Ref Pete Morelli used profanity with his microphone on

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During Sunday’s Bills-Patriots game, referee Pete Morelli used profanity, while his microphone was turned on.

During what he thought was a private conversation with another official but was actually as loud and clear as Frank Dreben’s trip to the restroom, Morelli used a four-letter word.

“Turned into a pretty good game. But one big hit, this s— could explode,” Morelli said.

The TV broadcast was in a commercial break at the time, but the fans in the stands could hear what Morelli said.

ESPN reports that the league will address Morelli’s language internally and that Morelli is not suspended.

10 responses to “Ref Pete Morelli used profanity with his microphone on

  1. Who is shocked by this? This guy is easily the worst Ref in football. And I cant think its even close. Though some may disagree, I feel the common sentiment is that this guy is a dope. The only other ref I can see as getting any traction in the worst Ref category is that idiot Boger. I’d love to hear the opinion of the rest of the fans.

    Hilariously, or maybe sadly, when I saw he was headed to Foxboro for last weekends game I predicted that everyone should just go ahead and bet the house on Buffalo. Mostly cuz I’m cynical, but what better way to spoil the potential 4-0 start without Brady? You send the biggest buffoon Ref, and have him make sure Buffalo wins the game. And it doesn’t even matter how egregious or mind boggling the calls, it just gets justified as “what else would you expect?”. It seemed pretty clear with the way they treated the QBs. Brissett got hit, arguably late, on the sideline and the refs held the flag (which I actually prefer, but that isn’t the way the game is officiated anymore, so it should have been a flag). A short time later Chris Long got a roughing the passer for a late hit that was neither roughing nor late. It was game over at that point. Goodell got at least a little satisfaction I suppose. Of course the Jets are in the basement of the division so he’s probably still very upset

  2. >>ESPN reports that the league will address Morelli’s language internally and that Morelli is not suspended.

    You would consider suspending someone for saying “this s— could explode”?
    Isn’t that a bit harsh?: If he used the F word, would he be fired? And the N word would result in prison?

  3. For crying out loud, these are grown men working in the NFL. The league doesn’t need to address his language, but rather him knowing whether his mic is on or off. Non issue…

  4. What was the score at the time?

    Also, saying that the refs cost you the game? You lost 16-0. What could the refs have possibly done?

    Makes you wonder how used to GETTING all the calls they are. To anyone else it was just a normal game.

  5. I remember Jerry Markbreit doing the same thing in the 80s in RFK stadium. Mic was open and he said of a tackler, “he knocked the s*** out of him.”

    OK, I_Just_Like_Typing_Comments_That_Wont_Get_Published – you asked. Here’s my list of worst refs on the field today:

    1) Jerome Boger
    2) Gene Steratore
    3) Clete Blakeman

  6. Players say a lot worse than that out there, and the mics catch it all the time in those ‘mic’d up’ films. They beep it out, of course.

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