Steelers pouring it on, up 22-0 on Chiefs


The only time the Steelers seem to be going backward is when they’re penalized for celebrating too much.

Antonio Brown’s second touchdown gave the Steelers a 22-0 lead over the Chiefs, and his dance is the only thing the quibble with about their performance at this point.

A week after getting embarrassed by the Eagles, they’re giving it back to Kansas City, which has already made a number of big mistakes.

From an Alex Smith interception (which was nearly taken back for a touchdown) to a Spencer Ware fumble to Knile Davis taking a kickoff in the end zone, running sideways for 30 or 40 yards and ending up at his own 2, the Chiefs seem helpless tonight.

It’s early yet, but there are no indications the Steelers are prepared to let this one get any closer.