Brandon Marshall plans to “go down with the boat”

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Another day, another member of the Jets organization channels Micheal Ray Richardson.

Last week, coach Todd Bowles conveyed the spirit of Richardson’s all-time great sound bite. This week, receiver Brandon Marshall tracked it more literally when asked about quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“I’m staying in this ship with him,” Marshall told reporters. “Obviously right now, we’re all looking each other in the eyes, holding each other accountable, and pushing each other. At the end of the day I’m going down with the ship with him. I don’t like how any of us are playing. Myself, all of the starters. We need to pick it up and play better.

Asked whether the team should reconsider the quarterback position, Marshall got testy: “I am going down in the boat with Ryan Fitzpatrick. OK? You got it? So can you not ask me anymore questions about that? I am going down in the boat with number 14.”

Unfortunately, no one asked Marshall how long he’s willing to stay in the sinking ship, because that’s when the unintended Micheal Ray Richardson homage could have been completed. After Richardson uttered his infamous “the ship be sinking” line and after he was asked how low it can go, Richardson said, “Sky’s the limit.”

8 responses to “Brandon Marshall plans to “go down with the boat”

  1. I think the Jets have a solid general manager who is actually building this team and good at supplying the team with talent. I mean a late round pick for Ryan Clady and he is now playing lights out after a string of bad luck with injuries in Denver. Brandon Marshall was a great trade too. I don’t think he had no other choice but to sign Fitz because the team was surely not going to back Geno Smith, Petty or Hackenberg coming off that year with Fitz. But Bowles is in over his head he’s got a top 5 roster in the AFC on paper but he has ruined the Jets season by trying to be the smartest man in the room. Why hang Calvin Pryor out to dry at free safety against Jimmy Graham when he excelled at the SS position last year? Why was he making Revis give such a big cushion on his receivers in the Bengals game? Since the 2nd quarter of the bills game he’s played man and played the way he should be. Inept coaching on all fronts has doomed this team.

  2. He never went with the sinking ships S.S Broncos, S.S. Dolphins, or S.S. Bears so why would anyone be led to believe he would go down with the S.S. Jets?

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