Dirk Koetter “very concerned” about Jameis Winston

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Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston was credited with two turnovers in Sunday’s 27-7 loss, bringing his total for the season to 10 and leaving head coach Dirk Koetter with a heightened level of concern about the path the quarterback is on four games into the season.

“Very,” Koetter said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I’m very concerned. He’s not regressing, but we’ve got to take care of the football. I mean, we’ve got to take care of the football. We can’t turn it over three times in a half. We just can’t do that.”

Winston was 17-of-35 for 179 yards and threw a pair of passes that were intercepted by Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. After the game, Talib said the Broncos defense “knew we would have 5-to-6 opportunities today” to get interceptions because of how many chances that Winston takes trying to fit the ball into tight areas. Fellow corner Chris Harris had a similar take on facing the Bucs offense.

“We just knew he was going to force the ball to No. 13. We knew he was going to force the ball all day to Mike Evans and we would have the chance to come out with a couple of picks,” Harris said, via JoeBucsFan.com. “It was something that we was expecting. We played a great defense and he threw it exactly where we wanted him to throw it to. He just has to be smarter with the football. Versus a team like us, you can’t come out throwing picks like that. You can’t do that. They got to run the ball. They got to help him out.”

The Bucs talked last week about finding more balance in their offense, but they were still heavily slanted toward the pass on Sunday and the results weren’t good against a talented defense waiting for everything that came their way. Winston showed an ability to improve on the go last year when he turned the ball over eight times in the first four weeks and then giving it away nine times over the remaining 12 games.

A similar turnaround is needed this season if the Buccaneers offense is going to be a help and not a hindrance to the team’s chances of winning.

19 responses to “Dirk Koetter “very concerned” about Jameis Winston

  1. I got Evans on my fantasy team. So keep forcing passes his way in the end zone, but not so much en route to the red zone as he is being doubled all the time.

  2. I wouldn’t be too worried the defenses in that division are pathetic and he just ran into a buzz saw . Broncos are the best D/ team in the league. A lot of teams are gonna lose to the Broncos, Tampa should be glad it’s over with.

  3. Without Doug Martin, this offense is incredibly one dimensional. Against a defense like the Broncos have, if you come out one dimensional, they’re going to make you pay. Jameis looked like he was trying to win the game by himself and that’s a recipe for disaster.

  4. I am not saying that Winston is the next Brett Favre, but early in his career, Favre threw a higher number of interceptions. That was expected because he was a “gunslinger”. I think that Jameis is going to be okay, once the offense gets more balanced. Doug Martin is injured right now and, once he gets back, and gives us a more threat of a rushing game, he’ll be able to hold the DB’s with play action passes. I am more concerned about the defense. It is just not playing up to it’s capability.

  5. The game plan for the Bucs was bad! There was no running game the pass protection was bad and a game plan to attack the best secondary in football was even worst. The defense made Lynch look like an all-pro QB! Jameis Winston was trying to complete deep routes that he was not going to get against this defense. Dirk Koetter is not an NFL HC! It was a mistake to fire Lovie Smith for this clown. He put Jameis in bad situations all season this is still a young QB who needs to grow and learn the NFL game…

  6. One would think sooner or later Tampa will luck up and get a good HC and qb…

    Tampa’s qb: 17 – 35 completions, 179 yards and 2 interceptions… That is mediocre qb play!

    For a guy who overthrows receivers as bad as he does at times, you would think that the HC would not throw it as much…

  7. I wish I had a nickle for each time some announcer (they all do it) tells me how great Winston, or McCoy, or David, or Evans…. is (oh, and go back in time and listen to what they said about Josh Freeman, if you want a laugh).

  8. Remember when they fired Lovie for not winning enough games even though he had the team going in the right direction, and the players loved the guy, for the insider who pulled a Benedict?

    People got on me for saying it would be regrettable, well – they have 11 more games to get 5 more wins however the schedule doesn’t get any easier. And the two teams that have bad defenses, have amazing offenses.

  9. If Dirk failed as a HC in college common thought would suggest he would struggle or fail in the NFL. No hate just an observation ask Arizona State fans

  10. Not necessarily. Just ask Dallas Cowboys and Jimmy Johnson. Ask the Seahawks and Pete Carroll. Although it doesn’t happen often, it can happen in the NFL. As for Dirk, he has been an assistant coach at the NFL level long enough he knows how the game is played. I wouldn’t write him off after just 4 games.

  11. They’re right, he’s not regressing. He was an interception machine in college too.

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