Andrew Luck exits the injury report

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It’s not quite banner-hanging-quality news, but it’s still significant for a team that is 1-3 and sinking.

Quarterback Andrew Luck has exited the injury report.

Luck had listed in recent weeks with a shoulder injury. He emerged healthy enough from the loss to the Jaguars with no injuries worthy of reference on the weekly Wednesday report.

Not practicing on Wednesday were running back Frank Gore (chest), receiver Donte Moncrief (shoulder), linebacker Erik Walden (chest), center Jonatthan Harrison (illness), and linebacker Robert Mathis (rest).

Limited were cornerback Darius Butler (hamstring), and offensive lineman Denzelle Good (back) and Joe Reitz (back).

The Colts host the Bears on Sunday; Indy is the first team to play the Sunday after playing in London.

12 responses to “Andrew Luck exits the injury report

  1. Yeah like that 16-0 banner the patriots hung. The lamest banner of all time in the history of sports.

  2. Or, you know, the Colts are just concealing his injuries as they did last season knowing full well they are immune from punishment by corrupt, vile Goodell

  3. I’m seeing all this talk from the Chicago homers about, “the Bears have a really good chance to get back to 3-3 with the Colts and Jags up next.” As I recall they had the same “really good chance” to right their ship last year with back to back games against the Niners and the Redskins and dropped them both… at home, no less.

    I hope the Bears coaches and players are professional enough to not be counting this trip to Indy as a win in the bank or they could very well get lit up and sent home with their tail between their legs. The Bears do not have any appreciable edge in talent on the Colts and more importantly, more of the Colts’ talent is healthy at the present time.

  4. With their offensive line he’ll be back on it in no time.
    Hold it longer than 3 to 3.5 seconds max and the QB is simply taking too long. You can’t just stand there all day. When your back foot plants during your back drop the QB should be making a decision and the ball should be coming out of their hand.

    Under 3 seconds is preferred if you are running a version of the west coast offense.

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