Lane Johnson’s PED suspension appeal is today

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Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson has been playing this season in limbo, after preseason reports emerged of a 10-game suspension for a second PED violation.

But today, he could begin to get some clarity.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Johnson’s appeal of his performance-enhancing substance policy suspension is scheduled to be heard today in New York.

Of course, an announcement usually takes a week or so, so Johnson could continue to start for the Eagles this week in Detroit.

There was a point in training camp after the reports surfaced when the Eagles practiced with the former first-rounder as a backup, to prepare for what seemed inevitable. If/when he is suspended, left guard Allen Barbre would move to right tackle, and Stefen Wisniewski would slide into Barbre’s spot.

Johnson said he tested positive for banned peptides, which he didn’t realize were in a supplement he was taking. He served a four-game suspension in 2014.

20 responses to “Lane Johnson’s PED suspension appeal is today

  1. This is case is dragging out way longer than it needed to. Why wasn’t his appeal heard last week.

  2. He should be banned for the 10 games for the failed test. The App given to players showing “accepted supplements” should also be removed for providing no benefit whatsoever.

    – Eagles Fan

  3. Excuses and stories dont cut it, youre responsible for what you do. Unless your name is Ray Lewis or OJ

    This does seem to be taking forever though.

  4. or the Trump defense…”the people who do the testing are a bunch of losers who know nothing about chemistry. In fact, they’re probably a bunch of fat pigs bleeding from their whatevers. I know more about football than Bill Belichek and Vince Lombardi combined so I’ll tell you whether these substances are banned or not.”

  5. I don’t understand how he can duck this suspension or why the appeals process has taken so long. Multiple players have used the exact same defense and failed.

    Given the fact that it appears that the Eagles may actually be playing meaningful games in December, they may find themselves wishing he had just served the suspension at the beginning of the season.

  6. Should’ve started the suspension already, this is ridiculous. What logical excuse is there for it to take this long?

  7. Man…the misinformed assumptions you people make are off the charts.

    The collectively bargained policy is that news about PED violations is not supposed to be made public until the appeal is complete. The only difference between this process and the processes of other players is that we learned about it earlier than usual due to a leak. That’s why it seems drawn out.

    And the product Lane took apparently misrepresented what was inside. AND the app the NFLPA gives the players listed what he took as clean. So he really had no idea this would happen. Should he have given a sample to the league for testing? Yes. But trust me: if I gave you a nickel for every “clean” player who didn’t give the league a sample before ingesting a product under those circumstances, I bet we’d have a pretty big bowl full of nickels. The NFLPA should be up in arms about this and backing him all the way. When Lane criticized them, he was right to do so.

  8. He should have been Suspended a long time ago, not fair to the other players he played against already

  9. Or the “other Clinton” defense…

    “You say it is on the banned substances list, but you don’t say what the definition of “is” is…”

  10. I like how the fact that it was an NFLPA app that told him the supplement was OK is never mentioned here…or the fact that even though they gave him false information, they’ve had no interest in defending him (too busy spending millions upon millions of dollar unsuccessfully trying to avoid a Brady suspension I guess)

    Can’t say nothing bad about a union on this site I guess

  11. I agree with previous commenter…he should serve his suspension ASAP….reduced to 8 games total for leniency and stupid honest mistake.

    The NFLPA website should be taken down since it seems worthless.

  12. Since he’s already been suspended once before for a PED violation, you’d think he’d have been more careful.

  13. As an Eagles fan, I would hate to lose Lane for basically the rest of the season but I can’t take if the only defense was “well the app said it was OK”. Fact is he had already been caught so he now has to be an adult and have responsibility on himself. Don’t rely on other people to tell you what could or could not jeopardize YOUR career. YOU have to take the steps and make sure YOU are covered. If it says its ok, have it tested anyway and get documentation of what is in it so in case this happens again YOU have proof YOU didn’t anything wrong.

  14. You all are a bunch of Hypocrites.
    “if the NFLPA App says is ok” bs story lines you’re peddling..
    Wow. what a bunch of arm chair quarterbacks.

    So tell me geniuses, if your Doctor gives you medication for your cold, do you send it out to be tested by other labs? Even though you’ve had a cold before? It may contain Vicodin, or Morphine (as in when you get your wisdom teeth pulled).

    So now you have morphine in your system, and the next week you get drug tested at work. And they find it.
    Do you think it’s fair you get fired for being a druggie? Or even suspended from work for a few weeks… No, you would argue and make as much of a stink about how you were taking meds because of your procedure, and this is what the Doctor gave you, which you thought was safe.

    Well, Lane used the NFLPA app to check the supplements, and that’s what told him it was safe. So whoever wrote that app, or gave the information, should be the one getting suspended or fired.

    And lets face it, it’s not like Lane was a small wiry guy last season, and showed up looking like the Hulk this season.

  15. Do you think it’s fair you get fired for being a druggie? Or even suspended from work for a few weeks

    No I don’t think its fair but just like Lane’s job mine has rules too about what can be in your system on the job. If I had been caught before and stand to lose a lot more if I get caught again then yes I will do a double check and make sure the doctor didn’t give something that I have already been warned about and could get fired.

  16. There are a lot of stories about miss-packaged supplements in MMA – some of those stories are even true. If (and that is a big if) Lane is being truthful and can produce the package and the app, perhaps a suspension is not appropriate.

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