Rod Marinelli “can’t wait” to have DeMarcus Lawrence back on Cowboys defense

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The Cowboys opened the year with a pair of defensive ends serving suspensions and while they won’t be getting Randy Gregory back anytime soon, Monday marks the first day that DeMarcus Lawrence is back with the team.

Defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford said after Sunday’s victory over the 49ers that getting “an elite pass rusher” back in the lineup will open things up for others on a defense that has five sacks through the first four weeks of the year. Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli is also looking forward to having Lawrence at his disposal.

“I can’t wait,” Marinelli said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It will be fun to get him working and keep improving each week, just a little bit every day.”

The Cowboys have won three of their first four games and the defense currently ranks 18th in yards allowed and 10th in points allowed. Lawrence’s return should help their effort to at least maintain those standings in support of an offense that has done well in spite of the absence of Tony Romo.

6 responses to “Rod Marinelli “can’t wait” to have DeMarcus Lawrence back on Cowboys defense

  1. Our pass rush is terrible right now and I am hoping that just having dlawrence in the lineup will cause a trickledown effect for the rest of the D, so hopefully T. Crawford, Mayowa, Collins etc will see more one on one matchups with lawrence getting most of the attention

  2. we’ve played better than I expected and he will definitely give us a shot in the arm in regards to pass rush and helping on the back end….

  3. They certainly need some infusion of pass rush. I was appalled that they couldn’t get to Gabbert. If they can’t get to guys like that (who Chip Kelly thinks is a running QB), then what happens when the offense doesn’t stay on the field for multiple 5+ minute drives?

    This defense needs help up front and if not for the late emergence of Claiborne, they’d be getting burned on long gainers a lot more often.

    You have to rush the passer.

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