Browns’ Austin Reiter expected to miss season with knee injury

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Browns center Austin Reiter started his first game on Sunday. It will also be his last game of the season.

Reiter is believed to have suffered a torn ACL and will go on injured reserve, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

The Browns were already down one center because Cameron Erving suffered a bruised lung.

After Reiter got hurt on Sunday, John Greco moved from right guard to center and rookie Spencer Drango took Greco’s place at right guard. That’s the line the Browns will likely go with now, as they continue to struggle to put together a lineup that can stay healthy.

10 responses to “Browns’ Austin Reiter expected to miss season with knee injury

  1. Ugh… Of course he’ll miss the entire year–he plays for the Browns. With that said, I thought the O-line played well yesterday. They opened up running lanes and gave Kessler time to throw. I’d really like to see how this team will play when healthy–it seems like they’re heading in the right direction, despite being winless. They’ve been in every game except for week 1 against the Eagles, and they’re playing hard for Hue.

    Or maybe I’m just a delusional Browns fan…

  2. If it wasn’t for bad luck, the Browns would have no luck. This team is and has been snake bit. Its just unbelievable. If your not a Browns fan, you have no idea of what they have gone through.

  3. Browns got shafted yesterday by the new female official. A fumble with the runner standing with the ball in his hand and she is looking at a pile up and declares the Redskins recover? And the ball wasn’t even in the like up? This is his Washington won that game. I have never seen a call like that in my life and booth says no reason to stop the game ? Bad

  4. I picked a great year to not get the Sunday Ticket. The Browns have
    0-16 written all over them, though I have a feeling they will screw up and actually win a game, maybe two. They are an absolute disaster

  5. I don’t know about “unspeakable”…since I’m sure the Patriot Trolls will do plenty of blabbering as always.

    At least the browns fans can use the same lame excuses as the Pats fans have used this week…

    ‘Congrats on beating a depleted roster and a 3rd string QB this week…”

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