Fisher downplays his “Christmas present” comments about Cardinals

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Two Decembers ago, the Cardinals had 10 wins but found themselves five-point underdogs to the Rams. After Arizona finagled a 12-6 victory, coach Bruce Arians fired a shot at the Rams and coach Jeff Fisher.

“I love it when nobody says you have a chance to win,” Arians said at the time. “There is an 11-3 team and a team that is always 8-8. You figure it out.”

On Sunday, after the Rams beat the favored Cardinals, climbing to 3-1 and sending Arizona to 1-3, Rams coach Jeff Fisher got his revenge.

This was their Christmas present,” Fisher told his players after the win, via Mike Silver of “We see them after Christmas. This was their Christmas present. We just gave it to them early, OK?'”

Fisher apparently now plans to give it to them often, too.

“Go back and see all the sh-t Bruce said against us a couple of years ago,” Fisher told Silver.

On Monday, Fisher downplayed the perceived shot at the Cardinals and Arians.

“I was complimenting the players, I wanted them to know what a big win it was,” Fisher told reporters. “Oftentimes, Coach Arians is complimenting his players from the same perspective. I just wanted to let them know that this was a big one for us and we’ll see them after Christmas. So Merry Christmas.”

And a Happy Effing New Year, which will begin with the Cardinals visiting the Rams.

10 responses to “Fisher downplays his “Christmas present” comments about Cardinals

  1. Both are overrated tools whose teams are always going to be “on the cusp of greatness” who end up crashing like a lead balloon.

    Two donkeys braying at each other, nothing to see here folks

  2. .
    After addressing their pass rush deficiency by acquiring Chandler Jones, could anyone have foreseen the Cards improbable 1-3 start? They may find themselves eliminated by Halloween.

  3. And after Arians’ chest thumping about beating an 8-8 team, his team lost 35-6 the next week. In fact his Cardinals wouldn’t win another game that season.

  4. This is hilarious. Fisher is 3-1 for the first time in 20 years and now he’s running his mouth like he’s been 16-0 the last 20 years.

    I think we all knew a kid like that in grade school. He usually got punched a lot.

  5. Being a long suffering Rams fan I wanted Fisher gone 3 years ago because I don’t believe he is a good coach. With that being said I remember Arians saying that for absolutely no reason and after that I determined he was an unlikeable DB. He got extremely arrogant after filling in for Pagano in Indy and never recovered from it.

  6. As a hawks fan at least with Jim Harbaugh you loved to hate him. These two jerks you just hate.

    Arians is so full of himself. He throws his players under the bus and refuses to accept responsibity every week…unless they win of course. Then it is all him.

    His players are losing respect and that locker room is unhappy for more reasons than just the losing.

    Let Jeff Fisher have his moment in the sun, it will be over soon enough. Usually dislike Fisher but when he is talking crap about Arians I have to agree. Arians is a HUGE DB…

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