from the party…so who did Bruce throw under the bus this time? Was it Larry? I’m just waiting for him to throw Larry under the bus. Then I’ll know it’s over for sure.

    As a Seahawks fan I miss Jim Harbaugh and his quirky crazy antics. You loved to hate Jim Harbaugh and I couldn’t get enough of it. Posted in SO many articles about Harbaugh and the niners and it was always fun.

    Bruce Arians? You just dislike Bruce Arians…there is no love involved. Not even enough emotion about it to hate the guy…just dislike him because he never admits guilt and always names his players in tough times. Really hard to like a guy like that, let alone go battle on the gridiron for him.

  14. The Rams haven’t had a winning season since 2003. If their 1st season back in LA happens to be their first winning season in 13 years, that’d be one Heck of a coincidence.

  15. Food for Thought, to you “Experts”!!

    Now maybe, just maybe, all the arm chair experts around the United States including most of YOU READERS/POSTERS and most of all NFL ANALYSTS can sit back in your recliner and re-kindle all of your analyzing of the Rams week one game, signing the Rams off as utter trash, worst in the league, etc, etc, blah blah blah

  16. You Keenum moron haters shut up now and go kiss his ass now. He is 6-2 as Rams starter dating back to last December. He performed a super bowl Russell Wilson Elite performance today. Go watch his rushing and escaping sacks out of pocket mobility.

  17. How about this NFL season. Truly the craziest first 4 weeks ever. Wentz is killing it, the Rams looked about as bad as a team can look week 1 then reel of 3 in a row, the Cards and Panthers are 1-3, the Bills beat the Pats in GILLETTE, I mean what else is this season going to bring.

  18. Should tell you something about the way the organization ran the team in STL. TANKED IT ! Not the players . They wanted no fan interest in STL . Motive and excuse to help move the team. The NFL and the Rams organization are just slime.

  19. The LA Rams are on their own. Five minutes after their third straight improbable win, Bleacher Report publishes an article calling them pretenders. Eh? Oh I get it, porous secondary (yet scored two interceptions in crunch time), Gurley is still bogged down (yet imagine when he gets loose?) and sorry arse Keenum is still QB (but Goff getting ready!). Media “experts” aside, the season is played in four quarters and the Rams just crushed the first one. Well done.

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