Cardinals have confidence in Drew Stanton, for some reason


The Cardinals have all but admitted quarterback Carson Palmer’s out this week, after suffering a concussion last night with a short-week game against the 49ers on Thursday.

And though he gave little indication of why they should be, Cardinals players said they were confident in backup Drew Stanton.

“Two years ago when Carson went down, Drew did a nice job of coming in and winning,” wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “We have to keep playing. We have to keep fighting. If Drew is playing in San Francisco, we don’t know what the scenario is going to be but we’re going to be prepared.”

Fitzgerald was referencing the eight-game stretch when Stanton went 5-3 as starter after Palmer tore his ACL in 2014. Of course, that season unraveled when Stanton suffered his own knee injury and they had to use Ryan Lindley in the playoffs. In case you don’t recall, it didn’t go well.

But in the near term, Stanton hasn’t been as sharp, as he was 4-of-11 for 37 yards passing, with two interceptions in yesterday’s loss to the Rams.

“It’s unfortunate we’re coming off a short week but that’s the way this league is built,” Stanton said. “You have to be able to go in, especially somebody in my role.”

Of course, the fact they’re playing Blaine Gabbert and the 49ers might give them a boost of confidence, which they’ll take at the moment, as they’re stuck with the same 1-3 record.

20 responses to “Cardinals have confidence in Drew Stanton, for some reason

  1. Next season’s Cards are going to look a lot like they will in the next few weeks without Palmer.
    If this is Fitzgerald and possibly Palmer’s last effective year, the future is dim in Phoenix.

  2. The Rams had a 3 year window back in the oughts (2003-2005) before their major decline.

    The 49ers window was 3 years (2011-2013). After that, they fell apart.

    The Cards window should be 3 years (2014-2016). It’s a shame to see them falling apart early.

    I expected the Rams to come back around to being the major rival for Seattle in the division, but not before next year.

  3. Arizona’s little stretch of success is over. They invested in old players with a chance to win right now and the window just closed. Palmer had his best season ever last year and he’ll never see that level of play again…and he didn’t cash in on it either. And Arians knows it. That fraud will blame it on the players and have his bags packed for the next talented underachieving roster where he can look like a genius again. Take it to the bank. He’s probably already eyeing Chuck Pagano’s job.

  4. Chalk this up under “What else are they going to say?” ‘We’re screwed and we should pack it in now and call it a lost year’?”

  5. Boy….that was the fastest fan bloat and gloat I have ever witnessed. Hopefully all 7 of those Cards fans are heavily medicated because the perceived sincerity in earlier statements that Arians is a better coach than Carroll, Palmer a much better QB than Wilson, and their D better than Seattles……now must be realized as….not trash, but garbage talk.

  6. It does appear that we’ve lost our mojo…

    We can’t put points up this year and our defense is like a sieve, leaks everywhere. Special teams are a joke.

    We are moving into the rebuilding phase, unfortunately.

  7. They don’t have a choice. Just like they didn’t have a choice but to think Palmer wasn’t irreparably broken last January, which is obviously looking like not the case.

  8. He has got to love the Rams. They wreck Palmer every year. Only problem for Stanton? They wreck him too😂

  9. The real question is whether or not Stanton can block and throw the ball down the field to himself like Carson Palmer can.

  10. As I’ve been saying all off season, the Cardinals are soft and overrated. Seattle will run away with this division, Cards began to come apart when Seahawks destroyed them at home 36-6 in week 17. They are 2-5 since then.

    They will never recover from passing on Derek Carr, a perfect fit for their system, to take safety who can’t cover. The stupidest thing you can do is not tell yourself the truth and delude yourself as to how good you really are. Cardinals did that.

    Beardnals? Beardinals where are you!!!!???? Hello??

  11. Arizona was the trendy darkhorse pick two seasons ago when Palmer got hurt and limped into the playoffs. Then the sports media jumped on their bandwagon again last year but they flamed out again going into the playoffs. And yet again, the media had them as the top ranked team in all the power polls throughout the preseason and SB contenders even though they looked like they do now. The truth is that this team is exactly what they look like on the field. Capable of having some big games like they did vs the Bucs, but old and soft…overrated. Age is catching up with them. They gambled on Palmer and it was a win now bet that isn’t going to pay off. It didn’t payoff for Cincinnati, not did it work in Oakland. It’s going to cost Arizona big time. It’ll take years to find another qb while they waste the careers of players like Peterson, Honeybadger, Jones, Campbell, Fitz…sad. Meanwhile, a team like Seattle that has invested wisely, will continue going to the playoffs each year and competing for titles. Cards fans talked a big game the past two years and I only have this to say to you now (you know who you are): Bye Felicia.

  12. I wonder, based on the posts above, if fans of the NFCW start writing their obituaries 4 days after they get the flu?

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