Joe Flacco not throwing deep as much as in the past

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Over the course of his career, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has been known for frequently throwing deep balls and averaged three passes of at least 25 yards per game between 2010-2015.

That was the highest average of such passes in the league, but things have looked different this season. Flacco has thrown the second-most passes under five yards of any quarterback in the league and completed four passes that have traveled at least 25 yards in the air. The quarterback believes that can make things more difficult for the offense.

“We just make it so tough on ourselves,” Flacco said, via “We throw the ball 50 times, and we only have 300 yards. You know, we have to move the ball down the field so methodically. … I think that’s just who we are right now. We’ve just got to get jelled up more, so we’re getting some more yards after catch and things like that on some of those short passes.”

Coach John Harbaugh said that offensive coordinator Marc Trestman has called deep passes that haven’t materialized due to a lack of protection or defensive coverages, but agrees “we are searching for” more big plays to jolt an offense that has produced 84 points this season. Kicker Justin Tucker is responsible for 38 of those points, a percentage that could go down if the Ravens can work the deep ball back into their attack.

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  1. It’s the offensive line. They can’t run the ball either. Last Sunday they finally improved their run game from a D- to a C and lost the game. You need good OL play to be able to run and to have pass plays that take longer than a couple seconds to develop and the Ravens haven’t had that. Dropping Forsett won’t matter if the blocking doesn’t improve.

  2. “Flacco has thrown the second-most passes under five yards of any quarterback in the league” Brady is back so Flacco will move to 3rd.

  3. Hi Joe – Bears fan here. Don’t expect anything else from Marc Trestman. If you do, you’re a fool.

  4. The Ravens won’t improve in the passing game if the offensive line does not improve. It is painful watching the O-line collapse play after play on passing plays. They have been adequate during running plays, but opposing defenses do not fear this O-line and salivate every time Flacco drops back for a pass.

  5. Last year it was for lack of speed but that’s not the issue this year. Wallace and Perriman have some wheels on them. The issue is a combo of terrible offensive line protection and Marc Trestmans playcalling. Also Forsett wasn’t exactly drawing 8 in the box. Hopefully Terrance West is able to bring those safeties down and create some one on ones.

  6. Coach John Harbaugh said that offensive coordinator Marc Trestman has called deep passes that haven’t materialized due to a lack of protection or defensive coverages,

    Or a lack of flags.


  7. I agree with Joe and I am not a fan of Trestman at all. I delayed judgement of him last year due to their lack of pieces, but I am not a fan at all of his play calling. How about a screen or a draw, when the defense if pinning it’s ears back for 3 quarters.

    However, regarding the deep ball. The way the O Line played Sunday there was no time for a deep ball. Joe had 1 second before the turn style that was the left side allowed pressure.

  8. I love it. This is the closest you’ll get to Joe literally calling out Trestman. I can’t stand Trestman’s offense and I know the O-Line has work, but Trestman can’t call a game or make the proper in-game changes. He has to go.

  9. I saw an O-line get shoved around really bad last week, Mack and company were having their way big time.

    Flacco did well getting rid of it or there would have been a crazy number of sacks. No way he has time to look deep with constant pressure on him.

  10. Marc Trestman is turning into Matt Cavanaugh take 2.

    Maybe it’s time to start rebelling and calling some audibles, Flacco. Call plays YOU want since you DO have speedsters on the field for pretty much every play. Then if the downfield game does not progress, they can’t say it’s Marc Trestman’s calls and maybe we’ll see the problem.

  11. i havent watched a ravens game the last two years but, i can tell you from my experience w/ trestman that i would expect about 20 bubble screens to WRs per game.

  12. It’s time to finally realize that maybe Flacco is the issue? Every year there’s a new excuse made for this guy. His line stinks, he has no run game, his offensive coordinator stinks. MAYBE FLACCO IS THE ONE WHO STINKS. He had a lucky run of 4 playoff games other than that he’s been pretty mediocre to bad his whole career. Quit making excuses for this guy

  13. @ Dougchillin

    Bro, I don’t disagree with you. I love Flacco. When he has protection, he is money. But there comes a time when the QB has to put things on their shoulders and get things done. With that said @RavenBiker also makes that same sentiment. If Joe starts calling some audibles that he thinks might spark the attack, then we’ll know if it is the system or the QB.

    Again, we all know the O-Line has issues. 2 Rookies on the left, with some injuries to boot.

  14. The problem is not lack of shots down field, it is not running the bad. Mark Trestman is run adverse. There is really no other way to put it. Prior the the Raiders game the Ravens are averaging around 10 rushes a half. Not only that but those rushes were split more or less evenly between Forsett and West. No back can get into a groove with only 7 to 12 touches in a game. And no defesense is going to respect the possiblitly of a run in that situation. They’ll just bring it every time, so there is no hope of anything having time to develope downfield. If any good came from last weeks loss, it was the someone lit a fire under Trestman’s backside and made him even up the run/pass calling and feed the ball to West. It nearly worked, but sadly after West ripped off another nice run to midfield on the last drive, with a couple of timeouts and plenty of time, Trestman went back to his old ways. It was back to the short passes four straight times. I am of the hope that the Ravens have learned something from that 4th quarter.

  15. @guitarkevin

    yeah I hear you. Obvious a good line and good RB can go along way and elevate your game, but the QB is the one who is supposed to elevate the game of the players around him
    . It always seems someone else is getting the blame for constant mediocrity from Flacco. No one can take away his playoff run and super bowl MVP, but outside of that, has he really been that great? He is in year like 8, if he was “elite” we wouldn’t be sitting here making excuses for his erratic, inconsistent play.

  16. None of these (justified) complaints about Flacco’s inconsistency take into account the measurable of being clutch. He shows up in the big games, consistently, over 8 years. That said, you don’t always get to the big games if you don’t show up for the little games…

  17. Harbaugh is covering his rear end and Trestmans as well. This is the exact offense and the exact same plays that Trestman called when he was in Chicago. He didn’t alter his system to take into consideration the personnel the Ravens have. Trestman was a bad choice to start with when Norv Turner was out there. Harbaugh is just covering for another bad coaching decision. After all, the run game is crap and pass protection is worse and Juan Castillo, a former Harbaugh buddy in Philly, isn’t even on the hot seat. This is the NFL which stand for Not for Long if you keep hiring your friends as coaches.

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