After going for 300, Julio Jones named NFC Offensive Player of the Week


After the game they had last Sunday vs. the Panthers, it was pretty clear that either Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan or wide receiver Julio Jones was going to be NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Score one for the wide receiver.

The official announcement of the award came Wednesday morning after Jones caught 12 passes for 300 yards and a touchdown. Ryan threw for a franchise record 503 yards, completing 28-of-37 passes for four touchdowns, in a 48-33 win.

The player of the week award for Jones is his third since the start of the 2015 season, the most by any player in that time.

19 responses to “After going for 300, Julio Jones named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

  1. Julio is simply on a different level from everyone else. As impressive as a 300 yard game is, what is even more impressive are his career per game yardage stats – he AVERAGES over 96 yard per game over his career. The next best receiver ever is 10 full yards per game behind Julio. No drama… no Diva…. no big mouth… just incredible football play from a super great guy.

  2. I would hate to be the one that made the final decision on that one, both were very deserving. Only 9 incomplete passes and over 500 yards with 4 TD’s? Good god.

    Over 300 yards receiving? You could make the case for either, but I would have given it to Ryan just because he has to make all his reads and make the best decision. Ryan threw for 3 other touchdowns besides the one to Jones, so that’s why he would get my vote. Can’t go wrong with picking Jones though, well deserving.

  3. Julio, you are well deserving and every bit the WR beast. However….let me be that guy who finds the cloud in a silver lining… do you run loose all over the field for that massive yardage total and only score once? For as great as Julio is, and he is great, his TD numbers are curiously low. Julio has not reached double digit TDs in a season since 2012 (10). Julio averages a TD per 11.8 receptions and 180 receiving yds. By comparison, Larry Fitzgerald averages a TD per 10.3 rec and 135 yds and Terrell Owens averaged a TD per 7.0 rec and 104 yards.

  4. And yet, to my discredit, when I think of the best under 30 WR’s in the game the first guys that come to mind are AB, AJ Green and Deandre Hopkins. I have no idea why Jones’ name never occurs to me, the guy is an absolute beast.
    I am an NFC guy so it’s not like rooting interest or the number of times I see them play has anything to do with it and every time someone brings him up the immediate thought is ‘Yeah he’s great’ yet somehow the very next time the subject comes up…

  5. Great receiver, love watching him play.

    I would love to add a new category – the dumbest DC of the week award. This week it goes to: whoever it is in Carolina. HINT: next time a WR is tearing your DBs up in single coverage, try some double coverage. Make the QB go somewhere else.

  6. Amazing offensive performance by both Ryan and Jones. I wonder what the defense was doing while the Falcon’s offense was on the field. Did they have to play with boxing gloves on their hands or one hand tied behind their backs? I’m surprised anyone on the Panther’s defensive coaching staff is still employed.

  7. “he AVERAGES over 96 yard per game over his career. The next best receiver ever is 10 full yards per game behind Julio.”

    The next best receiver in the other direction has a per game average of 98.65 yds over a 31 game career (3058/31) despite just 23 yds on monday night. Smaller sample, but still, better results.

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