Colts ignore external criticism, or so they say

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On Wednesday, former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne and current Colts defensive end Trent Cole engaged in a public back and forth regarding the franchise’s current struggles. Two of the team’s most important current employees claim they didn’t notice and/or that they don’t care.

“I did not see it,” coach Chuck Pagano said regarding the critique from Wayne that got the ball rolling. Pagano added that he doesn’t listen to the noise from the outside.

“It’s there and it’s always going to be there,” Pagano said. “If you are 4-0, you probably have the same problems going on but nobody is talking about them. But when you are 1-3, what else are you going to talk about? The great record? Come on, let’s keep it real.”

Quarterback Andrew Luck was at least aware of what Wayne said, but not much else.

“Someone just told me before this,” Luck said. “I love Reggie and I have no comment beyond that about it.”

Luck added that he generally avoids the noise.

“It’s not that hard,” Luck said. “I don’t think so. I go home, talk to my girlfriend, talk to my parents, couple close buddies, my sisters. Don’t read much. The sports news I do watch is usually soccer, MLS. . . . [I] don’t watch SportsCenter. No social media. I don’t know, it’s not that hard. I always thought good or bad or whatever anybody writes or says about you, it’s great and all great country opinions and it’s awesome. I know I’m the same way about soccer or hoops. I love listening to the pundits, but when it’s about you or about your profession I’ve just always thought, even since college, even high school if there was an article written about you, always thought it was weird to read it and don’t like it.”

His words were mildly convincing; the delivery (as shown on Thursday’s PFT Live) wasn’t. Which prompted me to invite Luck to play some poker on his next visit to West Virginia.

I’ll even promise not to put on SportsCenter, or anything else that may include discussion of the Colts’ current struggles. Including the video from Bob Kravitz’s visit to the show.

22 responses to “Colts ignore external criticism, or so they say

  1. Just remember…

    “All the Indianapolis Colts want is a completely level playing field,” Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson wrote in one of the emails that instigated #DeflateGate.

  2. None of it matters anyways. Grigson is the son in law of Jim Irsay. A lot of colts fans and reporters tend to forget about that. He’s not going anywhere, the colts are screwed for awhile. Irsay would be smart just to promote Grigson to VP or something higher where his hands is involved with the team but not building the team

  3. Luck made a huge mistake resigning with the Colts. Between the junkie owner, the idiot GM and the suspect HC, he is sacrificing some of the best years of his career on the altar of gross stupidity.

    Luck’s supposed to be a smart kid being managed by a smarter father, so why were they smart enough to know NOT to get out of that cesspool of ineptitude when they had the chance. By the time they finally get to fix that OL AND the defense (if ever) who knows what kind of a player a shell shocked Andrew Luck will be. Most likely someone with post traumatic stress syndrome, and a lot of “could have been….if only’s”

  4. The Colts also ignore the RULES when it comes to…

    – piping in phony crowd noise

    – tampering with footballs

    – bringing inflation needles to the sideline

    – the injury report

    – tanking entire seasons (twice) in order to get the #1 pick

  5. They should have hired Jim Harbaugh (Coach/GM) before he signed with Michigan. Not only did he use to QB the Colts but he was also Lucks coach at Stanford and the hardass the team needs.

    Oh well. You snooze you lose.

  6. Patriot fans seriously are the biggest garbage heap fanbase in the world. New england must be a pathetic sad place

  7. Irsay has had his head in the sand so long that I swear he’s going to start pooping glass!

    You know, glass, which is similar to the toughness of his team.

  8. So soft 🙂 Just like Charmin 🙂

    Too bad the Patriots won’t get a chance to punch those weaklings in the mouth this year.

  9. Irsay & Grigson….PLEASE don’t change a thing…..the Suck for Luck being stuck in SUCK MODE is so awesome to watch unfold year after year!!!

  10. Right before the season started, the Eagles traded away veteran QB Sam Bradford. I remember an ex-Eagle, who claimed to have some inside information into the locker room, come out saying how some of the players weren’t happy about the decision to get rid of the veteran and go with the rookie. He said the Eagles were throwing away the season. Hey, can someone put a microphone in front of that genius so we can all have a good laugh. Give me a break. Of course the Colts aren’t listening to all the geniuses that don’t have a clue about the team. Neither are any of the other 31 teams. The Colts could easily win 10 games in a row and end up super bowl champs. They definitely have the talent to do so.

  11. Maybe the Dolts can ignore the external criticism but it’s pretty obvious from the comments certain Dolts fans ( ther man) apparently can’t!

  12. “The Colts could easily win 10 games in a row and end up super bowl champs. They definitely have the talent to do so”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Uh, no they don’t. Take a look at their roster and tell me how many players you see who would even be starters on a top echelon team.

    Not many.

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