Announcement coming about NFL’s plan for October


My kid, who has been watching a lot of football this year as he prepares to (try) to take over PFT, helped justify the tax write off for NFL Sunday Ticket (I actually don’t take the write off, because I don’t know what a write off is) by pointing out a Week Four oddity.

The calendar says October, but only one game included pink uniform accessories and the pink ribbon on the field for breast cancer awareness.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that the program officially lasts from Week Five through Week Seven this year, that an announcement will be made soon to that effect, and that the Chargers asked for permission to have their breast cancer awareness game in Week Four.

While McCarthy provided no details, it could be that each team will have one home game during which both teams will be permitted to wear pink in their uniforms. The NFL applies that approach in November, as part of the Salute to Service program.

If that’s the case, it will represent a sharp overall reduction in the presence of pink in NFL uniforms during October. Initially, pink was present in virtually every game played during the month. Now, it could be that pink will appear only 32 total times per year, with each team hosting one Breast Cancer Awareness game in a three-week window, with limited exceptions.

26 responses to “Announcement coming about NFL’s plan for October

  1. I cannot wait for the NFL to do away with pink in the uniforms. It’s ugly. It clashes with everyone’s uniforms. The only ones it looks slightly tolerable on are the Dolphins and Panthers home uniforms.

    I don’t mind the logo on the field and in the staneds. But please get the towels and shoes off the players.

    I’m all for raising money and awareness. But let’s not ugly up the unis. Please!

  2. jjb0811 says:
    Oct 4, 2016 6:38 PM
    Because the other cancers are such an easier fight. Terrible presidence to choose one illness.

    It wasn’t about choosing a disease, it was about cynical greedy hogs marketing to a gender

  3. I am certainly aware of breast cancer. I don’t need the NFL to force feed me the color pink for a month. Try getting your ratings up instead.

  4. I have no problem with the pink but I think the right thing is being done.. a whole month of pink is just to much.. the change is for the better.. I’d prefer just one weekend where all the teams wore pink … no need for it to be a month

  5. Oh dear, please no. Hot Pink does not look good on 300 pound dudes, let alone on a football field in general. Has anyone asked why they do nothing for the #1 killer of men…you know, the majority of their audience?

  6. Still waiting for the NFL to raise awareness for prostate cancer since men make up a significant portion of NFL fans.

    The pathetic catering to women is shameful.

  7. ……Add this overdone saturation of pink to the list of WHY men are turning off the TV. The NFL takes everything to a EXTREME. I now cant wait till October is over in the NFL…..

  8. Chad Johnson is the guy that forced them to turn all of October into BCA month for the NFL. He decided to wear pink for all of October instead of just one game and force the NFL’s hand.

    Who do you think will step up now and tell the league to fine them for wearing pink whenever they want in October?

  9. Frankly, as a cancer survivor I’d like to see the breast cancer trust fund share the resources for other types of cancer research. This would show strong leadership.

  10. In this day and age, somehow this feels like the NFL is biased to traditional gender norms by using cancer as a marketing vehicle to attract ‘female’ gender eyeballs. Where are the college SJW protestors demanding another color?

  11. why would a sport played, coached, and owned by 99.9% men devote so much time, money, and resources to an already overly funded cause that is very unlikely to effect any of them directly?

    oh yeah, marketing to women lol

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