Jordan Reed makes history

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The headline from Sunday for Washington came from a win that evened the team’s record at 2-2. Embedded within the outcome was a significant accomplishment from tight end Jordan Reed.

As announced by the NFL, Reed made it to 200 catches faster than any other tight end in league history. Reed got there in 38 games; Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow did it in 39.

Jordan finished the day with nine catches for 73 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He has 207 receptions for 2,179 yards and 16 touchdowns for his career.

The knock on Reed hasn’t been his ability to produce but his durability. Since joining the league in 2013, he has missed 14 games. This year, he has appeared in all four games.

16 responses to “Jordan Reed makes history

  1. Until this article it had never really occurred to me that games missed didn’t count in stats like that. So, in theory Winslow could have reached that mark almost a full season before Reed even though it was longer in games actually played.

  2. I’m surprised he wasn’t injured again yesterday. He’s constantly spraining or pulling his mangina.

  3. Another fake “record”. Will he also break the record for most catches by a TE in 201 games and then in 201 1/2 games?

    I can’t watch ESPN because every show has some reference to a “record” for this or that that doesn’t mean anything. Give it up already.

  4. politiciansareallthesame says:
    Oct 3, 2016 10:39 AM

    With Gronk constantly injured, Reed is the best TE in the league


    The irony in this statement is pretty rich, especially given Jordan’s own familiarity with the inside of the infirmary.

  5. I we’re all looking at the discussion wrong. Rob Gronkowski is a demigod, not a tight end; Jordan reed is the best tight end in the league.

  6. It’s gotten to the point where I praise people who have not given in to lamestream media pressure and say Redskins. Just have Alper write anything about the Redskins as he’s the only one on PFT that’ll say it, we can all have it our way.

  7. Amazing he has done so well with the Redskins with the injuries and QB situation. He was solid yesterday against the Cleveland team.

  8. donterrelli says:
    Oct 3, 2016 10:13 AM
    I’m surprised he wasn’t injured again yesterday. He’s constantly spraining or pulling his mangina.


    Sorry.. Jordan Reed is one of the toughest guys out there. He’s had some concussion issues that would’ve ended careers but he’s bounced back from those and been a monster on the field. He plays with the hate and drive that 90% of the league needs to find. But yeah, berate him for being injured a few times. I see a guy who’s done a hell of a lot in spite of injuries..

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