As to Dez Bryant, David Wells knows “where all the bodies are buried”

If there was any doubt regarding the significance of David Wells to the efforts of the Cowboys to keep problems relating to receiver Dez Bryant and others under wraps, there should be none whatsoever in the aftermath of a lengthy look at the renowned “fixer” from Kent Babb of the Washington Post.

The recently-published profile contains a quote from Wells that meshes with the concerns raised by PFT when Bryant tried to drag Wells into litigation between Bryant and Texas State Senator Royce West.

Babb happened to be with Wells when Wells became aware of the lawsuit, which accused Wells and West of taking advantage of Bryant for monetary gain. After initially trying to laugh it off, Wells turned serious, according to Babb.

“I got where all the bodies are buried,” Wells said. “Do you really want to [expletive] with me? I mean, do you?”

It’s a very broad and ominous statement from Wells regarding a very broad and ominous arrangement between Wells and Bryant, the extent of which became public when a copy of the agreement between Wells and Bryant was attached to paperwork filed by West in an effort to secure the dismissal of Bryant’s claims and to obtain $500,000 in sanctions against him for allegedly making unsubstantiated charges.

The recent settlement of the lawsuit likely will keep Wells from pointing out “where all the bodies are buried,” as will his ongoing relationship with the Cowboys. At some point, however, Wells could be in position to tell some interesting stories — and/or to provide some interesting evidence that to date has remained out of the public view, thanks to the skills and abilities of the man who routinely is compared to Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction.