Calvin Pryor apparently fined $25,000 for hit on Doug Baldwin

Getty Images

Jets safety Calvin Pryor apparently took a hard hit from the league for a hard hit on Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin.

Although no fine has yet been confirmed by the league office, Pryor posted a picture on Instagram of himself hitting Baldwin, and added the text, “$25K really? C’mon man.”

Pryor laid the hit on Baldwin just as Baldwin made a 37-yard catch at the Jets’ 10-yard line. Pryor was flagged for unnecessary roughness, a half-the-distance enforcement that gave the Seahawks the ball at the 5-yard line. Seattle scored a touchdown two plays later. Baldwin had also beaten Pryor for a big play earlier on the drive.

The hit looked like Pryor was trying to knock the ball loose, not hit Baldwin in the head, but Pryor did make contact with Baldwin’s helmet just as Baldwin was reaching for the ball, so it’s not surprising that Pryor was fined. Even if Pryor isn’t happy about it.