Andrew Luck taking sacks at a career-high rate

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Colts owner Jim Irsay says he wants to see Andrew Luck protect himself. So far this season, that isn’t happening.

Through four games this year, Luck has been sacked 15 times. That’s the most for any player in the NFL this season and puts Luck on pace for a career high in sacks.

If Luck continues this pace and can stay healthy enough to play 16 games, he’ll be sacked 60 times this season. That would be by far the most of any season in his career; Luck’s previous career high was 41 sacks in his rookie season.

The reasons for Luck’s increase in sacks include problems with the offensive line, Luck himself sometimes trying to do too much with his feet instead of throwing the ball away, and the Colts having Luck pass more because they’ve been behind in the second half a lot this year.

But whatever the reasons, the Colts need to do something about it. When the Colts and Luck agreed to a six-year, $139.125 million contract, the idea wasn’t for Luck to spend this much time on his back.

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  1. 6 years, $140m….

    The Colts might have the most inept management in the NFL (and yeah, I’m including the Browns, Dolphins, Jets and Jags in that list).

  2. Inexcusable that he’s still taking this many hits. The guy is incredibly talented, but we’re never going to see it if he’s dead halfway through the season. Pagano should be sacked if they don’t turn this around

  3. Maybe he should learn how to read a defense so he can make faster decisions right at the snap instead of holding onto to the ball too long waiting for plays to develop?

    If he gets sacked before you hit 3 Mississippi, then you can blame the line. Well even then it’s only a sort of blame the line. A QB also has to read the defense (pre-snap) to help the O-line with their blocking assignments. The linemen are down and the QB is upright and has the best view of what is coming after the snap. So even if the scheme has the C making the pre-snap blocking adjustments, the QB still has to relay the proper information to the O-line.

  4. More excuses for the “Lucky” fans…

    Please compare Russell Wilson’s stats, and his ring. Then tell me who you would have drafted. It won’t take long.

  5. I don’t bring it up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it. I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think Andrew Luck just isn’t that good of a quarterback.

  6. How can you spend that much on a QB and put nothing to protect him and around him?

    You have a couple nice WR’s but that makes no difference when you have no Offensive line and Frank Gore is on his last legs.

  7. Let’s get one thing straight. Luck is already a first ballot hall of famer. It’s the Colts fault he hasn’t won 3 Super Bowls. Soon you will see the Joe Montana/Dan Marino/ John Elway/ Steve Young all wrapped into 1 dominate the NFL.

  8. Thats the trade off when these QB’s want these huge deals (see: Drew Brees). It’s hard to build a quality team when 1 guy is taking up almost 25% of the salary cap. Tom Brady was never one of the highest paid Qb’s in the league and the Pats have always been able to have a competitive team

  9. Wait, you mean giving Luck all that money (at the expense of other positions) and keeping super genius Grigson and Pagano on staff hasn’t resulted in unbridled success?

  10. The two best young QBs in the league are getting absolutely slaughtered behind shoddy offensive lines. Newton and Luck.

  11. Even Pagano said he has had a bad offensive line for three years and he should be comfortable with it. The larger question is why you haven’t improved your offensive line? But after I saw Hasslebeck outplay Luck last year (and who got killed out there on a regular basis too) I admit to being a little skeptical of Luck’s abilities.

  12. Andrew is a good QB. He’s not great and never showed anyone that he would be. It’s GROUP-THINK that made his hype parade possible.

    I said at draft, that he could NEVER live up to the unrealistic expectations. He would have been better off, if the media would just have let him play, but wanting to believe we all have the EYE to evaluate talent, picked what we thought was “low hanging fruit”, an absolute CAN’T MISS prospect.

    What we are seeing, is a guy who is not close to the prodigy, people thought he would be. You can blame the OL, the WRs, RBs or coaching & management, but the fact is, Andrew is who he is.

  13. The day their Junkie owner wakes up will be one season too late because Luck will be unable to throw a pass by then. Owner is a junkie. But hey, it’s the billionaires boys club right. Only difference with their owner and people that live in a crack house is his money.

  14. So much for 2012 being the best QB class since 1983. Russell Wilson is the best of that class, followed by Kirk Cousins. Both being mid-round picks.

  15. I still want luck to be my quarterback. Tge dude somehow pulls off a close game when the rest of the team doesnt deserve it. Really jack doyle is the only one out-performing his contract. Luck cant do it all.

  16. For those trying to compare Luck’s offensive line to that of Russell Wilson’s need to remember that the latter has a pretty good defense which keeps the opponent’s score low and give him more chances. When you don’t have a good defense you have to try to score on every possession.

  17. “But whatever the reasons, the Colts need to do something about it. When the Colts and Luck agreed to a six-year, $139.125 million contract, the idea wasn’t for Luck to spend this much time on his back.”
    There you have the reason he is being sacked so much.

  18. They drafted a center in the first round. That’s it.
    Remember folks,Seattle has the worst ranked offensive now. But wilson has only been sacked half as much.
    Your talent finder sucks

  19. Their o-line ain’t the greatest, but Luck causes many of his own sacks. The Colts have good receivers and the defense is usually around average in the rankings. People exaggerate how bad the talent is in Indy to excuse Luck’s inconsistent play. Maybe the guy just isn’t as good as we thought?

  20. How many more years will we hear Luck is the top young QB? No matter how he does he always gets a pass.
    The Colts tanked a season on purpose, seriously, to draft Luck #1 overall. He supposed to be the next Peyton Manning however he really seems more like Archie Manning.

  21. Amazing how people come to his defense for what they would call, playing like crap. But the likes of Cutler, Flacco, any of the browns qb’s, etc are crap players. All of these teams have O line problems. Football starts with being able to block and scheming to your teams strengths. It is clear the Colts cannot do either.

  22. Luck is just not as good as they hype nor the contract.

    Most people in the press and elsewhere give him the benefit of the doubt when his stats are not great/his team does not win and blame those around him, not him. Conversely, an active QB who has better career stats in nearly every category, including this year, is always cited as *he* is the one to blame for his teams’ woes.

    Luck is lucky he gets the benefit of the doubt. He could be living Stafford’s life. Though. He might indeed like Stafford’s wife.

  23. Only 4 weeks into the season and the Colts, Cardinals, and Panthers are all 1-3. A lot of the NFL experts had high hopes for these teams. I might just hold off on pressing the panic button on the Colts, and the other teams too. We see all the time where a team starts slow ad then wins 10 in a row.

  24. i get the impression that the Colts are returning to the pre-Polian days of profound mediocrity.

  25. When I’m not pooping, I’m a huge colts fan. The problem isn’t luck, he is pretty good, not perfect by no means but still good. Problem is he is trying to carry the whole team. When management keeps missing on free agent signings and things like your entire 2013 draft is no longer on the team it really puts you behind. They have exactly zero playmakers on defense and the WR’s are as soft as butter. I’d give Moncrief a pass on this as I think he is a true number 1 over Hilton. Hilton will have a good game then cruise the next couple, won’t get open. I was a Pagano fan up until this last game. Too many coaching errors and bad decisions. They can not run the ball and they need to do more up tempo offense quick routes get the ball out of lucks hand fast but do they? Yeah when they are three scores behind and the game is half over. Coaching staff is way too stubborn. Get over yourself, do what’s best for the team and quit trying offensive schemes and defensive schemes that you want to work to stroke your ego but clearly won’t work AND COACH GAME SPECIFIC GAME PLANS EVERY SINGLE WEEK

  26. For a Stanford guy Lucks not a very smart man signing on with Irsay & Grigson again. Suck 4 Luck, Whining about Deflated Balls, Pumping crowd noise into their stadium, covering for their ex QB visiting the Guyer institute and using HGH. It never ends with this club.

  27. Luck is a gutsy kid and it’s not his fault that people have crowned him as an elite quarterback capable of proving the age old false myth that one guy can somehow carry a team on his talent alone.


  28. Luck is taking a little long to adjust to properly inflated footballs. He was caught with 3 out 4 footballs that were underinflated at halftime during the 2015 AFC Championship game.

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