John Harbaugh: We’ll see how it plays out with running backs

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The Ravens made a change in the backfield before Sunday’s game against the Raiders when they bumped Terrance West into the starting lineup and left Justin Forsett, who has been the starter when healthy since 2014, on the inactive list.

West ran 21 times for 113 yards, making him the first 100-yard rusher for the Ravens in nearly a full year. With rookie Kenneth Dixon expected back from an August knee scope in the very near future and Buck Allen on hand as another backup, that might lead some to think that Forsett’s spot on the roster could be in jeopardy.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn’t confirm Forsett would be sticking around on Monday, but he also said it was too soon to jump to conclusions about anyone’s role on the offense down the road.

“Justin Forsett is a highly respected, highly valued guy in my eyes and the eyes of all of us,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “It’s a competitive world that we’re in. It’s a competitive league, a competitive sport, and he knows that as well as anybody. It doesn’t diminish him in any way. It enhances him in terms of how you handle it. We’ll just have to see. All of those personnel things are all to be determined. You can’t say anything about where anything is going to go. You just don’t know. None of us have that ability to see into the future. So we’ll see how it plays out.”

Allen saw seven special teams snaps in the loss to the Raiders, but neither Forsett nor West have played a snap in the kicking game this season. Should the Ravens need a roster spot due to injuries at another spot, that would seem to make Forsett vulnerable since the Ravens aren’t likely to cut bait on Dixon at this early point in his career.

14 responses to “John Harbaugh: We’ll see how it plays out with running backs

  1. I never understood why Oz gave Forsett a deal following his good year. Its a prime example of paying for past performance.

    Anyways, the problem is Trestman, not the players.

  2. So why did they go through all the stuff about cutting him then resigning him? I wonder if he wishes he had signed with a team that wanted him and would have played him.

  3. RBs are incredibly de-valued today, unless you’re a top 1-3 in the league. RB by committee.

    He’s a great guy, great locker room presence, and is getting paid more as a leader of men than as a player. That’s needed in the early part of the season. With all the RBs getting hurt, if he gets cut, he’ll be re-employed in minutes. They re-signed him b/c they needed roster spots & all the other RBs (most at least) were banged up to start the season.

    If West can keep his head on straight (not a sure thing), Forsett is expendable. But, the staff needed to see if West could be counted on before letting Justin go. West does have the Cleveland stink to wash off…….

  4. Forsett is dancing, has no explosiveness and can’t break any tackles. He reminds me of Ray Rice in 2013. His Twitter feed is full of him talking about eating Popeye’s, no matter he can’t get more than 2.3 ypc. Nice guy, but I think he’s done here.

  5. No mention of the poor run blocking by the O-line here, but that has been a major contributor to the Ravens unimpressive run game.

  6. I think T West is looking good right now! That’s what matters! Running hard! Proud of Forsett for that late career surge, classy guy deserved to go down swinging as he is..

  7. I forget how spoiled we are – backup RB would start on most teams. Add in the nfl’s best QB, WR and RB, it’s an embarrassment of riches.

  8. Okay T West, you cleared the 1st few hurdles… now let’s see what you can do. Oh, and BTW, the biggest hurdle is coming up and his name is Dixon. He won’t be as easy as the 1st few, but you might just be able to do it if you keep running smart and hard. Good luck!

  9. Why isn’t Trestman getting benched? This offense is so anemic. To me , it is obvious no one on the unit believes in Trestman’s system. How else can you explain going into a no huddle offense and then commiting false start and motion penalties all day. Get rid of Trestman NOW!!!!!

  10. West had over 100 yards with a garbage OL. Wait until Stanley and Lewis are back. What’s that say about the Raiders defense. Ravens will be 4-1 after they beat the Deadskins. I told you their defense was elite and the Ravens would win the AFCN.

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