Report: Ravens planning to part ways with Justin Forsett

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The Ravens cut running back Justin Forsett last month, in a move that was more about managing the IR rules and less about getting rid of him. The next time they cut Forsett, ti will be more about getting rid of him.

According to Jeff Zribiec of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens plan to part ways with Forsett, given the looming return to health by rookie tailback Kenneth Dixon.

Parting ways with Forsett will save no money, since Forsett’s $3 million base salary is, as a practical matter, fully guaranteed by his status on the Week One roster.

Forsett has 31 carries for 98 yards in three 2016 regular-season appearances. He was ruled inactive on Sunday in favor of Terrance West.

If Forsett is cut before the trade deadline, he’ll become a free agent. And he could find a home with one of the various teams that need running backs.

UPDATE 11:43 a.m. ET: Forsett has tweeted a farewell to Baltimore.

15 responses to “Report: Ravens planning to part ways with Justin Forsett

  1. Good luck to him. “One-touch,” as we used to call him Seattle, has had a great career with really marginal talent. Don’t blow the money you made son.

  2. Forsett is in good shape. About as good of shape as you can be for a player that was released.
    Ravens took care of him.
    They didn’t screw Forsett out of an opportunity to play.
    Quite the opposite.
    They are letting him go from a team where he would have been buried on the depth chart. During a time when the league is desperate for runners.

    And his salary is guaranteed. Forsett will be fine.

  3. Well, that is $3 million down the drain. Gotta wonder why he was on the roster to begin with.

    This is why you need to play older RBs in preseason, to see if they have anything left.

  4. This move tells me Baltimore is very confident in Dixon. Should be interesting to see how they work him in with West.

    Side note, if CJ Spiller can find a team and I sure Forsett won’t be a free agent for long. Looking at you Detroit.

  5. In a bit of irony, he was escorted out of the building by Trestman, who was allowed to return back to his coaching duties.

  6. Come on home (again), Justin. We always admired your heart and commitment.

    I remember his rookie year, pre-season game, when he scored his first NFL touchdown.
    Everyone was reaching out to congratulate him, even veteran defensive players and coaches.

    We all know rookies have to earn respect; especially other players aren’t going to overbloat his ego and fit him for his jacket and rings after one great play. This guy had caught their attention early on, and in the right way.

  7. Few better people in the NFL than Forsett; he will assuredly be missed in the Ravens’ locker room. Unfortunately, he’s on the wrong side of 30, and his most successful season, by far, came in Gary Kubiak’s lone year with the Ravens – and Gary has a tremendous history of getting the most out of his rushing attack. Good luck to Justin wherever he ends up.

  8. Ravens gave him every opportunity to become a successful this season, but he couldn’t hold to it, part of the reason is Ravens inferior OL, and it’s obvious a younger back would do better. I know he is one of the well respected men within Ravens fanbase!

  9. Thanks for all you’ve done Justin. And good luck in your next endeavor. Shouldn’t be hard for you to find a gig.

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