Report: Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham arrested for gun at airport


Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham has been arrested on a concealed weapons charge, his second arrest since joining the team this offseason.

TMZ reported that Bradham was arrested Sunday morning for bringing a loaded gun into Miami International Airport. According to the report, the gun was in his backpack when he sent it through the X-ray machine at security, where TSA workers discovered it. He told them he forgot it was in his bag, and showed them his concealed carry permit.

Via, the Eagles put out the usual statement saying they were aware.

“We are aware of the report regarding Nigel Bradham. We have been in communication with Nigel and the authorities regarding the situation. As it is a pending legal matter, we will have no further comment at this time.”

The TMZ report said it was clear to officials at the airport there was no criminal intent, but that doesn’t matter as much since he’s free on bond for a misdemeanor assault arrest in July.

“You don’t want that to be part of your legacy at any time throughout your career and it’s my first year here,” Bradham said in July of that arrest. “I just started and I definitely didn’t want to start out with that being in the news and everything.”

The starting linebacker signed a two-year deal with the Eagles this offseason, and has played 96 percent of their snaps.

31 responses to “Report: Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham arrested for gun at airport

  1. I can’t wait to see hypocritical Roger suspend this guy for four or more games after virtually ignoring Talib who just happens to play for the team he obviously has a huge man crush on. C’mon Roger, show your true colors. BTW, if the owners are keeping you around because you make them big money when do you figure you get the ax for the TV ratings falling, which in turn will turn the TV golden goose to rust? Not soon enough bud, not soon enough.

  2. Time to spend another billion to harass 99.98% of the flying public. Security at least at the outer perimeter of the airport would have prevented this horrible crime.

  3. Off the top of my head, the two dumbest things you can do in America in 2016 might be…

    1. Try to live the life of an incognito drug dealer/murderer while you’re an NFL superstar and local celebrity (hi, Aaron Hernandez)

    2. Bring a gun to a place where you know for a fact you expressly cannot have a gun, where you know you and all your things will be searched by people looking for guns, specifically, but not limited to… an airport.

  4. sportmigos says:
    Oct 3, 2016 3:11 PM

    unbelivable everyone defends Kaps right to the 1st amendment but noone remembers the 2nd amendment anymore smh

    Ignorant post of the day. No one can forget the 2nd Amendment when there are mass shootings practically once a month and the NRA is busy handing out millions of dollars in bribes “campaign donations” to Congressmen and Senators to make sure not a single gun bill is passed. EVER.

  5. You “forgot” you had a loaded firearm in your backpack and tried to go through security with it? That’s about like admitting you’re a complete idiot. If that is the truth then he’s dumber than a box of rocks. If it’s not the truth he probably thinks that excuse will work because everyone else is as dumb as he is.

    Worse for him is that gun laws are more restrictive in Florida.

    The Federal government has determined that the “sterile area” is the “sensitive place” at an airport but Florida has gone much farther and banned even licensed carry inside the entire terminal, on this topic Florida is one of the most restrictive places in the country.

  6. I don’t think we’re going to see him on the team much longer. Time to invest in another LB that won’t continue making bad decisions off the field.

  7. Well regardless of intent he had a “LOADED” gun in his back pack.

    While I support the right to own a gun I don’t support people bringing loaded guns on a plane.

  8. I’ve seen them confiscate grandmother’s knitting needles and rip open a crying girls teddy bear.
    He would need a good lawyer if he attempted to take a cup of coffee on board.

    It is time to remind public servants that they are to serve the public not the other way around.

  9. How do you forget where your gun is? This guy is stupid. And the fact that he had it in his backpack!
    Suppose he managed to get on the plane with it, tried to jam it into the overhead luggage bin and it goes off?

  10. I have a large collection of firearms, I have my concealed carry permit and I’m a passionate defender of the 2nd amendment. So please don’t construe what I’m about to say as anti-gun.

    How does anyone “forget” that they have a gun on their person or in their luggage? I’m 42 and have owned firearms for over two decades. I have never, ever misplaced or did not know where every single one of my firearms were located at all times. How does this happen?

  11. If you “forgot” you had a handgun on you, then you aren’t responsible enough for a CC permit. Period. If you elect to carry a firearm with you out in public, you assume the bare minimum responsibility of at least knowing where it is at all times.

    I’m a gun owner and I support responsible gun ownership but the idea that the 2nd amendment has zero limitations and should allow anyone who wants a gun to have it and do whatever they want with it is lunacy. Many people simply are not responsible enough for firearms and are a danger to themselves and others. Any honest analysis of the relevant statistics demonstrates this fundamental truth.

  12. Easily.

    It was probably a small caliber weapon in a hidden or small compartment inside of the backpack. Very easy to forget about if you DO have a CC and own many guns. I had a similar story in the same exact situation….

    I was boarding a flight with a backpack. Alarms kept going off as the backpack went through the metal detectors. Now, mind you, those detectors DO NOT pick up exactly what is in the luggage and very often give a false image of what is really inside, especially when the item in question is mixed with other items. In my case, the detectors kept picking up SOMETHING, but the agent couldn’t conclude what it was. Predictably, a full search was ordered, which I had no issue with. I thought it was just a mis-identification of something. TSA continued to question me on what would be in the bag. I answered honestly and stated I would have no idea what it would be that would cause alarm.

    With all the items now out of the pack, the agent sent the pack through the detector again. Yet again, another alarm. The agent points out ( in my full view this time) something solid in the pack, toward the bottom. I couldn’t make it out and neither could the agent. But at THIS time, she requests local law enforcement to be present while she continues to search the pack. The agent reaches her arm completely inside and BAM!….brings it out. It was a collapsible baton. Six months prior, I helped my brother ( who is an LEO) move and found this baton on the floor of his basement. I picked it up and put it in my back pocket. But I forgot about it until I left his house and remembered it was there. So I called him and reminded him about it and he said he’ll just get it from me later. So I stick in the same pack I was using at the airport and in the hidden pocket so it wouldn’t get lost. Six months pass and this is what happened. LE didn’t find any criminal intent with the possession, but they did confiscate the baton. Wasn’t happy about that, but it was better than being in jail.

    Long story short, it’s very easy to assume that anyone does carry a CC permit, usually doesn’t own just ONE firearm. Because that’s usually the case. I own 4 and once you have a CC, you start to stash weapons where you can get them where you need them. That includes luggage. I’m not saying it was right, but it’s perfectly plausible explanation.

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