Pete Carroll: 2016 Seahawks “have a chance” to be his best team yet

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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is never shy about expressing optimism. He’s been bullish on the outlook for the 2016 version of his team since the start of training camp as well.

After seeing his team go 3-1 in the first four games despite injuries to Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls and Tyler Lockett, Carroll’s hopes for this season haven’t dimmed in the slightest. Carroll believes this may be the best team he’s had in Seattle.

“There’s a chance,” Carroll said on Monday. “I think we have a chance to, because of the experience and great leadership that we have, the development and coming of age of the quarterback, we have our kicking game in order, there’s a lot of really good phases of our team that we can count on.

“…I’ve loved this team all along, I’ve seen it coming. Just the way they’ve gone about the work. We have a chance to be really good. We just have to go out there and keep doing it one week at a time and one day at a time and we’ll see where that leaves us.”

Carroll was excited about the group of players Seattle was bringing to camp with them back in August. Players such as Wilson and Kam Chancellor echoed similar feelings about their team as well.

They’ve managed to win three games in four weeks despite Wilson being injured for 14 of the 16 quarters they’ve played. Jimmy Graham has posted back-to-back 100-yard receiving games, the offensive line got Germain Ifedi back from injury this week and the defense looks as formidable as ever.

“I’m pretty fired up about our team right now,” Carroll said.

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2013 with a roster stacked with talent in part due to key pieces like Wilson, Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner and others being on cheap rookie contracts. Whether the 2016 Seahawks can match that accomplishment won’t be known for several months yet. Carroll wasn’t making any predictions either but he believes his roster this year has the ability to be the best he’s had yet in seven seasons with Seattle.

“That’s nothing to project what’s going to happen at the end of the year. I don’t know that,” he said. “But I do know what these guys have put into it. I know what these guys have put into it and how they’re approaching it and how determined they are and how the practice and how they’ve applied themselves. All—it’s everything we’re looking for. We’ll see what happens.”

27 responses to “Pete Carroll: 2016 Seahawks “have a chance” to be his best team yet

  1. NFL better hope he’s wrong.

    Wilson getting healthy.

    Graham getting involved.

    Lockette and Baldwin getting healthy.

    Rawls coming back.

    And quite possibly most important, line improving.

    Be afraid.

  2. You watch how bad Eli Manning looks out there tonight and you realize that it is all about the quarterback.

    Your qb has to be good or your team just won’t be.

    Russell Wilson is really good. The Seahawks will be a contender as long as he’s at quarterback.

  3. We will see what happens. All any franchise can hope for is to put themselves in position to win 4 games in the playoffs. Thank you John and Pete for putting together a team that has had that chance for the last 4 years and should have that chance for the foreseeable future.

  4. Truth.
    Vikings and seahawks nfc championship.

    Patriots and steelers afc championship.

  5. Seaturkeys have never won an NFC North/Central title and that’s just a fact.

  6. Graham gives Wilson a player who can win a contested catch on a regular basis, which is a luxury he’s never really had before.

    A fully-weaponized Jimmy Graham, along with the emerging Tyler Lockett and Doug The Pedestrian Baldwin, gives Wilson the most talented receiving corps he’s ever had. Get some people healthy over the timely early bye, give the line a few more weeks to gel, and these guys could start posting 30s on a regular basis.

  7. NFC looks up for grabs so far this season, and if the Seahawks are healthy they can certainly compete to be a SB threat. Operative word there being “healthy.”

  8. Let’s see….they barely beat a dreadful Dolphins team, lost to the “can’t score a touchdown” Rams, beat the horrible 49ers, and then beat a Jets team with a quarterback that is on pace for 40 interceptions. Yeah, amazing team there.

  9. Vikings Have 18 Division Championships says:
    Oct 4, 2016 12:22 AM
    Seaturkeys have never won an NFC North/Central title and that’s just a fact.
    Vikings have never won an AFC West title, nor have they ever played in the AFC Championship game. But the Seahawks have.

    And that’s also just a fact.

  10. Vikings Have 18 Division Championships says:
    Oct 4, 2016 12:22 AM
    Seaturkeys have never won an NFC North/Central title and that’s just a fact.
    It would be interesting to see how many titles we would have won had we been in that division, most likely more than we have won in the NFC/AFC West (Yes we’ve won titles in both conferences)….Oh and we’ve won a Superbowl. How many do the Vikings have…I’ll wait.

  11. Seattle has the best start in a long time. They’ve always been a slow start team. Wilson being injured in game 1 effected his ability to be effective in the Rams game. Trolls don’t account for that. Trolls forget their QB would likely have not even dressed up for that game 2 w/ the Rams, much less played in it while taking a beating from a young OL and a stellar Rams DL.

    You know, as an NFL fan, this could be a great place to hang out were it not for the childish 13 year old mentality of the trolls. Are these grown men making these unrealistic comments? They ruin it for everyone.

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