Brandon Marshall warns Giants over their treatment of Odell Beckham, Jr.


As one New York NFL team realizes that it has a potential problem at receiver, a New York receiver who has been deemed a problem on three prior NFL teams has some free advice.

Tread lightly.

Those guys over there need to be really careful,” Jets receiver Brandon Marshall said regarding the Giants and receiver Odell Beckham Jr., via Daniel Popper of the New York Daily News. “They don’t need to be speaking out on their teammate. They need to keep that in-house, because they can lose him. They need to rally behind him and give him the support he needs and handle that stuff in-house, whether good or bad. Because whether they like it or not, he’s the best player on that team.”

In the past week, both coach Ben McAdoo and quarterback Eli Manning have publicly expressed concerns regarding the manner in which Beckham deals with adversity.

“He’s the type of guy that he can play with anger; he can play with rage,” Marshall said. “Like, that’s not a distraction for him. He doesn’t need a sports psychologist for that, because he’s still going to make that magnificent one-hand catch. The problem is, it may be a distraction to his teammates. Guys don’t [want to] answer the same question every single week. But as far as him personally needing help? He doesn’t need help. He’s still going to produce and be the beast that he is. But when your teammates have to answer that question over and over again, that’s when it becomes a problem.

“I think that he can channel it a bit better. But there’s a thin line, like, he has to be himself. Monday night, he was not himself. That’s not good for them. That’s not good for them — coach coming out saying, ‘Oh, this, he needs to do’ — nah, that’s the wrong way. You’re playing with fire there.”

It’s easy to identify the problem, and to acknowledge that it’s unwise to chastise a clearly temperamental player publicly. At this point, how should the Giants solve it? Marshall offered no specific answer.

Maybe at this point the solution is to do what the Broncos, Dolphins, and Bears have each done with Marshall: Trade Beckham to another team.

98 responses to “Brandon Marshall warns Giants over their treatment of Odell Beckham, Jr.

  1. yeah lets all take advice from Brandon Marshall. like the total IQ of the world needs to go any lower.

  2. Beckham clearly can’t play well with that rage. That’s why it’s a problem for the Giants…

  3. I would suggest that a good place to start would be for people to stop telling Beckham that he’s the “best player on the team” based on him making a one handed catch two years ago. Obviously Beckham is still drunk on the publicity around that one event and thinks he’s bigger than the team.

  4. Brandon Marshall has been arrested or charged EIGHT times for abusing women. It’s great that he got his life together but he’s still a scumbag. Keep your advice to yourself, dummy.

  5. Or he can just act like an adult instead of expecting everyone else to just deal with his immaturity.

    Generational talent but I don’t think I’d want him on my team right now.

  6. If Adelle Beckham Jr. has yet another hissy fit in Lambeau Sunday, I hope coach Mr. Magoo grows a set and sits her on the bench. Not worth the distraction. A budding cancer should get cut out. Send it to Dallas.

  7. He should, it’s a stupid fine. Brandon cooks does it every time he scores and I’ve never heard of him getting fines

  8. Brandon Marshall received nothing but support from the Bears front office, his teammates, the fans and the media here in Chicago and in return he turned into a locker room cancer once again and threw his teammates including his QB that lobbied for his trade to the team right under the bus.

    Can the players just shut up and play football already?

  9. Brandon Marshall giving advice about dealing with someone with mental issues … perhaps Brandon should’ve kept his mouth shut instead of inciting gangbangers to kill his teammate Darrent Williams while with the Broncos.

  10. Brandon lost me at ¨he can play like that, it’s not a distraction for him¨. No? At times against the Vikings it seemed like he was about to burst into tears.
    He acts like a moron and now Eli and the used car salesman are the bad guys?

  11. from one kookoo to another huh??
    i agree w brandon though!
    macadoof is in way over his head as a hc! by the time its all over, the gints will long for the days of old, and I mean OLD Tom! smh

  12. Mr. Wright 212 says:”You would love for him to be traded away from NY, huh? To YOUR team.”

    NO FREAKING WAY!! you can keep that freakin head case!! HAVE FUN TOOL BAG!

    I’d rather have some young guy that plays for HIS TEAM~! NOT his head case SELF!! BUH~BYE!

  13. Tread lightly my behind. This is the NFL, not a daycare. Parcells would set this clown straight in a hurry. Coddling him isn’t doing him any favors.

  14. If he can play with rage, why was he pouting and completely checked out before halftime? The evidence suggests that he can’t play through adversity and that he mentally checks out when he faces a little bit of it. He still might have big games and make great catches, but that’s not a desirable quality if you need him to be dependable and/or a franchise type player.

  15. I think Brandon is speaking out of turn. He himself has mental health issues. So for him to offer that OBJ doesn’t need care is a little irresponsible. We don’t know why OBJ is spiraling. But it is alarming. Brandon should be offering advice and help to OBJ not his teammates.

  16. Unfortunately this advice is incomplete because Marshall can’t tell us or the Giants when we can expect Beckham to grow the hell up.

    The game takes 11 players working together on both sides of the ball. If Beckham’s psyche is too fragile for constructive criticism then his problem has nothing to do about what happens on the field but what is happening in his head. Maybe MacAdoo should sit him down.

  17. “He doesn’t need a sports psychologist for that, because he’s still going to make that magnificent one-hand catch.”

    Well, Brandon, like the old saying goes..Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again…sure he made a great catch..but one catch doesn’t make a career..if he can’t control himself he will fade away…if he can’t handle the “calling out”, so to speak, he won’t be able to handle the pressures of the NFL.

  18. The comments here are sad. You are all trolls. Marshall is so right in this regard. With no support from your qb or the head coach it says a lot. If he does not feel appreciated he may want to leave.

    Secondly the quote “no one player is greater than the sum of its parts” does not apply. Because in this case one weak part. can be the sum of your whole team. If that player is the strongest link on the chain you place more pressure on that link to get the job done.

  19. Just because you don’t like the guy giving the advice, doesn’t mean its bad advice.

    Why does the coach and Eli feel the need to air their dirty laundry to the media? They need to keep that stuff in house.

  20. “Beckham doesn’t need to adapt to the world, the world needs to adapt to Beckham,” Brandon Marshall.

  21. Thank you Sigmund Freud for your professional opinion. We will file it in the same cabinet with Dr Jones from Dallas with all his prognosis and expert observations regarding Dez and Tony Romo….

  22. Beckham can grow up or become a wasted talent. The word is out. Shutting down his game is easy. Play him physical. He’ll lose his head and it’s over from there. That will be his legacy if he doesn’t stop the cry baby routine.

  23. I think in this case Brandon Marshall knows a thing or two about a thing or two. I know, I know, no one wants to hear it. But look at how Belichick handles those situations. They play a lousy game, it’s a team loss, coaches included. They play well, the appropriate group gets the credit whether special teams, offence or defence or all of the above. If asked about an individual he generally refers the reporter to the individual. If asked about the opposition he always has praise for them. If he is having a problem with a player, the player is benched until the problem is solved even if that means being traded.
    The team comes first, end of story. He has determined your value to the team and once you no longer bring that value to the team, you’re gone. And he has absolute confidence in his ability to make that decision and certainly never depends on a professional blogger, of all people, to help him make it.
    So what Brandon Marshall is saying is be like Belichick and you’ll maximize the value of your team. Or not and it will cost your team. Hey, this time he makes sense.

  24. What Marshall is trying to say is that he and every other prima donna wide receiver needs to have their butts kissed frequently and with passion by the team or bad things will happen.

  25. Diva wide receivers are never worth the trouble. He’s just yet another example of it. Don’t tiptoe around him, just suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. If he needs help, let him hire a therapist.

  26. BRANDON MARSHALL IS RIGHT!!! The Giants Need To Learn How to Handle Him The Right Way!! This is what COACHES Are For…Now is the Opportunity for Macadoo To Step Up and Make his Presidence as a COACH! JUST TO REMIND YOU ALL, NAME THE LAST GREAT OFFENSIVE PLAYER WE DRAFTED OTHER THAN TIKI BARBER?

  27. Soooo, what Marshall is saying is that the Giants have to baby this clown, feed his diva ego, and just deal with a bratty punk kid that wants things HIS way…Nahh. The writing is on the wall in NYC, and everyone knows it except OBJ and Marshall. Trade this clown show now!!

  28. Beckham Jr is becoming an embarrassment. Great talent, but a strain of cancer for the entire organization. Giants should offer him up for two number one’s.

    Don’t waste time catering to a histrionic deva. No team ever wins when the tail is wagging the dog.

  29. Start acting like you’re worth of the millions you are paid. You have one job and that’s catch the ball. Take your tantrums and your ego elsewhere. Too bad the owners don’t stand up to these overpriced and overpaid cry babies.

  30. There’s a better receiver than Beckham with the exact opposite temperament. The Falcons were smart to have traded up to draft him. Everyone loves him in Atlanta. Julio Jones.

  31. I don’t understand why they don’t game plan better use of him. If he played for the pats he would have 15 tds easy with Brady. Good coaches scheme to put their best players in a position to succeed. It just seems like they are content with force feeding him when double teamed? Move him around, get creative.

  32. Who do these guys think they are? Between Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham the only thing they’ve consistently been is headcases. Odell’s leverage is like “i’m not gonna catch the ball unless you kiss my ass” .. as in Donkey. He has a pet Donkey he wants the QB to kiss before each game 😉 .. Otherwise his performance enhancing tool may get less sticky spray.

  33. I get that, but Marshall did have to go into therapy because of a domestic violence incident. That’s a fact.

    Passion is useful. The greatest players don’t believe things are good enough. But that left unchecked can spill over and impact those around you.

    Controlling the rage isn’t a bad idea.

  34. Brandon.. “I think he can handle it better..” that quote from you signifies that he needs help. He needs help in “handling it better,” and you subconciously know it; it is reflected in your statement.

  35. It’s odd for someone who benefited from therapy to say that someone else doesn’t need therapy.

  36. I’m not excusing Marshall’s actions in the past but he has been open about his mental illness in recent years and OBJ clearly is showing similar symptoms. I think that makes his opinion at least a valid one. As an Eagles fan. I hate OBJ. As someone whose dealt with similar issues, he deserves the help. But also, trade him out of the NFC East.

  37. It’s incredibly rare for a person to overcome borderline personality disorder, because the main symptoms are denial, denial, and more denial. I know Marshall has had his problems with the law, and with teammates, but I have an enormous amount of respect for him for recognizing that he needed help, and for actually getting it.

    I think it’s worth listening to what he has to say.

  38. What Odell needs is a coach that can handle his personality, that’s all. Parcells was able to handle LT, Jimmy Johnson was able to handle Michael Irvin, maybe they should’ve kept Coughlin, as old and stodgy as he might have been, he was eventually able to get on with Strahan, Barber and others. At least he had some credibility.

  39. Emmanuel Goldstein says:
    Oct 5, 2016 8:52 PM

    31 other teams are waiting


    Actually, 30. I’d never want this cancer on my team.

  40. Anyone who has had to work with a miserable bitch of a coworker with a bad attitude can tell you what a drag it can be to the whole organization, no matter how talented they are. Just another guy who has had people look the other way about his problems his whole life because he is athletically gifted. Now that there is real responsibility going along with it, it’s an issue. And no, hoodie is not on line one for this headache…

  41. So let me understand Brandon Marshall correctly. You have to back an immature player who can’t control his emotions that could get ejected in any game costing you a W that 50 other players have killed themselves for over 60 minutes to earn. How about a simple solution of a time out like you do for preschoolers. OBJ starts acting out he sits on the bench till the coach feels he is ready to play a team sport on the biggest platform in the world.

  42. This dude needs some tough love. He needs his teammates and coaches to hold him accountable for his behavior and to do it behind closed doors. If he doesn’t respond, you bench him. If he doesn’t respond to reduced playing time, trade him. Stop enabling him and being passive aggressive.

  43. I would love to see Beckham come out of his funk for his next game and light up the Packers D.

    But I’m not convinced that he can do it.

    Of course, the Aaron Rodgers might be talking in Ted Thompson’s ear as I type this, trying to convince Ted to make a blockbuster trade….

  44. Beck is emotionally immature and unfortunately, there’s an over abundance of that type of immaturity today among young men in this country (all races). They throw tantrums when they don’t get their way, stalk and/or threaten ex girlfriends that break up with them with many ready to physically assault or kill someone for “disrespecting” them.

    Sadly, with the major sports (not just the NFL), with so much invested in “winning” as well as the salaries invested in top players, there’s a lot of coddling and excuses made for bad behavior. Example, Tom Coughlin (more concerned about winning) than pulling Beckham for a series or two when he got into it last year with Josh Norman.

    Coughlin ended up losing Beckham for the next game via suspension, is out of coaching (as he should be) and Odelle is still allowed to be a distraction.

    I think about Terrell Owens, with all of that talent, the Eagles cut him, he moved from team to team and though skill wise I believe he could still out play over half the receivers in the league today, Owen’s emotional immaturity coupled with his narcissism has kept him out of football.

    The Giants and teams like them who don’t reign in their players get what they deserve… losing streaks.

    Odell… get it together.

  45. Well take him on the Jets. Move Enunwa to TE (he is a WR but is deployed like a TE a lot.) So we can have Marshall, OBJ, Decker and Enunwa on the field at the same time. Add in forte or Powell coming out of the back field and you have an offense that will give teams fits.

  46. If he has mental issues then those need to be kept in house.
    However, if he is losing control on the field and it effects the team in any way, then they need to reach him in any avenue they can.
    I really think that 1 handed catch was the worst thing that could happen to him at such a young age. As amazing as that was, the hype just grew and he started to believe it.
    now that every d back knows how easy it is to get under his skin, its gonna be a constant struggle

  47. Yeah. They can lose his three receptions for 23 yards. They can lose his 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. They can lose his sideline sideshow and crybaby antics.

    Wait. What’s the downside?

  48. This board is full of i-d-i-o-t-s! No one in their right mind will trade Beckham. Problem is Eli and his inconsistent play and a head coach who is clearly not qualified to be the coach. He is being out coached every week. Winning solves everything. Beckham has done his job and more for the last two years. Giants are deflecting the REAL issues. Eli throwing picks at worst times, coach with ZERO game plan (how many draw play up the middle and 5 yard pass on 3rd and 10 can Giants fans stand?) and a $200 Million defense with ZERO PASS RUSH and ZERO TURNOVERS! Fix these issues. Beckham is not a problem. All these guys are getting paid millions. They can’t handle a little temper tantrums? Giants are committing 10 penalties a game and most are not Beckham related (holding, false starts, hand to the face, etc.). Piling on Beckham is a total BS. Sure, he needs to improve his mental portion of the game. But Giants problems are not Beckham. It is everything else. Oh by the way, when will Jerry Reese be fired? Nice job on stacking the O-line and LBs, Jerry!

  49. How many conversations were had and how much support was given before Beckham’s continued self indulgence forced them to say publicly what they had been saying to Beckham privately? We don’t know and neither does Marshall. But for a guy like Eli, who has avoided saying anything substantive to the league’s most rabid media throughout his career, to say something publicly you can bet he is out of things to say privately. The leader in the locker room and more importantly for Beckham the guy that decides where the ball goes has spoken. Beckham may not be inclined to listen but if his next contract could talk it would tell him he should.

  50. So Brandon is saying that one player is bigger than the team. Hmmm

    This is the problem with society now, we allow the few to rule the majority. They act out and we as a society are told to baby them, treat them with dignity because they are obviously a superhero human…I come from a world that believes respect is earned.

    I personally believe the team should bench him, when Mike Singletary did it to Vernon Davis it changed the player and he became one of the best players for a few years after that. Now it is ODB’s turn to go to the locker-room and don’t forget to take your helmet with you.

  51. “Because whether they like it or not, he’s the best player on that team.”
    Nah, with 2 Super Bowl wins against Brady and the Pats I’d give it to Eli

  52. Hey if the Giants can’t handle him BB and the Patriots will take him and straighten out his act. On that I have zero doubt. And I agree with Marshall. No Giant, including the coach or Eli should be throwing any other player under the bus.

  53. And this is yet another reason why I don’t watch the NFL any longer. The anti-America protests were sparked my boycott of the NFL, but these arrogant, self centered jerks like Beckham and Marshall have been turning me off to the sport for years. Last night showed why baseball is a far better game

  54. Reading so many of these comments tells you much about the general lack of intelligence in our society.

    Why so much hate for Brandon Marshall- someone who has a diagnosed personality disorder who has been battling it for his entire life, successfully finally, and started a foundation to help others? What have the fat couch ninjas in these comments done to help society.

    I love the comments on how OBJ would be a nobody on another team. Really? The most dominate WR start in NFL history (statistics don’t lie) over the last 3 years? Getting rid of one of the best receivers in the league? Is this even a serious comment?

    OBJ will be fine – with support. He’s frustrated because he’s on a loosing team (and I’m a Giants fan) that always finds ways to keep loosing.

  55. Advice from one diva to another….

    “I want to be the face of mental illness” -Marshall. lmao

  56. He’d be welcome in Seattle. Marshall is right. And those dissing Marshall are idiots, for in spite of NOT playing with a decent QB his entire career Marshall has played hard and his performance speaks for itself for what over a decade now?

  57. Ok, let’s look at his example.

    He has established the Brandon Marshall Foundation, which focuses on early intervention for adolescents to ensure they receive the help they need to prevent depression, imprisonment and suicide; it helps to fund those organizations that help individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder – 70% of those with BPD attempt suicide; and it lends emotional support to victims of sexual and domestic violence who often live with mental illness as a result of their abuse.

    He also co founded Project 375, which is dedicated to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health by raising awareness and improving care for those in need.

    I think that’s a pretty damned good example.

  58. codythao35 says:
    Oct 6, 2016 11:33 AM

    Who wants to listen to Marshall. Look at your example before you start opening your mouth.

    Ok, let’s look at his example:
    He’s started the Brandon Marshall Foundation, which provides funding for mental health research and support to those who have suffered emotional trauma from sexual assaults and violence. It also provides support to teenagers diagonosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD); 70% of teenagers with BPD attempt suicide.

    He also co-founded Project 375, which provides support to youths with mental disorders and tries to eliminate the stigma associated with it so that they seek the help they need.

    I think that’s a pretty damned good example.

  59. silvernblacksabbath says:
    Oct 6, 2016 11:58 AM
    Advice from one diva to another….

    “I want to be the face of mental illness” -Marshall. lmao

    Considering he’s someone who suffers from mental illness and is a multi-millionaire, ugh, yeah, pretty good face if yet.

    Keep laughing, I’m sure it bothers him from the front porch of his multi-million dollar mansion.

  60. Good God! It’s a job kid. You’re told what to do so you go do it and you’re paid handsomely. Employers have no obligation to consider your feelings. Do your job and be professional about it. It’s only hard for immature entitled boys. Grow up

  61. yawn who cares. Nearly every marquee NFL player has charities. Its good PR for them as well as a huge tax write off. These kinds of things are mostly coordinated by their PR’s and agents. Brandon Marshall has been a lousy team mate and a locker room cancer throughout his career. OBJ is just an idiot. NFL players are the most dis-likable jerks in sports. Its why I don’t watch the National Felons League any longer.

  62. Over the last 15 years how many teams with a top 5, sure fire HOF, WR have won a SuperBowl?

    As fans we all love the one-handed catch replays and the speedy long-bomb touchdowns, but facts are facts….one dimensional WR’s are overrated and are not how SB champion teams are built.

    Megatron, Larry Fitz, Randy Moss, Julio Jones, AJ Green, Terrell Owens,…no rings.

    There are a couple, Marvin Harrison, but he played with the 2nd greatest QB of his generation, and was more than just a speedy stretch-the-field guy.

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