Adam Gase: Using four running backs “bad coaching by me”

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The Dolphins have a first-year head coach in Adam Gase and life in a new job can sometimes come with growing pains and learning experiences that inform how you do it in the future.

Gase has had one such learning experience over the last couple of weeks. The Dolphins have used four running backs in each of their last two games, a decision that Gase seemed to suggest was the backfield equivalent of having too many cooks in the kitchen when he called it “some bad coaching by me.”

“Going forward, hopefully we can target a couple of guys a game or one guy a game and let that guy get in the flow of it,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald.

Arian Foster has missed the last two games with a groin injury and remained out of practice again on Tuesday, which may take him out of the equation for Gase this week. That likely leaves Jay Ajayi and Kenyan Drake at the top of the list as the Dolphins try to rebound from last week’s dismal loss to the Bengals.

13 responses to “Adam Gase: Using four running backs “bad coaching by me”

  1. Also our quarterback sucks who needs perfect pass protection, perfect pass catchers, an above average run game and a top 5 defense to look good.

  2. I guess he’s not an RB whisperer either.
    For real? Lets give four different backs 4-5 carries per game and hope for something good to happen?
    Hows that goofy strategy working out? PeeWee coaches know better

  3. Not even good coaching can fix a team with such a lack of talent on the field. The biggest flaw is at QB. Ryan Tannehill is an all-American, great person, but not a very good QB. Until a competent replacement is found, the Dolphins will continue to struggle. QB is only one of many personnel problems on the team and the situation is further complicated by a less than stellar front office, who seem inept at drafting, handling free agents, making trades, and managing the salary cap (yep, that’s just about every aspect of their jobs). They did choose Gase, who seems to have potential. Only providing Gase with enough talent on the field will allow any questions regarding his abilities to be answered, too. Right now, the situation is just sad, and doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon.

  4. Doesn’t help that tannenbaum left Gase with scraps at RB to choose from. Everyone knew Foster was a 1-4 game answer at best (with his injury history)

  5. Once again, the inept Dolphins hire a coach based on the great QB he worked with (i.e. Rodgers & Manning), when in fact those QB’s ran the offenses themselves. This guy is no more qualified than the last, and with Tannenbaum now providing him with the so-called talent, his reign will be even shorter.

  6. Give Gase time. Don’t have a problem with him taking time to figure things out, although it does seem that a Dolphins RB gets injured early every year-Foster, Ajayi, Moreno, etc.

    Plus they won that abomination of a game against the Browns, which they would have lost in previous years.

  7. It’s been what? His first four weeks as head coach (same goes for the DC). You would think the pats “commentators” would recall that BB said himself it takes at least 4 years to have the team you want and be able to implement a new culture. That said, there’s a likely possibility they will improve though out the season.

  8. Gase doesn’t have Megahead to make him look like a coach that knows what he’s doing.

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