Steve Keim: The little things are hurting us

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The Cardinals dropped to 1-3 in a 17-13 loss to the Rams on Sunday afternoon and General Manager Steve Keim said on Monday morning that he “never envisioned this type of start” for a team that’s gone to the playoffs the last two years.

That’s where the team is, though, and they don’t have much time to brood before facing the 49ers on Thursday. According to Keim, there’s also no place for panic about a season that is unfolding counter to the expectations heading into the season.

The Cardinals turned the ball over five times against the Rams and committed penalties that helped slow drives that showed some promise. They also gave up several big plays through the air to the Rams offense and let Tavon Austin break loose for a long punt return that was made into a bigger gain thanks to a facemask call. That set the Rams up deep in Cardinals territory for the game-winning touchdown and added up to a lot of little things that Keim says need to get cleaned up for the team to get back on the right side of the final score.

“Panic, to me, is a word when you do things out of the realm and you need to do things unorthodox and I don’t know that we need to do that,” Keim said on “Doug and Wolf” on Arizona Sports 98.7. “I think we have some good football players who need to play better and guys who need to get their heads straight in terms of preparation off the field — the mental side of it. We played with urgency and physicality this past game. But like I said, it’s the little things, attention to detail that’s hurting us.”

The Cardinals are expected to be without quarterback Carson Palmer this Thursday after he suffered a concussion, which is something else the Cardinals have to deal with as they try to turn things around during a short week. Keim said the situation gives the team a chance to “find out what we’re made of quickly” and they’ll be hoping the answer is something different than what they’ve been the first four weeks of the year.

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  1. What I saw yesterday was two teams with mediocre offenses and QBs. One team took advantage of a huge run back and penalty to score. Outside of that the game was horrible. Tell good defenses yes, but two putrid offenses.

    Palmer and their Swiss cheese Oline is the major problem in Arizona

  2. No reason to panic Steve? Any more than 6 losses basically eliminate you from playoff contention and you’re already halfway there a quarter into the season. Not to mention the fact you’re playing on a short week without your quarterback. I think panic is a fair word in my opinion.

  3. Let’s see here…..Seattle went into NY, played a 10 am game with a nicked up QB, and controlled the game like the contender they have been for years. Arizona went to Buffalo last week, same circumstances, same talent level team, early game, and vomited all over themselves and were just bombed by half. Arizona 2-5 last 7 with 3 of those loses blow outs. Seattle 5-2 last 7 with both loses by a TD or less. Which organization would you like to have?

  4. Same issues with the Cardinals and the Panthers. There’s a fine line between success and failure in the NFL and it doesn’t take a huge dropoff to go from winning most of the time to losing most of the time. And Arians isn’t going to outcoach anybody with his Xs and Os so the Cardinals are in dire straights if Palmer is out for long.

  5. Again, the continued obsession with the Cardinals by Seahawks trolls.

    The Cardinals clearly suck this year, get over it and move on .

    The Rams are the first place team that you were looking up to, figure out how to beat them and then start beating your chest again.

  6. Honey Badger is a shadow of his former self right now. We saw this two years ago when he returned early from a torn ACL.

    You can see he is not operating on all cylinders, is keeping his legs behind him to protect his knee, and is not affecting games in the manner he used to.

    As goes the Honey Badger, so go the Cards.

  7. If the little things are killing you, isn’t that a reflection on being a poorly coached team? I thought Arians was supposed to be good at coaching. Is it just me or am I missing something? Isn’t he the two time coach of the year? Or were both of those awards just a media crush? Seems like an arrogant blowhard who doesn’t take responsibility for not preparing his team and bad play calling. I don’t expect him to stay with Arizona. He’ll run like Harbaugh did instead of getting embarrassed by Fisher and Carroll as this team goes through a rebuild. Probably back to the Colts.

  8. bonecrushinghits says:
    Oct 3, 2016 12:53 PM
    Again, the continued obsession with the Cardinals by Seahawks trolls.

    The Cardinals clearly suck this year, get over it and move on .

    The Rams are the first place team that you were looking up to, figure out how to beat them and then start beating your chest again.

    The Rams have had the Seahawks number for years. Even with that, which team has consistently been in the playoffs and which one has consistently been a .500 team? Enjoy your time at the top. No matter how much false bravado you try to exude, we all know it will be short lived. Keenum is garbage and you can’t consistently win with him, no matter how good your defense is.

  9. This Seahawks fan was rooting for the rams yesterday. It is Case Keenum. No worries about the rams it is case keenum. New LA fans think Seahawks fans care about losing to the rams. We are used to it, it is Jeff Fishers superbowl every year. It is how he keeps his job. Never means much in the long run.

    Rams play the division tough. Always do… Once they start winning non-division games I will pay attention.

  10. Turdsday night football is going to be a royal suck-fest. I could see it ending in a 6-6 tie, but I know that Glaine Babbert aka Captain Checkdown, the Deuce (pun intended) will find a way to come up short and assign a digit to the win column for the Cards.

  11. Cards-troll after win: “We’re better than you!”
    Cards-troll after loss: “Go pick on the Rams!”

  12. New sheriff in town has got his hands full prepping Stanton.
    Palmer has one or two career playoff wins and lots to offer- he won’t go “Jay Cutler” on the team and will grab a clipboard and help Stanton out.

  13. They “let Tavon Austin break loose for a long punt return that was made into a bigger gain thanks to a facemask call.”

    Not quite. Grabbing him by the facemask, while rightfully a penalty because of safety reasons, was the only way to prevent that from being a touchdown.

  14. jackedupboonie says:
    Oct 3, 2016 12:44 PM
    Let’s see here…..Which organization would you like to have?
    The one with the fans dating back before 2012. The ones with the fans who aren’t trolls. So, I’ll take the Cardinals.

  15. Hawks troll after a loss…well, we don’t lose very often so who cares? The Cards on the other hand are the biggest loser franchise in the NFL. Chicago didn’t want you…St. Louis didn’t want you… Phoenix didn’t want you (that’s why you changed your name from Phx Cardinals to AZ Cardinals…to draw in fans from Tucson)… because your team is one of the worst ran organizations ever. The Bidwells are pathetic and used you as a tax right off for decades. The ONLY success you’ve ever had was one season with Kurt Warner where you choked and last season where you choked. Now it’s over. Bye Felicia.

  16. Lol at the Cardinals having fans too! I live in Phx and every game I go to at University of Phoenix Stadium is half Seattle fans…half Frisco fans…it was like a majority Patriots fans… hilarious that you think you have fans.

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