Report: Tyler Eifert suffers setback in practice

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Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert appeared to be closing in on a return to action recently after offseason ankle surgery kept him out of training camp, the preseason and the first four games of the regular season.

That path to a return has reportedly hit a snag, however. Adam Schefter and Katherine Terrell of ESPN report that Eifert suffered a setback this week that is keeping him from practicing on Wednesday.

Monday’s practice wasn’t open to the media, but Terrell reports that Eifert was “noticeably limping” in the locker room and that would seem to be related to Wednesday’s absence from practice. It would also seem to be reason to think that Eifert has a good chance of missing a fifth game when the Bengals face the Cowboys this weekend.

C.J. Uzomah and Tyler Kroft have been filing in for Eifert at tight end, although they haven’t had the same kind of red zone impact that Eifert had when he was healthy during the 2015 season.

9 responses to “Report: Tyler Eifert suffers setback in practice

  1. Great. So if AJ Green doesn’t catch bombs, the Bengals aren’t scoring TD’s.

    Seriously, just let the Bengals get into the red zone and you can pretty much guarantee they will have to kick a FG.

  2. Not a Bengals fan but that sucks. There are enough bad games every week as it is without so many of the league’s better players being out.

  3. It just doesn’t matter. Do even Bengals fans believe that the red-headed guy will ever win a postseason game? No, of course they don’t….

  4. No Sanu, Jones, Jackson, Eifert, and right tackle. No passing game. Witch means, no running game. Nobody stepping up and taking advantage of a great opportunity on offense. Time to learn is over. Time to get productive.

  5. No passing game?!?

    The 2016 Cincinnati Bengals have the third most passing yards in the NFL.

    Yeah… Andy Dalton has the third most passing yards with no Tyler Eifert, no respectable #2 wide receiver, and no respectable #3 wide receiver.

    Unfortunately… the modern NFL is a passing league that demands multi-dimensional receiving threats.

    Just one receiver is not enough… even if that receiver is A.J. Green.

    Oh well… what does it matter… when the season is over… the idiots will blame Andy Dalton for everything anyway.

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