Ron Rivera the LB would have probably delivered same hit to Cam Newton

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Panthers coach Ron Rivera doesn’t know what quarterback Cam Newton’s status for this week is.

But he has a pretty good idea of what Ron Rivera the linebacker would have done in a similar situation.

When about by reporters about the hit Newton took from Falcons linebacker Deion Jones which left the MVP with a concussion, Rivera sounded very much like a former defensive player. He mentioned the fact it was near the goal line made it a hard call, but his roots were showing.

“It’s a judgement call, but If I was playing, I would have taken a shot,” Rivera said.

Rivera also pointed out, as we mentioned this morning, that Newton puts himself in harm’s way at times with his running style.

“Cam is going to fight and scratch and claw and because of it sometimes he gets exposed” to hits, Rivera said.

Since he’s in the concussion protocol, Newton will have to be cleared by an independent neurologist before he can return to the field. Backup quarterback Derek Anderson finished yesterday’s game and would start next Monday’s game against the Buccaneers if Newton doesn’t return.

21 responses to “Ron Rivera the LB would have probably delivered same hit to Cam Newton

  1. Let me help you out with Cam’s status Ron. He hasn’t been the same since he refused to try and recover his own fumble in the SB.

  2. The problem here, is that he wasn’t “fighting, scratching and clawing” he was showboating beginning at the 1. If he simply runs into the end zone he never gets touched.

  3. Unfortunately, that was all on Cam right there. If he would have just ran the ball in with some urgency instead of trying to stroll and make it look easy (another way to showboat) then he wouldn’t have got hit. The defensive player was within his right to stop the RUNNER from crossing the goal line. And since They arrived there at the same time, perfectly legal. I know sometimes he doesn’t get the benefit of the calls because of how big he is and his playing style but he also has to play smarter too so he can be protected. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers or Brady wouldn’t have been trying to stroll casually over the goal line. They would have gotten in as quick as possible and may even fallen in to avoid any contact. And that’s why those guys, unfortunately get the benefit. They don’t welcome contact from the opponent. I’m not saying that’s right. Just saying. With that said, I hope he gets healthy soon.

  4. Cam needs to chill with the stupid hats at press conferences and forget about being a cultural icon and start focusing on football. If he wants to be one of the greats, the cultural BS needs to go and a laser focus on his craft needs to begin.

    Frankly, he seems to be regressing as a player. I blame the publicity and cartoon shows and garment lines for giving him a big head.

    I was hoping for a SuperBowl repeat this season for Carolina, but the way Cam and his team have played so far… even making the playoffs will be a stretch if they don’t get their act together.

  5. What a great feeling to know that your coach DOESN’T have your back. That was a punk play by Deion Jones who AIMED HIS HELMET at Cam’s helmet.

    as everyone keeps remarking here already, Cam was “strolling” into the endzone meaning HE WAS STANDING UP, this guys is 6′ 5″. To hit a standing 6’5″ person is going to require AIM to strike you helmet to his.

    Deion Jones: dirty play. and Rivera’s words aren’t a defense, he played 30 years ago …

  6. Newton needs to quit slowing down, or he needs to get down, or out of bounds, instead he seems to rather take hard shots from defenders RIGHTFULLY trying their best to keep him out of the endzone.

    Newton will take seasons off of his career, if he doesn’t start changing that. I don’t know if that MVP thing went to his head last year, and he feels Carolina can “stroll” through that division, but the NFL changes quite a bit every season, and for some reason it seems to go 3x for the NFC South. If you are at the top of the division one year your usually are near the bottom at the next or the team wins it with a 8-8 record.

    I don’t know what to make of Newton, he struggled so his first 3-4 seasons, and then lit it up last year, and now he seems to be be back to struggling, holding the ball too long when he shouldn’t, it’s a good thing he is tough though, cuz he has taken a TON of hits he hasn’t needed to.

  7. All- American Voltron – Running backs get hit like that in every game, which is exactly what Cam was on that play. Once you pass the LoS with the ball in your hands, unless you are speared in the head, which is obvious that’s NOT what happened, all bets are off. He was showboating and in the midst of talking trash to the player on his right when Jones came in from his left and hit him before he reached the goal line. That’s ALL on Cam.

  8. The game is dying as we watch. Now every single play ending in injury is automatically expected to be labeled as a dirty, illegal play. It’s now newsworthy that Rivera DOESN’T believe the defender should be banned or fined.

  9. So Newton makes a business decision in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, but not in week 4.

    Panthers, the one season wonders.

  10. the shot didn’t cause the concussion as much as Cammy’s arrogance did. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a lackadaisical skip into the end zone when there where tacklers approaching.

  11. Cam made it to the super bowl, he’s got his money, he’s happy. He isn’t going to work to get better. He’s content. He’s the only QB I’ve seen who tries to deliver a blow when he’s running. The refs aren’t stupid. They’re not going to give this guy any special treatment. If he wants to be a running QB, he might not have a long career. He’s big and strong, but eventually he’ll get hurt. By the way, Carolina looked pretty good with the backup QB in there. This team could go 21-4 with a mediocre QB. This is a talented team. I think Newton actually hurts them.

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