Todd Bowles says Revis has mild hamstring strain, Forte didn’t get X-rays

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Another bad day for the Jets (in a loss to the Seahawks) entailed a couple of potential injury issues, neither of which ended up being as bad as they could have been.

Coach Todd Bowles told reporters on Monday that cornerback Darrelle Revis has a “mild” hamstring strain, based on an MRI. Apparently, reporters spotted Revis with his knee wrapped, but Bowles pointed out that the injury was to the hamstring, only.

As to running back Matt Forte, there’s apparently no injury at all. He wasn’t on the post-game injury report; however, Forte was spotted taking a cart ride to the X-ray room.

Asked whether Forte had X-rays taken after the game, Bowles said, “Not to my knowledge.”

Of course, that may mean Forte had X-rays but no one told Bowles about it. Which is unlikely, unless he specifically didn’t want to know so that he could say he didn’t know — which is precisely how Panthers coach Ron Rivera handled the question of whether Cam Newton suffered a concussion on Sunday.

Either way, the Jets will need all the help they can get; on Sunday, they face the Steelers.